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    Affordable Camera traps

    As you can no longer reply to the previous thread on this subject I thought I'd start a new one! My reply to the previous thread would have been:- I'm surprised there are not that many people adding to the thread, it's certainly had enough views! I bought a Trail Camera from Aldi last time they...
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    Hide photography in Southern Spain, January 2019.

    7 days spent sat in photography hides isn't everyone's cup of tea, not even mine really and I'm an avid bird photographer! I normally prefer a mix of out and about as well as some days sitting and watching. The species we saw were very good though, the close up views of some species impossible...
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    There isn't a lot of information about Corfu birding available on the internet. I found 4 suggested sites on the island but few species to go with them when I visited. My trip was a last minute October bargain to grab some sunshine and good food and that was hugely successful but the birding was...
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    The Gambia, Goa and Estonia!

    I haven't previously mention my reports from this years travel but anyone thinking of heading in those directions may be interested at reading my blogs. I have attempted some local maps for the Kotu area of The Gambia too so you can happily go walkabout to find some of the best spots. There are...
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    Language translator App

    Can anyone recommend a good app for translating English to French that can be used off line when no internet connection is available? Even better, a voice activated one so you don't have to type the text! Thanks in anticipation Dave
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    Gambia Late Jan/early Feb

    Just booked a 2 week package, anyone interested in sharing guiding costs? I only intend taking the odd day trip from the coastal resort area.
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    Bulgaria on the cheap! June 2017

    If anyone is fed up with the weather, hopefully a bit of sunshine can be enjoyed reading my blog! With a couple of episodes completed and you might even decide to book a quick break. It was just our luck to leave just before the recent heatwave and get back in time for our winter break here in...
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    Bulgarian challenge

    Seen in the south east near the coast and on the edge of a swampy riverside with woodland too with reed beds fairly near. The bird was fairly high up and on open branched not deep in the bushes which is more like a Nightingale. The song was a monosyllabic very loud but high pitched "zing...
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    Extremadura,Spain. April/May 2017

    Another photographic expedition with my pal Mike in what has become an annual event. This time we'd chosen Spain, new territory for me. You can follow the trials and tribulations of this wannabe wildlife photographer on my blog below.
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    Namibia self drive. February 2017

    Ever fancied a safari but put off by the cost ? I imagine most members of BF must have looked in to going but those prices can be eye wateringly expensive. Then I discovered Namibia. Going off season can have it's advantages as well as disadvantages. It's the peak season for birds so that's a...
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    Optical glue.

    I'm sure lots of people have experienced the rubber grips detaching themselves from camera bodies and these have to be re-attached using a glue that isn't permanent as there are access screws hidden below those rubber covers. I have two similar problems. 1) The focus ring barrel cover has come...
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    Another visit to the Smiling Coast. Gambia 2016

    My recent visit to The Gambia and subsequent report is coming together on my blog, as listed below. Might be of particular interest to early season visitors and those planning a trip "up river". cheers Dave
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    Time lapse photography Viltrox Wireless Timer Remote

    I recently took a trip with a friend of mine who is very much a fan of time lapse photography and has bought a little point and shoot camera which takes up to 999 shots in a sequence. My own Olympus Tough only takes 99 which doesn't give me enough to achieve what I'm looking for if I'm to...
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    CFast 2 memory cards

    Anyone any experience of buying one? Finding stockists isn't easy, in fact it's difficult! There are some competitive prices being offered on Ebay but I'm sceptical that they are as described...i.e. genuine Lexar. They seem too cheap to be true, there again I saved 20% on the price of my camera...
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    Isle of May,Scotland.

    The UK has some of the best seabird colonies in the UK. The Isle of May is one of them but probably not nearly as well known as the Farne Islands. The blog link is on this page.
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    Isle of May, Firth of Forth

    I have just returned from a week staying on the Isle of May. It's not nearly as well known for it's sea bird colonies as the Farnes but in my opinion it's actually better although it's that bit further to travel if you live in the south of the UK. There are daily sailings during the season (...
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    1DX 2 Battery issues.

    I have just discovered those crafty folk at Canon have been at it again! My Hahnel LP-4 battery equivalent worked perfectly with the 1D4,started by telling me it couldn't communicate with the 1DX but works, it just doesn't give a charge level however, the 1DX2 doesn't even turn on when I have...
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    Iceland May 15th -22nd 2016.

    My report from last week's visit is now in the writing! http://davewilliamsnaturephotography.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/iceland-may-2016-part-1-introduction.html Stunning scenery and one or two specials make this an excellent venue and we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as expensive as we...
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    Size matters!

    As a bit of fun I took a series of shots of the same subject with a different combination of lenses and teleconverters purely to give an idea of how much reach each focal length will give without further cropping. I often see the question asked "Which lens should I buy?" so hopefully this might...
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    Canon 100-400 Mk11 replacement lens foot

    Has anyone replaced their foot with one that you can actually get your fingers around to use as a carry handle? The gap between barrel and foot on the Canon provided one is too narrow. Alternatives requested! Thanks in anticipation. Dave Damn it, wrong section!!!!!! Treat it as a "Wanted" item.
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    D800 focus points

    I was recently with someone who owns a D800 and she was trying to get a photo of a small bird in a bush but was struggling to get it in focus. I asked her if I could have a go and realised that she was using all the focus points so no wonder it was hard to focus. You should be using single point...
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    Cuba D.I.Y. January /Febuary 2016

    My latest travel blog has begun for anyone interested in Cuba, which has in the last few months become one of "the" travel destinations in the world. On April 1st previously imposed embargoes are lifted and the travel industry is suggesting it will be flooded with citizens of the good old U.S...
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    Sri Lanka November/December 2015

    My latest travel blog is in the writing and you can catch up with it here http://davewilliamsnaturephotography.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/sri-lanka-novemberdecember-2015-part-1.html It might take a while to complete it but I can give a quick overview now. Sri Lanka offers some great birding, it's...
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    Sinharaja Sri Lanka.

    I'm visiting Sri Lanka soon and contemplating a day trip to Sinharaja. Any advice and information would be most welcome, particularly as regards to travelling from Mirissa. I have read that the most direct access to the park from there is not a good place to enter. Primarily I'm a photographer...
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    Simply Electronics

    Simply Electronics have had a lot of bad publicity, some of it posted here on Birdforum so I thought it only fair to share my own experience. I ordered an Olympus Tough TG-4 pocket camera, attracted by a price saving of £75 (£209 vs £284 cheapest UK price I could find). A couple of hours later...