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  1. Maroon Jay

    Immature water bird - Alberta Canada

    Need help to ID this immature bird. It was alone. No parents looking after it. The only other birds within sight were a PIed-billed Grebe and a Mallard. It is some type of diving bird as it spent a lot of time underwater. I looked at many photos of immature Pied-billed Grebes and they all...
  2. Maroon Jay

    Yellow-rumped Warbler

    Can someone tell me how to tell the difference between an immature YRW and an adult in Fall/Winter plumage? I think that by September or October they seem to look the same.
  3. Maroon Jay

    Little bird - Alberta Canada.

    ID please.
  4. Maroon Jay

    Sandpiper flying Australia

    Photographed this lone SP flying together with a flock of Great Knots. May in Australia a few years ago. My book shows several with a white line across the wings like this one but they all have mottled heads. This one has a solid grey head except for a white eyebrow. Help appreciated.
  5. Maroon Jay

    Olive Sparrow and Olive Warbler

    Do Peucedramidae (olive warbler) and Arremonops (Olive sparrow and family) have English names? For example Trochilidae = Hummingbirds and Laridae = Gulls.
  6. Maroon Jay

    Wet Sparrow Alberta Canada

    This sparrow has just had a bath and it all puffed up and wet, not looking like its normal self so I have not been able to ID it.
  7. Maroon Jay

    Plain grey bird Alberta

    Need help with ID please. This bird is mostly plain grey on the front and head. It has a black line behind the eye but not in front. Top of head is black and grey with a yellow mark above the bill.
  8. Maroon Jay

    Sparrow Alberta Canada

    Hope someone can ID this Spr for me. Deeply nothced tail. Dark line before and after the eye. Faint throat stripes. No centre spot on breast. Grey legs. 2. Second Spr on fence (sorry, a little bit blurry).
  9. Maroon Jay

    Hummingbird Enemies

    If you were a hummingbird, what enemies would you need to watch out for that might eat you? Do Falcons bother with hummingbirds? Perhaps they are too difficult to catch and not much of a meal. I have heard of some cases of spiders catching Hummingbirds. Not sure if that is true.
  10. Maroon Jay

    Lesser Elaenia I think

    Lesser Elaenia I think. Please confirm. Panama City
  11. Maroon Jay

    Bright lemon-yellow flycatcher Panama

    I don't see any picture in my book of a flycatcher of this bright lemon-yellow colour.
  12. Maroon Jay

    Raptors Panama

    Can't find these raptors in my book. Not sure if they are the same species or two different. Might be one immature bird.
  13. Maroon Jay

    Flycatchers Panama

    Help. Having a difficult time with flycatchers. All photos were taken near Panama City.
  14. Maroon Jay

    Unknown birds Panama

    Can someone please ID these birds for me. All photos were taken near Panama City.
  15. Maroon Jay

    Juncos - Oregon, Pink-sided or Rocky Mountain

    Two juncos. The first one looks like a pink-sided but could be an Oregon. The second is either slate-coloured or rocky mountain. Southcentral Alberta. Need help from a Junco expert please.
  16. Maroon Jay

    Yellowish Olive Warblers

    A couple of Warblers hanging out in my yard. They are a yellowish-olive-green colour with a white eye-ring and no wing bars. They have a black mark in the throat and neck. East Central Alberta Canada. Appreciate ID.
  17. Maroon Jay

    Yellow House Finch

    Saw a yellow variant House Finch today. The first one I have ever seen. How common/rare is this?
  18. Maroon Jay

    Icterid Alberta

    Some sort of Icterid I believe. But can't find any in my books with a black and red eye. Perhaps a juv?
  19. Maroon Jay

    Pied or ollared Flycatcher - France

    European Pied or Collared Flycatcher. The white mark on the wing is large so I am thinking Collared but it might be out of range for the Collared. Photo was taken at Beaumont-Hamel France 3 May.
  20. Maroon Jay

    LBJ Normandy France

    Hope someone can ID this sparrow-like bird seen in Normandy, France. Grey chest with a white lower belly. Mostly a plain grey head and neck.
  21. Maroon Jay

    Black birds in London

    Saw two different black birds in London. Can someone ID for me please.
  22. Maroon Jay

    Gulls at the Tower of London

    I saw several different gulls at the Tower of London today. Can someone help me ID please. #1 looks like a Black-backed Gull but the back is grey, not black. #2 must be either a Herring Gull or Yellow-legged Gull. Could not decide if the legs are yellow or flesh-colour. #3 I think is the...
  23. Maroon Jay

    Three from near Mexico City.

    Need ID please for these three birds photographed near Mexico City. 1. A blackbird, possibly Shiny Cowbird? 2. Hummingbird, possibly Broadbilled? 3. Little grey bird, possibly Blue-grey Gnatcatcher?
  24. Maroon Jay

    Islas Marietas info wanted

    While in Mexico in Feb I am planning a one-day trip to Islas Marietas to photograph the Blue Booby and Tropicbirds and other birds. The only info or tours I can find on the internet are tours for snorkelling and spending the day at the beach. There is a National Park on one of the islands...
  25. Maroon Jay

    White on White Photography

    It is winter in Canada and snow covers the ground. I am going to try to photograph as many white critters as possible this winter. The list includes Gyrfalcon, Snowy Owl, Ptarmigan, Snow Bunting, Ermine and white rabbit. I start tomorrow with a search for the Snowy Owl in central Alberta.