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  1. WoodpeckerMaster

    Bonaparte's Gulls in Pine Point, Maine, USA

    I know they're not that rare but if anyone living near Maine is interested I spotted at least 12 Bonaparte's Gulls around 8:30 at Pine Point Beach, Maine. This was about a week or so ago, so I'm not sure if they're gone now, but if you live close to that beach and are interested I recommend...
  2. WoodpeckerMaster

    Pileated Woodpeckers - Age and Gender identification

    Pileated Woodpeckers, the largest woodpeckers (if the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is extinct, as it most likely is) are striking and unmistakable birds native to North America. There are a few details that help you figure out what the age or gender of the bird is. I will be using photos to help...
  3. WoodpeckerMaster

    Blue Jay with no head feathers

    I recently have been continuously seeing a blue jay with no head feathers... I'm not sure if it has to do with molt, but i also know that certain bird diseases have been spreading recently. it also had a rather weak tone of voice, but it could just be developing. another thing i noticed was a...
  4. WoodpeckerMaster

    Spot the difference in this blurry photo!

    This blurry photo of two Pileated Woodpeckers I took is great for testing - can you tell the difference between male and female? Tell me which one is on which side, and how you can tell the difference!
  5. WoodpeckerMaster

    Birding fun facts!

    I love researching birds I've never heard of, so here are some of my favorite pieces of information I learned while researching! 1. Common terns can come in flocks of tens of thousands... but can recognize their eggs if they've been buried or relocated! 2. Nuthatches are the only birds that can...
  6. WoodpeckerMaster

    Hosting a Blooket on North American birds!

    I'm hosting a Blooket! If you don't know what that is, you'll figure it out. It's on North American Birds. I recommend anyone who is intermediate or more when it comes to birding experience should join. Just go to blooket.com/play and enter in the game ID: 239225. Names can be whatever you like...
  7. WoodpeckerMaster

    finch with swollen eye

    i saw a house finch who had eyes that appeared to be swollen... is it just remaining juvenile plumage around the eyes? he was acting very strange too, because he just kept flying up very briefly a bunch. whats happening?
  8. WoodpeckerMaster

    Question about Leupold binoculars

    I've had a pair of Leupold YOSEMITE 6x30 BX-1 binoculars (the beige ones, not sure if that changes anything) for almost 7 years now, and they've been very trusty and still work pretty well. But, I was wondering if I should get a new pair of them, or a completely different brand. Or, are there...
  9. WoodpeckerMaster

    Concern about house finches

    Recently, a ton of House Finches have taken residence on my front porch. They fly around under the roof of it and often sit on top of the chairs. But, I noticed something that worried me. They started to build a nest on the inside of a wreath that hangs on the front door. But, the wreath isn't...
  10. WoodpeckerMaster

    Hairy or Downy - Identifying two similar woodpeckers

    Hey, new birders. If you have a feeder, and live in or near a wooded area, you probably have Hairy and Downy woodpeckers. And, you're not alone if you have trouble telling the difference. They almost have identical plumage, but there are a couple things that make it pretty easy to tell them...
  11. WoodpeckerMaster

    An amazing woodpecker is almost endangered!

    One of the most stunning woodpeckers that exist are going to soon be marked as endangered- unless we do something about it! We've already probably lost the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker due to habitat loss, and we can't have the same thing happen to the beautiful Red-Headed Woodpecker. It's my dream...
  12. WoodpeckerMaster

    Should I help a Robin sitting in the pouring rain?

    I know that Robins often come out after rain and sometimes in light rain- but theres probably 10,000 drops coming down a second in my backyard and this robin is sitting there. It would definetely hurt me if one of the drops landed on me, what should I do to help it? I'm worried for the little...
  13. WoodpeckerMaster

    When should I change my Oriole feed?

    I always put out oranges with a little grape jelly for Orioles, but sometimes they rot faster than other times. So, should I be changing them as soon as they start rotting, a little while after, or after a certain time?
  14. WoodpeckerMaster

    Cardinal-like bird outside?

    Just now, I saw in my backyard, what looked like a female Cardinal, but had red on it's face and a paler bill... I've never seen any bird like this, but it couldn't have been a cardinal because of the bill! Does anyone know what this is????
  15. WoodpeckerMaster

    Why did female Pileated stop visiting my feeder?

    Hey, I had been seeing a female Pileated Woodpecker this year for months, and she always visited my feeder. I still see her, but now she only feeds from the trees. I'm fine that she's using her natural resource, but I'm worried I did anything wrong. Is there anything I could have done that made...
  16. WoodpeckerMaster

    Best birding trip you ever went on

    I've only gone on a couple actual trips, y'know, because I'm not really old enough to drive myself around yet... but, I have gone on many amazing birdwatching walks! So, here it is! Date: 4/5/21 Temperature: 89 F Place: The Celery Fields, Sarasota, FL Equipment: The Peterson Guide to...
  17. WoodpeckerMaster

    What's your favorite bird song?

    Some bird songs are beautiful, some are rather not. Some tend to make our ears bleed... (cough cough, European Starling) but there's usually one we love to hear. I really love the Zapata Wren. I've never heard it in person, but heard recordings. Give it a listen, it's so subtly calming. What are...
  18. WoodpeckerMaster

    What's a birding moment that spooked you?

    We've all had that one moment in birding where our heart just dropped, or our brain stopped working. Maybe you finally see your favorite bird, or a giant one that's a lifer for you. Maybe even when you realize you were right next to something uncommon! Mine is... I was taking a walk by myself...
  19. WoodpeckerMaster

    Describe your first time seeing a Pileated Woodpecker

    Not all of us have seen the massive Pileated Woodpecker before... but those of us who have were most likely shocked the first time we did! So, I'd like everyone to share your first encounter with one of these giants. I was nine years old, almost ten. I had just moved into... not the rich...
  20. WoodpeckerMaster

    Is this a juvenile Baltimore Oriole or a different species?

    Hey, people! I recently posted a photo into the gallery of what I assumed to be a juvenile Baltimore Oriole... But I'm not so sure that's what it is now! Is my guess correct, or is this a separate Oriole species? Thanks!
  21. WoodpeckerMaster

    First Question!

    Hey there! I'm Joe, and I've been in love with woodpeckers, and other birds, my whole life! My first bird was a Flicker, my favorite bird is a Pileated Woodpecker, and my birding dream is to prove that there is, in fact, still an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker out there. So, enough about me... my...