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  1. Gillian_M

    Vireo ID needed - Cozumel, Mexico (April 20, 2016)

    Hi again, I saw a group of vireos in the trees at the ruins of San Gervasio. On one of them I saw a distinct black malar line that made me think Black-whiskered Vireo, a species I'd never seen before. I don't think it's the same individual I photographed (photos below), though I'm wondering...
  2. Gillian_M

    Three Flycatchers from Cozumel Mexico (April 19-20, 2016)

    Hi everyone, I went to Cozumel last week - my first time to Mexico - and although I studied madly on the birds most likely to be seen on my trip, the flycatchers remain a difficult group for me when they are not singing. Still, I think I may have ID'ed two of them and have an idea about the...
  3. Gillian_M

    Grackles in Florida

    Hi all, I just got back from my first birding trip to the USA yesterday, chiefly in the Everglades in Florida (all I can say is WOW!). Just when I thought I had the Boat-tailed Grackles and Common Grackles figured out, I spotted a couple of blackbirds that looked different. All were seen on...
  4. Gillian_M

    Which redpoll? Ottawa, Canada

    It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I need some help with a redpoll I saw two days ago at a feeder I frequent. It looked a little bit whiter than the redpolls it was associating with, and has the small bill I associate with Hoary Redpolls (Carduelis hornemanni). This is the best...
  5. Gillian_M

    Which swallow? Ottawa, Canada

    Hello! I was at the river today and had a small number of swallows hawking for insects. I can identify Tree and Barn Swallow on the wing, but there were some brown swallows which I couldn't identify. I found two perching in a tree, and got pictures of them both. The angle is not great...
  6. Gillian_M

    Juvenile Accipiter - Ottawa, ON

    These guys get me almost every time! At first (from a distance) I thought this was a Red-tailed Hawk with the pale breast and white spotting on its brown back....once I got closer I saw the tail. Fortunately he didn't fly off as soon as I got out of the car, so I was able to get some photos...
  7. Gillian_M

    Which plovers? Presqu'ile PP, Ontario

    I went to Presqu'ile Provincial Park last weekend to enjoy the shorebird migration. This beautiful park is located on Lake Ontario between Kingston and Toronto. I don't have much experience with Pluvialis plovers in the fall as they don't linger in Ottawa, where I'm from. They are most likely...
  8. Gillian_M

    Which flycatcher? Ottawa, ON

    I never realized how completely dependent I am on hearing a flycatcher's voice to identify it until today! This guy was preening happily and didn't utter a single sound. My best guess is E. Wood-pewee, which, now that I think about it, I don't often get excellent looks at since it spends so...
  9. Gillian_M

    Tern ID - Rondeau Park, Ontario

    Good morning! I just returned from a birding trip to southern Ontario and saw these terns on a dock at Rondeau Park along Lake Erie. I think they are Forster's Terns but would like confirmation. Thanks!
  10. Gillian_M

    Last two from Costa Rica

    Hello again! My mother sent me these two photos from her trip to Costa Rica. I know they're not species I have seen before, but if I were to venture a guess I'd say Willet and Eurasian Collared Dove? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, and thanks!
  11. Gillian_M

    ID requested #2, Costa Rica, March 2010

    Hello again, These are the other photos my mother sent me for identification. Can any of these be identified? I have no clue on any of these. Thanks very much!
  12. Gillian_M

    ID requested #1, Costa Rica, March 2010

    Hello! My mother was in Costa Rica in mid-March and has asked me to help identify some of the birds she photographed. 1. Are these all the same species of Tern? 2. Is this a Semipalmated Plover? 3. My mom thinks these are Brown Pelicans, but is the last one something different? 4. Is this a...
  13. Gillian_M

    Gillian's 2010 Year List (with photos!)

    Once again my goal for 2010 is to take a quality photo of each species on my year list. While I have managed to photograph most of the birds that I have seen to date, some are of very poor quality, and are more for my records than anything else. And then there are a few birds which I haven't...
  14. Gillian_M

    A gull and a scoter - Ottawa, ON

    Hi there! While spending some time along the Ottawa River this morning I saw this gull on the lawn. I think it's a juv. Herring Gull. It seemed to be missing some wing feathers, and it would run away from me instead of fly. The scoter photo was taken through my scope, hence the fuzzy...
  15. Gillian_M

    Nikon Coolpix P90?

    I have just been told about the Nikon Coolpix P90 camera which has a 24x optical zoom (my current Sony Cybershot only has a 15x zoom) and I was wondering if anyone here has any opinions on it.
  16. Gillian_M

    Dunlin? Ottawa, ON

    I saw these two birds along the shore of the Ottawa River today. It's been a while since I saw a non-breeding Dunlin and just wanted to confirm. Are they first-winter birds? Thanks!
  17. Gillian_M

    Warbler for ID - Ottawa, ON

    I saw this warbler today in Ottawa. Is it an Orange-crowned? It has the broken eye-ring, thin dark eyeline, faint streaks, and yellowish underparts of an Orange-crowned but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks!
  18. Gillian_M

    Raptor ID - Ottawa, ON

    I saw this bird sitting on a beaver lodge a week ago here in Ottawa. I didn't have my scope which would have been really useful in this situation given the distance. I tentatively ID'ed it as a juv. Peregrine Falcon at the time. Can anyone confirm or correct this? Interestingly, a smaller...
  19. Gillian_M

    Shorebirds in Ottawa

    I found a couple of dowitchers late yesterday afternoon in Ottawa after following up a report. Can anyone confirm whether this is a long-billed or short-billed dowitcher? These were the only two photos I got before the killdeers spooked and alarmed all the birds into flight. :C I don't want...
  20. Gillian_M

    Willow Flycatcher (video)? Ottawa, ON

    Can anyone confirm that this flycatcher is a Willow Flycatcher from its song? I am fairly sure that it is, but as I have never heard or seen one before, I would appreciate confirmation. (Also, if it is a Willow, it would be lifer no. 250 for me!) Thanks...
  21. Gillian_M

    Shorebird ID - Ottawa, ON

    I found these two guys this morning. Are they both Semipalmated Sandpipers? (It's been a while since I've seen them in breeding plumage!) Thanks very much!
  22. Gillian_M

    Birdsong for ID - Ottawa, ON

    I heard this bird singing in a wet, wooded area on Petrie Island east of Ottawa this morning and took some video to capture the song. It is an ascending, fast pitched song but not quite fast enough to be a trill. I couldn't see the bird as it was back in the trees among the foliage. I think...
  23. Gillian_M

    Philadelphia Vireo? Ottawa, ON

    While out this morning (despite cold and windy conditions) I came across this vireo which looked like one of the numerous warbling vireos we have except that its throat was yellow. I'm pretty sure this is a Philadelphia Vireo but was not able to take any great photos of it. Still, the yellow...
  24. Gillian_M

    Tanager? Cambridge, ON

    Here is another photo from my recent trip to Southern Ontario. I am sure it's a female tanager, likely a Scarlet Tanager but a few Summer Tanagers show up every now and then and I thought I'd check. She kept flying off, so this shot is from a distance, and the only one I could get. One moment...
  25. Gillian_M

    Tern IDs - Lake Erie, ON

    I just returned from my trip to southern Ontario and saw some excellent birds. I also saw a lot of terns which I would like help with. The first two photos were taken at the tip of Point Pelee. Are there two species of terns in these photos, or just one? Some had thinner, redder bills while...