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  1. opisska

    Hummingbirds, Costa Rica

    Two individuals, Puerto Jimenez, Osa. File names not necessarily indicative of what it is :)
  2. opisska

    Self-drive 4x4 in Kenya

    Hi folks! We have finally clarified when we actually have time to go somewhere ... and it's in two weeks, eh. Life's complicated. I would thus really appreciate your help! Currently the top idea is Kenya - tickets are cheap, covid entry easy. Do I understand correctly that a lot of parks in...
  3. opisska

    Wheatears, Spain

    After all those years, I am still not sure about autumn wheatears - two birds from NW Spain (1st photo 1 bird, 2nd/3rd photo second bird), I think 1st is Black-eared and 2nd may be Northern?
  4. opisska

    Shearwaters, Galicia, Spain

    So, do I get it right? Estaca de Bares today, where I saw more shearwaters than in the entire rest of my life. Apart from the obvious and ubiquitous Cory's, there were those three types and I think they are 1 - Balearic 2 - Manx 3 - Sooty Is that right?
  5. opisska

    Where to go for WP rarities right now?

    I admit I am abusing this forum to provide me with ideas, but I would really appreciate some help here, if you would! We have planned to go for some exotic destination starting on Friday, but it slowly become clear that my wife can't just bugger off right now as she has too much unfinished...
  6. opisska

    Manx Shearwater? France (Bretagne)

    The bird was not too close and flew by the ferry quickly, but I think the photos show the white bays towards rump and continuously white underside, so it should be Manx? Or are the photos too bad to tell?
  7. opisska

    Spotting scopes for use with 1.25" eyepieces?

    After years of using catadioptric SkyWatcher scopes for birding, I am finally cracking to the idea of buying an actual spotting scope - mainly due to me slowly becoming rich enough that the costs of the better scopes aren't so outrageous to me anymore. The SkyWatchers were fine, but the...
  8. opisska

    Long shots, Costa Rica

    And finally, there is a selection of pictures where there is ... maybe a bird? And some sleeping birds at night that do not show their heads ... simply an opportunity for the best IDers to show their skill! Locations: 1-3 (same bird), 4 - San Gerardo de Dota 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 - Osa, Rancho...
  9. opisska

    Various (reasonable), Costa Rica

    Here I selected photos from Costa Rica, where I can't figure out the ID, but the photo is itself reasonable (you may notice that one hummingbird slipped by the first filter). The birds on 1 and 2 and the one on 8 are especially puzzling to me, because there is a lot of field marks, but nothing...
  10. opisska

    Hummingbirds (bad photos), Costa Rica

    For the more adventurous IDer, here are some quite bad photos of hummingbirds - but I have seen many times that people say "this has to be X" thanks to sheer experience, so let's give it a shot! Some of the pictures are just nests, but maybe even that is IDable for someone knowledgeable...
  11. opisska

    Hummingbirds (reasonable photos), Costa Rica

    Hummingbirds are a group I have always struggled with, but in Costa Rica, we have opened a whole new can of worms - sleeping hummingbirds, seen under torchlights and photographed with flash. I suspect that the main reason these are so hard to ID is that the colors just shift a lot in these...
  12. opisska

    Odonata and us (still in Poland, but not for long)

    Recently, we got - to a large extent thanks to iNaturalist - into "everythingwatching". We became especially keen of all kinds of insects, but after the obviously great butterflies and daytime moths, dragonflies and damselflies are probably the second most attractive group to watch. We have...
  13. opisska

    Where to go in July and when to go to Ouessant?

    Hi folks! I am fully aware that making a thread for myself like this is lazy, but it's also convenient! Feel free to bash me for it - preferably using links to already existing answers as a proof of your point :) Or you can just bash me even freelier (my spellcheck doesn't like that, but what...
  14. opisska

    Red-tailed/Kurdish Wheater, Kuwait January 2018

    I had this bird as Red-tailed, but it has been suggested to me that it could be Kurdish. The latter is however much rarer in Kuwait in winter as it winters more to the south. Apparently a 1st year Kurdish could have a red tail, making the determination much less straightforward. Yes, it would...
  15. opisska

    Kyrgyzstan - Red-mantled or Blyth's Rosefinch

    Another iNaturalist suggestion is this Rosefinch from southen Kyrgyzstan (above Osh), which I has as Red-mantled, but it was suggested Blyth's to me - both species are very rarely reported in the area anyway, so either would be pretty interesting ... But which one is it?
  16. opisska

    Tajikistan - Rosy pipit? Altai Accentor?

    Putting my birds to iNaturalist, I have gotten two fascinating ID suggestions implying very rare birds in Tajikistan. Even on eBird, Altai Accentor has 1 observation in Tajikistan, Rosy Pipit ZERO, although both should appear there based on range maps. I definitely need to put those observations...
  17. opisska

    Aquila eagle, NE Poland

    Anyone wants to take a shot at this? I have some weird problems in getting AF work on very distant objects, no idea why, so it's sadly quite bad ... But it looks quite weird to me, not like the usual LSEs of the area.
  18. opisska

    Lesser Crested or African Royal Tern, Dakhla, Western Sahara

    Another installment of "question from uploading to iNat" - I already asked about this bird - https://www.birdforum.net/threads/morocco-shearwaters-tern-and-dunns-lark.337674/ - and got one response of Lesser Crested, mainly because the thread had a far more interesting topic of these tricky...
  19. opisska

    Sunbird, Khao Yai Thailand

    Another installment in the series "our old IDs being disagreed with on iNat" - a sunbird from Khao Yai. We had it as Van Hasselt (formerly Purple-thorated), the dissenting opinion is Olive-backed - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/71501219
  20. opisska

    Raptor, Cambodia

    Taken 7 years ago on the coast of Cambodia in mangroves right next to the Thai border (how that area should be called is actually quite unclear from maps). I thought it's Eastern Mars Harrier but someone on iNat disagrees and I dunno.
  21. opisska

    Goose, Oman

    This Wite-fronted Goose from December 2019 in Oman is giving me mixed signals. Lesser or Greater?
  22. opisska

    Patagonian or Grey-hooded Sierra Finch, Chile

    During uploading of my birds to iNaturalist, I found out that people there think the bird on picture 1, which I had as Grey-hooded, is Patagonian. I can't help myself but see a lot of white around its legs though - but it is true that the upper side is quite rich in color, so there are marks...
  23. opisska


    The iNaturalist website has been mentioned in various threads already at many occasions, but I think it is about time we talk more in deailt about how great it is and specifically about how fun it is to use. This already is a warning: the site is not really well suited to the serious birder for...
  24. opisska

    Long macro tubes reversing direction of focus

    Today, I have received my extension tubes for Canon DSLR and begun playing with them. After mounting all three (giving 65 mm of overall space) with a Canon 85/1.8 lens, I was completely flabbergasted as to what was happening with my focusing - and then after some experimenting, I got to the...
  25. opisska

    Book for European insects?

    Do you guys have an English idiom equivalent to the Czech "hunger grows with food"? Anyhow, we have been recently expanding our reach into more and more parts of the animal kingdom - and after reasonably conquering herps, birds and mammals we began wondering about insects. But there is a lot...