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  1. Silvereye


  2. Fantail


  3. Shinning Cuckoo

    Shinning Cuckoo

  4. flossiepip

    Laowa and Coronavirus

    Laowa announced a new macro lens around the turn of the year, a 65mm 2x macro that would fit my Canon M50, Great so I ordered one and then Coronavirus kicked in big time. The retailer here in New Zealand was at first optimistic talking of about 2 weeks delivery but then emails and conversations...
  5. flossiepip

    EVF on M50

    Can the EVF on the M50 be configured for night macro work like an Olympus can with live view boost. Now that Laowa are bringing out a version of their 2x super macro lens for this camera and all M series I would be very tempted to try it out but as I do over half of my macro work at night not...
  6. flossiepip

    Sony a series macro!

    Thinking about a Sony a6400 to use for macro having always used Olympus, can anyone tell me as Olympus can be used for night macro by having live view boost set, does Sony have the same feature so that you can use the view finder at night?
  7. flossiepip

    Up-grade to G9

    I'm using the G85 on the 100/400 lens for birds but always been a big fan of Olympus and had hoped that the 5 mark 3 would be the answer, certainly with its wonderful AF should be a great camera but its small size and low weight together with its plastic body put me off. I would guess that the...
  8. flossiepip

    EM5 III, A mistake!

    Niels in part I answered that in post one and these days I generally only use one lens! My 5 II is just fine but would love that better AF now on the MK III if I ever go back to bird Photography! What I am saying is that now in that event I would have more choice than just stick with Olympus as...
  9. flossiepip

    EM5 III, A mistake!

    Small cameras and big lens are fine if the small camera has a good sized grip. My 5 II always felt in need of one but when I used a Panasonic GX 85 it was just fine with the 100/400.
  10. flossiepip

    EM5 III, A mistake!

    On the whole I am only saying mistake when linking the camera to action/birding photography as then the chances being you will put a large heavy lens or at least by micro 4/3 standards on the camera. I have been with Olympus for a long time and use the 5 and 5 II now but if I am going to spend...
  11. flossiepip

    EM5 III, A mistake!

    Yes, the Nikon Z50 doe's seem to be a more interesting alternative to the 5 III if you can get over the thought of moving to a new system. My main thought on the 5 III is that it brings more alternatives in to play now! And its very small size paired with a big heavy birding lens will be a pain...
  12. flossiepip

    EM5 III, A mistake!

    Sure this is a brilliant camera but can't but think Olympus have made a big mistake. Its fabulous to see a much improved AF system but for birds using a big heavy lens has to be an issue, I felt my 5 II was to small for the Panasonic 100/400 lens and this is smaller and lighter. So ok there will...
  13. flossiepip

    The New Zealand Rook!!!

    Thank you both Hauksen and jape some very interesting information there!
  14. flossiepip

    The New Zealand Rook!!!

    Can anyone tell me how the Rook is viewed in the UK or Europe, is it seen as a pest to farming! The Rook was introduced here to NZ in around the 1880's along with over birds such as Starlings and the Australian Magpie as I understand it to help control grubs and pests in pasture (before the days...
  15. flossiepip

    Contacting Olympus

    I got a quick response from Olympus Australia, they just bat you back and give you a phone number and address for NZ.
  16. flossiepip

    Contacting Olympus

    Yes soon after I got the lens but had no reply to email. I must be easily put off but will try it again!
  17. flossiepip

    Contacting Olympus

    Does anyone know the best way to contact Olympus cameras directly. I have an issue with an Olympus lens and would like to ask them some questions on the issue but am confused as to how this can be done and get an answer from them. I am in New Zealand.
  18. flossiepip

    Focus light!

    Nice images BamaMike and just like you I am at the learning stage. Without a doubt I need to look at my lighting for night-time and indeed day-time macro work as on my Olympus EM 5 I just use the kit flash. I would also say that I need to improve my ability to diffuse the light that I make! That...
  19. flossiepip

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Kitchen Window Image !!'

    How stunning S&S beautiful work!
  20. flossiepip

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'The Girls Are Back!'

    All girls how awesome Kits!
  21. flossiepip

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'New Beauty'

    That's a delight Stanley!
  22. flossiepip

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Belted Kingfisher (female)'

    Beautiful background Stanley, really brings out the beauty of the kingfisher!
  23. flossiepip

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'For Delia'

    Such handsome birds KC, lovely colours on this gorgeous image!
  24. flossiepip

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Keeping an eye out'

    What a beauty Delia, very handsome showing a wonderful pose and colours,
  25. flossiepip

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Dunlin'

    Beauty Ozzy, lovely reflection.