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  1. opisska

    Brittany (Brest) mid-October

    I just can't understand why they have to "close" the campsite, it's literally a field of grass, what would it cost them to keep it available? Such a shame, because this season clearly shows how great Ouessant can be in October ...
  2. opisska

    Tenerife sites info requested

    Yeah during our trip we managed to get the land birds quickly so we have spent several mornings/evenings looking for the Barolos from the coast around the reported sites, no luck - that was in June.
  3. opisska

    Tenerife sites info requested

    We were there two years ago, Las Lajas (the picnic/camping area) was really full of Blue Chaffinches. For Bolle's the best place was this clearing near Erjos - 28°19'45.8"N 16°48'36.8"W · Los Silos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain - where you can watch an open area where they pass or sometimes...
  4. opisska

    Self-drive 4x4 in Kenya

    As always, I like to add my own experience after the trip. This time it's gonna be faster than expected - I basically found two relevant car hire companies with somewhat nice reviews - carhirekenya and roadtrip kenya. The former is cheaper upfront, but you pay per extra kms and when I planned an...
  5. opisska

    Hummingbirds, Costa Rica

    Two individuals, Puerto Jimenez, Osa. File names not necessarily indicative of what it is :)
  6. opisska


  7. opisska

    Self-drive 4x4 in Kenya

    Last time I tried to appeal to common sense i Africa, the fine was 50 dollars :)
  8. opisska

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    In China there is no "driving would be bad" - you simply can't drive in China without a Chinese license. So that spares you this problem :) However we have an entire active topic on the forum about where some people argue from experience that independent birding is indeed possible. I actually...
  9. opisska

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    I have been researching Kenya for a few days now and just decided to buy the tickets. The country is expensive as hell but really looks surprisingly open to independent travel - you need a car to be independent in national parks - and a 4x4 for a lot of places (as they reportedly won't even let...
  10. opisska

    Is a parabolic dish capable of listening or recording 12hz?

    A 12 Hz sound wave has a wavelength of 25 meters. Even if your dish had two meters, it would still be only 1/10th of the wave and the sound is gonna mostly diffract around it, not reflect. I don't know if there are any other tools to improve recording of low frequency sound, maybe there are...
  11. opisska

    Investigating the Potential of a Small Newtonian Reflector used in Spotting Scope Mode

    Well, when it comes to sharpness, a newtonian on axis is extremely hard to beat, but how do you deal with off-axis aberations? Coma is inevitable - the solution is a coma corrector, but the only one that actually works perfectly for visual observations is paracorr from televue, which is quite...
  12. opisska

    Self-drive 4x4 in Kenya

    Frankly, I am really torn about it. Kenya seems nice, if a bit silly expensive (it's more expensive than bloody Botswana) but there is zero way of getting any updated info, especially on the mask situation. Internet has become completely useless, most discussion forums are dead and all google...
  13. opisska

    Self-drive 4x4 in Kenya

    I would be also grateful in someone, possibly with recent personal experience, could tell me how do the mask rules look like in Kenya now, because that's another thing that's basically impossible to find out. I swear if I read one more of "masks wearing is required in all public spaces", I am...
  14. opisska

    Self-drive 4x4 in Kenya

    The rules, yeah, that's a good point to check! I have a friend who has been just to Kenya and we usually use his advice, but he also had a driver, which is something I'd never do (I'd rather sit at home).
  15. opisska

    Self-drive 4x4 in Kenya

    Hi folks! We have finally clarified when we actually have time to go somewhere ... and it's in two weeks, eh. Life's complicated. I would thus really appreciate your help! Currently the top idea is Kenya - tickets are cheap, covid entry easy. Do I understand correctly that a lot of parks in...
  16. opisska

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    We have actually found a Great Tinamou in Carara NP with the IR - and saw it then in visible light. I wouldn't be able to ID from IR alone - in any dense environment, you only see that something is there, but you don't really see even the shape in IR, because it's broken up by the branches in...
  17. opisska

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    We had them sometimes inside the fence on our observatory near Malargue, Mendoza - really the staple bird of the area. I can see how people miss them though, because apart from Valdez, most other areas where they are common are really not popular with ... anyone :) Just endless nothing. And...
  18. opisska

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    Japan was one of the most pleasant countries to travel for me - it's just ... soothing. The only thing really missing for me was the birds :) I was there in spring, but only for a few days around Tokyo and a little bit of trekking in hills and mountains - but even the mountainous areas that...
  19. opisska

    IOC combines forces w/ NACC, SACC, Cornell, and more to produce "global checklist"

    The problem is that there isn't a clear right or wrong. The boundary between what is a species and what is not doesn't exist, the spectrum of relatedness is continuous, so it's more of a stance than anything. Birdlife is notoriously splitty - some say it's because it helps puah for conservation...
  20. opisska

    Cyprus - suggestions wanted

    The thing I wonder the most is how are you gonna move to an island with all your books. Are you hiring a container ship? They are in ahort supply nowadays (I was actually shipping a container recently, I am not even kidding :)) And obviously the first thing you do ... is buy more books!
  21. opisska

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    Well, an important thing to keep in mind is that "solo" in one country can be quite different from "solo" in another one. Take Ecuador which has been mentioned: while you can easily visit many places by staying at a lodge and birding there without a guide, it's a little bit of an artificial...
  22. opisska

    Single lens telescopes

    Being far-sighted really helps, because you can focus convergent rays - a normal or near-sighted person can only focus divergent rays. This allows you to use a single lens as a Galilean telescope, while the rest of us can only use it as a Keplerian one, meaning we must position the eye furhter...
  23. opisska

    Anyone use a filter to observe the moon with your Kowa 883?

    Putting any pattern in front of your lens is a really bad idea - you are going to create diffraction and lose resolution, sharpness .... also when you lower your aperture, you are losing resolution, but I don't know if you are using a large enough magnification for it to matter. There are two...
  24. opisska

    Brittany (Brest) mid-October

  25. opisska

    Wheatears, Spain

    After all those years, I am still not sure about autumn wheatears - two birds from NW Spain (1st photo 1 bird, 2nd/3rd photo second bird), I think 1st is Black-eared and 2nd may be Northern?