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    Comment by 'hardy' in media 'robin.jpg'

    Thanks for your kind comments! When my wife is working in the garden, the robin is always very close to her. I always tell her: look, your friend is back!
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    Comment by 'hardy' in media 'Great Spotted Woodpecker + Blue Tit'

    @ delia todd: Thanks for the correct name for this tit! There are many of that species here in the garden and also many finches ;-) What I pity is the lack of sparrows. I saw a lot of them in Andalusia and several decades ago when I was young, but not now anymore.
  3. Great Spotted Woodpecker + Blue Tit

    Great Spotted Woodpecker + Blue Tit

    Great spotted woodpecker and blue tit together on coconut filled with bird seed in our front yard
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    Comment by 'hardy' in media 'Goldfinch'

    Thanks for your friendly comments! My wife has hung a small net of crushed sunflower seeds in a lilac bush in our front yard and the goldfinchs get on it quite often. Often there are even two of them who drive away each other enviously.
  5. Goldfinch


    I´m not sure but it could be a goldfinch
  6. blue tit

    blue tit

    one of the numerous tits
  7. Dunnock


  8. H

    Looking for binocular 8 X ? or 10 X ?

    Papenburg to Enschede,NL is nearer than to Frankfurt, that´s right. But I´ll have to wait for the Corona restrictions having gone...next year. Maar dat is hopelijk snel...:)
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    Looking for binocular 8 X ? or 10 X ?

    Hi Joachim, thank you, your offer is very friendly. I´m living in Papenburg a bit far from Frankfurt. I will have a try of Minox binoculars I order online and may send back if not satisfactoring.
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    Looking for binocular 8 X ? or 10 X ?

    "Hopefully, we both score a good deal after Christmas in our quest to add new binoculars!" Yes, I,too, hope so. God luck!
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    Looking for binocular 8 X ? or 10 X ?

    Thank you so much for taking your time to post your advices and suggestions! As a summary of our "discussions" I tend to wait for a binocular with around 42mm objectives and compare one with 8 times magnification to one with a ten times magnification and decide then. I will have to wait for the...
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    Looking for binocular 8 X ? or 10 X ?

    Thank you for your answers! The two linked glasses are definitely very interesting, the Kenko UltraView EX OP 8x32 DH III and the Hawk Frontier ED 8x32. The Meopta MeoPro Optika HD 8x42 probably has a bit more brightness because of its larger aperture. But if I compare my old 8X32 Eschenbach...
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    Looking for binocular 8 X ? or 10 X ?

    Thank you all for your kind help, and Merry Christmas! 🎄 My budget is depending from what Xmas left over…;) No, it will be betwenn 100€ and maybe 300€ and even a tad more, depends on the offers I get or find. Distances are somewhere between nearby and up to 100 yards (Meters). My old...
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    Looking for binocular 8 X ? or 10 X ?

    To replace our old 8X32 binocular I´m looking for a new one but am insure if a 8X32 would do or if I better take a 10X ?? The purpose is using it (only) by hand in our house to grab it quickly from the window shelf if some bird is hopping in the bushes or trees in our garden and my wife or...
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    Comment by 'hardy' in media 'Gray-heron.jpg'

    I only saw it coincidentally and was lucky to have my camera near me. One can see them more often in our kind of rural area where we have several ponds and canal pieces and the river Ems nearby. Btw, it is a shot through the window pane.
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    Comment by 'hardy' in media 'Dunnock .jpg'

    Thanks to both of you! I found here in the forum that´s a dunnock. I happened to see it in front of our living room and immediately grabbed my camera and made a shot through the window. It didn´t notice me luckily.
  17. Dunnock .jpg

    Dunnock .jpg

    I really don´t know but it might be a dunnock ...
  18. Gray-heron.jpg


    Gray heron
  19. robin.jpg