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  1. Kestrel


  2. paddyluke

    Request advice on Nikon Fieldscope

    the photos are nowhere near the quality of a camera with lens ,your camera with lens(at 600mm) would be about 12x mag
  3. paddyluke

    Opticron Aurora problem/fault?

    look here https://www.birdforum.net/forums/classifieds-for-sale-or-wanted.288/
  4. paddyluke

    Newbie - Scope or Binoculars

    when i make a decision what to buy then i buy what suited me best not what would suit others,most of the time when you are out birding you would probably be out on your own ;) , bino's would be my first purchase (y)
  5. paddyluke

    Where to sell your Leica NOCTIVID ... ?

    probably in the sales section with a selling price
  6. Hoopoe


    my 1st Hoopoe sighting,would not come out of dip in field
  7. paddyluke

    Opticron Aurora problem/fault?

    received my replacement binoculars this morning:)
  8. paddyluke

    Is this a Finch?

    i would agree,it's a Canary
  9. paddyluke

    Opticron Aurora problem/fault?

    emailed Opticron and to be fair Opticron they said that they will replace my binoculars:)
  10. paddyluke

    Opticron Aurora problem/fault?

    tell me about it,the most i've spent on a pair of binoculars before the Auroras was £200 for s/h Opticron imagic vhd,always try to buy opticrons because i've never had any problems before
  11. paddyluke

    Opticron Aurora problem/fault?

    many thanks, i've lost confidence in my pair,they have never been out the house other than sent back to Opticron,i sent an email to Opticron last friday and had a reply this morning saying that the rings were not touched when they were recollimated,i only noticed because the "Opticron & Aurora"...
  12. paddyluke

    Opticron Aurora problem/fault?

    i purchased a pair of Opticron Aurora binoculars, as soon as i tried them i knew there was a fault as i suffered eye strain,i sent them to Opticron for recollimation,when i received them back i noticed the the rings below the eyepieces(opticron & aurora vhd printed on them) were turning...
  13. Blue Tit

    Blue Tit

    Blue Tit on Blackthorn
  14. Wheatear


    Wheatear on washed up tree trunk
  15. paddyluke

    Alpen Wings ED 10x42 - Alignment/collimation correction?

    i've just read that the Alpen Wings ED 10x42 came with lifetime warranty whatever that means?
  16. paddyluke

    very happy with my new purchase

    i'm going to keep my eye out for a DS eyepiece (y)
  17. paddyluke

    very happy with my new purchase

    to my eyes it seems to be much better than my more modern Opticron MM3 50mm & 60mm scopes,
  18. paddyluke

    very happy with my new purchase

    purchased a Nikon Fieldscope EDIIIA a couple of weeks ago and over the moon with it,came with 20-60 zoom eyepiece,case and boxed,in as new/mint condition,could anyone tell me between what years the scopes where made/sold,
  19. paddyluke

    Delta SL3 HD+ vs Opticron DBA VHD+

    both 8x42 models have a FOV of 7 degrees,the Opticrons are £599 and the Deltas are £299
  20. paddyluke

    Delta SL3 HD+ vs Opticron DBA VHD+

    anyone tried a pair of Delta SL3 HD+ binoculars,if so what did you think of them?,they look very similar to the Opticron DBA VHD+ binoculars, https://www.at-infocus.co.uk/product/delta-sl3-hd/
  21. paddyluke

    Looking for the Best Binos for the money

    what about these Quick & dirty review of 8x42 Opticron Aurora.
  22. paddyluke

    What is the best wild bird seed to buy

    info about Milo seed Is Milo Seed Good or Bad for Feeding Birds?
  23. paddyluke

    Tree containing goshawk nest felled

    labourer must have friends in high places