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  1. Duke Leto

    Change of Management at Gilfach

    Does any one know if the rumour is true, a friend has informed me that Pip is no longer at Gilfach and the incoming manager has banned tripods and monopods, affecting birders and photographers, seems a bit odd?
  2. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    So Nikon Rumours have a leak that at Photokina 2014 the next FX camera will be launched. Seems its classified as an "Action" camera so can we assume 8fps+ same AF as the D4S & 810 and a 20Mpx + sensor? Might be worth a look especially if its priced between 810 and 610.
  3. Duke Leto

    Common or Chalk-hill Blue

    Hi when the wings are closed what are the key points to look for when differentiating common or chalk-hill blue? Attached is a pair which i believe are CHB's Help appreciated
  4. Duke Leto

    Sigma 150/2.8 vs Nikon 200/4

    I have a Nikon 105vr micro and now as I shoot FX I want to get a longer focal length macro lens, my short list is the renowned Nikon 200/4 or the modern os version of the Sigma 150/2.8 Discounted the new 180 sigma as the stupidly large filter thread stops me from using the excellent Nikon...
  5. Duke Leto

    Uniqball heads

    Has anyone got their hands on the Uniqball head as advertised by Andy Rouse. I like the idea of the self levelling outer ball but not wholly convinced it would keep lens upright unless licked down or the tension set to high.
  6. Duke Leto

    Nikon D9300 DX rumoured

    I see nikon rumours have a sniff of a new DX body that may well be the long awaited replacement of the D300s. And it wasn't posted on April 1st
  7. Duke Leto

    Norton Fen

    Hi can any local point me to Norton Fen in Lincolnshire. Can't seem to find a record of it on google. Thanks
  8. Duke Leto

    Top marks Nikon

    Way to go with the superbly styled Df. Just takes us all back down memory lane. Can't wait to see one in the flesh
  9. Duke Leto

    Chanonry point and area

    Hi all I may have to visit Scotland at the beginning of September. Will probably be staying at Inverness, apart from dolphins are there any other photographic possibilities I may be able to try for if I get time in the area? Never photographed the area so a complete novice. Any guidance...
  10. Duke Leto

    Firmware update

    I see Nikon has announced a firmware update for D300 D700's to cater for the 800/5.6, not sure they'll be a lot of call for that one lol
  11. Duke Leto

    D800e or D4

    Simple question if you had the choice which would you buy? Save money on the 800e get a superb sensor and slower frame rate or the D4 with excellent noise management higher frame rate and bomb proof build. Keen to hear from owners of either and why they made a decision Thanks
  12. Duke Leto

    Best VFM lens

    All a friend of mine with a Canon 7D has a Sigma 150-500os lens but finds that at 500 the quality drops off. Would she be better off with a Canon 400/5.6 or a 100 - 400 or is there an alternative out their without going to the big guns? Budget wont allow for a 300/2.8 and TC's Any suggestions...
  13. Duke Leto

    Pixels vs noise management

    Wonder if anyone has been able to compare a d800 the d3x and the d3s? Ignoring the obvious differences all are FX but all have different sensors. If you were to balance quality / noise which one would offer the best compromise? My initial thought would be to the d3x ad it's a balance of pixels...
  14. Duke Leto

    Free Lens cover in exchange for help NW England

    Those very nice people at Outdoor Photography Gear have made the members of BF and offer www.outdoorphotographygear.co.uk They're looking for help if you live in the North West and have one of the following lenses; Nikon 200-400 VRII Nikon 400 f2.8 VRII Nikon 500 f4 VRII Nikon 600 f4 VRII If...
  15. Duke Leto

    Free Lens Cover in exchange for help NW England

    Those very nice people at Outdoor Photography Gear have made the members of BF and offer www.outdoorphotographygear.co.uk They're looking for help if you live in the North West and have one of the following lenses; Nikon 200-400 VRII Nikon 400 f2.8 VRII Nikon 500 f4 VRII Nikon 600 f4 VRII...
  16. Duke Leto

    300/4 vr

    Nikon rumours have the Nikon patent for a Nikon 300mm f4 with vr
  17. Duke Leto

    Nikon 800/5.6 vr

    I see Nikon rumours have a story that a new 800 vr will be announced soon
  18. Duke Leto

    Disheartend with Nikon spare costs

    Thought I'd treat my TC14e-II to a new lens mount, a simple pressed / milled piece of chromed brass. So contacted Nikon UK and after a couple of calls, they had to call me back as too busy, I was told that the lens plate also comes with the sprung steel washers that fit behind it, a cost inc VAT...
  19. Duke Leto

    Birdforum app

    Downloaded onto iPhone and leaving a message, will play and feedback
  20. Duke Leto


    Check out Nikon rumours seems the next body will be a full frame entry level body, the D600
  21. Duke Leto

    1st year male Common Crossbill?

    All assume that this is a 1st year male Crossbill as I can just start to see red patches appearing, at first glance I wasn't sure, white balance looks okay judging by the surroundings Thanks in advance
  22. Duke Leto

    RSPB - Birds by Barge - Mistley Quay

    Went on the last voyage today so if you fancy it you'll need to wait intil next winter, a great days count, listed below, highlights were, Red-necked Grebe along side the boat, a Slavonian Grebe flying close past the boat and 3 Peregrines together, 2 of them appearing to be mobbing the 3rd.;)...
  23. Duke Leto

    RSPB - Birds by Barge - Mistley Quay

    All went on one of these trips yesterday and the sightings were as follows Black-throated Diver Slavonian Grebe Little Grebe Great Crested Grebe Red-necked Grebe Cormorant Shag Little Egret Mute Swan Black Swan Canada Goose Dark-bellied Brent Goose Shelduck Wigeon Teal Mallard Pintail Goldeneye...
  24. Duke Leto

    Where in August

    If you had the chance for a few days out in August in Europe, where would offer good photographic opportunities? Thanks in advance
  25. Duke Leto

    AF sticking issue

    Before I part company with my body and possibly lens again to the black hole that is Nikon repair in Surrey I wonder if any one has experienced this? I'm 99.99% convinced its the body but as both are under warranty I may as well send em both back With a 300 or 400mm lens attached to my D300...