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  1. Roy C

    Wader ID (UK)

    I think this is a Ruff - could someone please confirm. Thank you
  2. Roy C

    Poorly Greenfinch (UK

    This Greenfinch has been coming to my feeders for over a week now but looks poorly to me - its just stays on the feeder perch for a long time and is fairly lifeless.. I am guessing that it could be Trichomonosis, what do you think?
  3. Roy C

    Juvenile Wren ? (UK)

    Taken in the Summer, this one looks a little thin - is this a Juvenile or just an adult after bring up its brood?
  4. Roy C

    ID please UK

    Think this is a Skylark but not sure, could someone please confirm or otherwise. Thanks
  5. Roy C

    UK moth ID please.

    Can someone please ID this moth (UK)
  6. Roy C

    Isect for ID please (UK)

    Insect for ID please (UK) Trying to ID this one for a friend (its not my shot). Does anyone know what it is please.
  7. Roy C

    Bee ID please (UK)

    I do not recall seeing a Bee with a bald head like this before.
  8. Roy C

    Insect ID please (UK)

    I do not think I have come across one of these before - could someone please ID for me.
  9. Roy C

    Is this a Honey bee (UK)

    Can anyone confirm the ID of this one please.
  10. Roy C

    Gull ID (UK)

    Could someone please ID this gull (Taken in April)
  11. Roy C

    Leucism Stock Dove (UK)

    Leucism Stock Dove ?(UK) Is this a Stock dove with Leucism ?
  12. Roy C

    Curlew Sandpiper (UK)

    Curlew Sandpiper ? (UK) This is a old shot taken on the north Devon coast which was identified at the time as a Curlew Sandpiper but someone is now suggesting that it could be a Pectoral Sandpiper - what do you think?
  13. Roy C

    Insect for ID (UK)

    Could someone please ID this one.
  14. Roy C

    Insect ID (UK)

    Could someone help with the ID of this one please. I cannot seem to be able to find it in my insect book.
  15. Roy C

    Damselfly ID (UK)

    I am guessing this is a Common blue Damselfly, maybe a female. Could someone please confirm its ID - thank you.
  16. Roy C

    Shield bug ID (UK)

    Could someone please ID this Shield bug - thank you
  17. Roy C

    Jackdaw question

    Snapped this Jackdaw in my garden - it has a strange head, is this some kind of decease or just a bad hair day.
  18. Roy C

    Wader ID (UK)

    I think this is a Dunlin, could someone please confirm
  19. Roy C

    Diopter setting

    On my recent eye prescription for distance glasses my right eye is +1.75 and my left eye is +2.25 (meaning my right eye is stronger by 0.50 I think). Does this mean that in theory the Diopter setting on my Binos should be minus 0.50 to compensate for the right eye being stronger than the left?
  20. Roy C

    First day out with new 8x32 EL's

    I finally managed to get out in the field with my new 8x32 EL’s today after 4 days of rain and gales. I have small hands and PD of 61 and must say the bins felt very comfortable for me. Although I wear glasses for driving I do not wear them in the field or with Bins (both my eyes are more or...
  21. Roy C

    Lug style connectors for EL FP Bins

    Just taken delivery of a pair of 8x32 EL FP's (my first Swarro). I see on line that there are Lugs to enable the fitting of a traditional neck strap but cannot find a UK supplier for these. Does anyone know where I can get them please? Also is there any other accessories that you would...
  22. Roy C

    Recommendation for a binocular noob

    Been looking for a new pair of bins for a few months now but the more reviews I read the more undecided I get. Terms like Blackouts, Glare, Side light intrusion, Transition Values, Field flattener and rolling ball effect are doing my head in – so much so that I have ruled everything out...
  23. Roy C

    Opticron DBA VHD 8x42 question

    Probably a noob question but is there any difference between DBA VHD and DBA VHD + (plus) binos - are they two different versions?
  24. Roy C

    Common Buzzrd (UK)

    Common Buzzard ?? (UK) I guess this is a Common Buzzard but it looks very pale to me.
  25. Roy C

    Looking to upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade my 25 year old Alderblick MC 8x 42 bins. Was thinking of going for a IS Bin and maybe 10x. 1) What would you recommanded up to £600-700 mark. 2) What do you think about IS bins (at my age I am not as steady as I once was lol)