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  1. Adey Baker

    Comment by 'Adey Baker' in media 'Migrant Hawker'

    Good flight shot, Donald, but it's a Migrant Hawker, Aeshna mixta
  2. Adey Baker

    Butterflies of north-east Spain (Montes Universales & Pyrenees). 4-15 August 2021.

    Excellent report, Jos. 60 species in a day - compare that to what you might get with a considerable amount of travelling around and a lot of luck with the weather in a whole year here in the UK!
  3. Adey Baker

    UK Dragonflies & Damselflies 2021

    Another species not previously recorded in Leicestershire - Souther Migrant Hawker - has just been added to the county list in the last hour from a site in the NW of the county. Observer is the county dragonfly recorder, who's seen them elsewhere in the UK.
  4. Adey Baker

    UK Dragonflies & Damselflies 2021

    Leicestershire is well away from the hot spots for odonata in the UK but the distribution maps show that there are big gaps for even the common species so, yes, there could very well be some interesting finds out there somewhere - my birding mate and I were checking an under-watched area for...
  5. Adey Baker

    UK Dragonflies & Damselflies 2021

    Managed to photograph a Keeled Skimmer at one of my local spots on Thursday. Only the second record for Leicestershire and Rutland. Unfortunately and slightly embarrassingly, I didn't identify it at the time! It landed on the path some way ahead of me and I assumed it would be a Black-tailed...
  6. Adey Baker

    Butterflies in the Italian Alps, 8-22 July 2021.

    In the Tolman/Lewington fieldguide it can be 'bivoltine, April/June and July/September according to altitude, latitude and local conditions.'
  7. Adey Baker

    Butterflies in the Italian Alps, 8-22 July 2021.

    I've seen Duke of Burgundy a couple of times in July, Jos. Both near to Lake Garda including the Valli dei Mollini. Hope to get back there next year...
  8. Adey Baker

    Common Darter, Southern Darter or something totaly different? S. France (Camargue) August 2021

    The yellow pterostigma is discernible on the nearest wing as well and from my experience of Camargue several years ago, RVD was very much the most common species there
  9. Adey Baker

    Common Darter, Southern Darter or something totaly different? S. France (Camargue) August 2021

    I'd go with Red-veined Darter with the blue lower half of the eyes, for instance
  10. Adey Baker

    Red kite Leicestershire

    This thread dates from 2009 and in the intervening 12 years Red Kites have become much more common over the county and are seen frequently in our area. They're on my 'garden list' and are regularly reported around Hinckley, though they're not quite up to Buzzard numbers yet!
  11. Adey Baker

    Butterflies in the Italian Alps, 8-22 July 2021.

    I feel your frustration on the Cynthia's Fritillary, Jos. Another one of the Grossglockner 'supers' that I've seen there on a couple of occasions, sitting out on the larval food plant, Lady's Mantle.
  12. Adey Baker

    Emerald Damselflies - meant to be common

    One well-known field guide says '...can be locally common if there are suitable habitats,' where you probably have to put an emphasis on 'can.' They have a one year life cycle but I've found them at a few local sites one year yet not the next. They do spend a lot of the time settled on...
  13. Adey Baker

    Butterflies in the Italian Alps, 8-22 July 2021.

    Excellent stuff, Jos. Alpine Blue was one of my 'super' mountain species on the Grossglockner and I've never had a sniff of one since then (I think it was back in 1998)
  14. Adey Baker

    Butterflies in the Italian Alps, 8-22 July 2021.

    I've had a similar experience several years ago on the Grossglockner in Austria. One year we had an included excursion up the famous pass there and saw several super high mountain species, including Little Fritillary but the next year we were met with snow once we gained the desired level for...
  15. Adey Baker

    Olympus 150- 400mm Lens Announced

    They posted the pic on the OMD cameras facebook group page only yesterday afternoon, so two 'lucky' people have just jumped in rather than joining the 'pre-order' queue with the other UK dealers, then (and saved £10 into the bargain as well:D)
  16. Adey Baker

    Olympus 150- 400mm Lens Announced

    Ffordes have got two in stock if you want one :) (and the 100-400 as well!) 150-400mm F4.5
  17. Adey Baker

    Is this just a Common Hawker?

    Although you'd expect Common Hawkers at somewhere like Whixall Moss, their habitat requirements mean they're far from 'common' in many areas. Here in Leicestershire, for instance, there are only a few fully authenticated records of Common Hawker, the name 'Common' seemingly fooling people into...
  18. Adey Baker

    Is this just a Common Hawker?

    And the antehumeral stripes are too long for Migrant Hawker
  19. Adey Baker

    Butterflies In Gibraltar

    I believe so, yes. I saw them at a couple of locations in the Algarve in Portugal in 2017
  20. Beautiful Demoiselle, Male

    Beautiful Demoiselle, Male

    One of about seven individuals at a 'new' site in Leicestershire - this is still an ucommon damselfly in the county with just a few known sites where it can be found with any degree of cetainty. The fact that there were seven here probably means they've been here for a while waiting for someone...
  21. Adey Baker

    Twitching and suppression

    Deb, next time try saying 'Doesn't your old-fashioned camera have a silent-shutter mode, then?' I've been using mirrorless cameras with silent electronic shutters for years - they don't disturb the birds or other birders plus there's no internal vibrations to cause blur in the photos and the...
  22. Adey Baker

    Is the future of birding electric?

    The fuel duty will be a major problem - or, rather the lack of it if we all drive EVs. They'll have to put higher tax on other things to make up the shortfall so driving might be cheaper but other things may be more expensive
  23. Adey Baker

    Cetti’s Warbler?

    One possibility with the orangey tail is female Black Redstart. Not unusual in urban areas
  24. Adey Baker

    olympus om-d e-mx1 vs Nikon D500

    Some Olympus cameras in the EM1 range have 'Pro capture' which continuously 'takes' photos over the previous second or two whilst you hold the shutter halfway down. Pressing the shutter fully then saves the previous actuations (up to about 30, I think). It's important to make sure you don't...
  25. Adey Baker

    Focus on telephoto and video

    The EM-1X really is the elephant in the room, isn't it! They must work hard to get its feature set into a standard EM-1-sized body. I think the new zoom isn't too big and heavy for what it gives to the user (assuming the quality at 500mm is top-class) - a portable top notch lens with...