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    The perfect DIY digiscoping adapter for Canon S95 and Nikon Fieldscope ;-)

    The perfect DIY digiscoping adapter ;-) Please forgive the loudmouthed title but this little thing is my pride and joy today! :king: I wanted to connect my Canon S95 compact camera with my beloved Nikon Fieldscope ED 82A. After twiddling a while with plumber pipes, rubber bands, bog rolls...
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    Nikon ED50 Grippa Case altered for QR plate

    Hi, I love my tiny Nikon ED50 but I disliked the original soft case provided with the scope. The Nikon Grippa Case is great in principle (and dirt cheap - I paid € 8.90 at Amazon) but the fastening screw prevents the scope from tripod use. So I cut it away, sewed two loops instead and pulled...
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    Nikon ED50 & 30x MC WA

    Ooops I did it again... Yesterday I received a grey Nikon ED50 for hikes and to complement my ED82A. First impressions: So small, so light, and oh so great optics - simply stunning, love at first sight! :t: (Of course, in dim light the large ED82A plays in another league.) The ED50 works...
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    Connection of Nikon ED82A and Panasonic G1?

    I’m confused. :-C I have a Nikon Fieldscope ED82A with 30x MC Wide (non-DS) and 25-75x MCII eyepieces. Now I’m interested in digiscoping – I know, it’s generally done with a compact digicam fixed on the eyepiece. I would like to use a Panasonic Lumix G1 instead. But how? The first possibility...
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    Difference between Nikon zoom eyepieces?

    I prefer fixed eyepieces but my wife would like to have a zoom for our Fieldscope ED82A. She is not interested in the smaller 13-30/20-45/25-56x zoom but in the stronger 25-75x. I recently tried the current 13-40/20-60/25-75x MCII (BDB90075) and disliked its narrow, hard-to-grip zooming ring...
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    Old Nikon Eyepiece 27/40/50x MC: Nice surprise!

    Two weeks ago I bought a Nikon ED82A (oh so great… :king:). At first I thought I would go with the versatile 25-75 MC II zoom but after trying the 30x WF side by side with the zoom I found out that this fixed eyepiece in fact has the “Wow!” factor so often mentioned in this forum and would fill...
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    Eye relief 30x vs. 38x on ED82; solid tripod?

    First of all, sorry for my stumbling English. After years of frequently frustrating experience with an old Optolyth 22-60x70 collapsible scope and some other years without a scope – the Optolyth convinced me of the superior mileage I got from my Leica Trinovids 8x42 and 10x25 – I decided to...
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    Geared head for scoping - experiences?

    Hello, I am new to this forum - nice place to be! I am planning to buy a Nikon ED 82A within the next weeks and wonder whether my old foto tripod and head will be an appropriate support: It is a Manfrotto 055 Triminor (= Bogen 3021?) from the early 1990's; the center column has been removed for...