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  1. J

    New to Bird/Wildlife Audio Recording :) - Gain/Trim & Fader and other basic settings to get started?

    Good Morning, Hope everyone is well? I have recently acquired a Zoom F6 Audio recorder with a Rode NTG5 shotgun mic (hopefully one day ill upgrade to a parabolic), which I'm hoping to learn the art of audio field recording; primarily of Birds & Nature/wildlife - with the plan of eventually...
  2. J

    New to Nest Boxes - Hole Size

    Good morning all, So for the first time, now my feeders are up and thriving, I’m going to put nest boxes up & am planning to make them this weekend using plans from rspb website, however I have a question regarding hole size... So I read most advise a 25mm hole size for say blue tits, but then...
  3. J

    Great Tit pair visits

    Evening all, Hope everyone is keeping well? So thankfully my bird feeders are still busy with the regulars & as spring start to get closer, I’m very slowly spotting new thing in the garden. I’m hoping come spring many of them will start to be more regular and feed :) But over the last week in...
  4. J

    Bulk suet pellets? Happy Beaks?

    Evening all, I know a few of you have mentioned names within my previous before, but I’m at a stage no since setting up my feeders where I need to start looking to buy more feed. Particularly at the moment I need suet pellets & would like to buy bulk, so just wanted some recommendations of...
  5. J

    Ways of Feedings Dried Mealworms

    Morning All, Happy New Year & hope your all keeping safe & well? As many of you know I have been establishing a feeding station in my garden, tp which thankfully has been successful & now have some new daily regulars, along with some new sighting along they way (hopefully they will become...
  6. J

    Thank you & Species Update :)

    Morning All, Hope you are all having a lovely Christmas? I just wanted to firstly say Thank You, to all of you, who have welcomed me into your community and for all of the help you have so far offered me, towards my new found love of birds & garden bird feeding :) I also thought I would give...
  7. J

    New Happy Owner of Vortex 8x42 Dimondback HD’s (+ Question)

    Hello All, hope your all well? So yesterday as a fairly new bird photography/watcher I became the happy owner iv my first ever pair of Vortex Dimondback HD 8x42 binoculars (early Xmas present from my dad), & having only ever used generic small cheap ones, they are amazing!!! However I do have...
  8. J

    Pot Plants for attracting birds?

    Hey all, So many of you know I have a new feeding station set up, which touch wood is already attracting new regular visitors :) At the moment though about a meter away from the feeders to the right is the small pot plant & next to that is a large tree/bush type thing, which is offering a safe...
  9. J

    Sparrowhawk question :)

    Hey all, So I have just had a beautiful Sparrowhawk land on one of our garden fences, which was amazing to see & unfortunately I didn’t manage to swing the camera round quick enough before it flew off. However it just got me wondering whether having one around would deter small birds from...
  10. J

    Adding to Mixed Seed?

    Hey All, Firstly can I just say another huge thank you everyone who has offered there support & advice to my previous posts. You have all been so kind & helpful with my new passion and it’s makes me so glad I found & joined this community :) However I do have another question if I may. So I...
  11. J

    Suet options (& rain)?

    Good morning, Hope everyone is well? Firstly I would like to say another thank you to everyone who has been very welcoming on my first welcome post last week, very much appreciated & happy to have become part of a fab community :) Following this, I’m hoping you may be able to after some advice...
  12. J

    New to Binoculars :)

    Evening all, So I’m totally new to semi pro/pro level bins, only ever using cheap generic ones before. I’ve gained a passion for birds & bird photography so want a decent pair to assist, when either in the garden or out & about. After doing some self research, with a budget of around...
  13. J

    Hello :) New passion for Garden Birds & Feeding + (first question to aha)

    Hey all, Hope everyone is well? I’m new to this forum, with a new found passion for Birds & new to Garden Bird feeding. Bit of background..... So over the last several months, through shielding I have gained an interest in photography, which then turned into a particular interest of bird...