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  1. teamsaint

    Nocturnal flight call, Hampshire, UK

    Recorded this over a garden in Hampshire a few weeks ago. Unfortunately only one call The closest thing I can think of is Green Sandpiper (Tringa ochropus) but doesn't sound quite right. MP3 and sonogram are attached Any help appreciated Tom
  2. teamsaint

    1st-winter gull, UK

    One for the gull experts to help me with. I saw this 1st-winter a few weeks ago in southern England. I made the following notes: - Head white with a dark mask - Breast white with some streaking/spotting - Tertials dark with neat white edges - Long-winged - Bill all dark with obvious gonys angle...
  3. teamsaint

    Immature gull, UK

    Posted this on another forum and got no reply so thought I would try here... This gull stood out from surrounding Herring Gulls as it appeared very long necked and with quite a different posture. Unfortunately didnt manage to get a view of it side on. Any thoughts would be welcome
  4. teamsaint

    Anyone going to the Gambia 10th-17th Feb?

    Hi, I am going to the Gambia 10th-17th Feb with my family, staying at the Senegambia Hotel. My family will probably want to do a bit of birding, especially my mum, but I would like to maximise my time birding by meeting up with any other birders who are there at the same time and sharing a...
  5. teamsaint

    hawkmoth ID

    Hi, Could anyone help me to ID this hawkmoth?
  6. teamsaint

    Birding Berlin

    Hi all, Going to Berlin next week. Not a birding trip but is there anything to see in and around Berlin which really shouldn't be missed and is accessible by public transport.
  7. teamsaint

    Nightjar ID, South Africa

    is it possible to ID based on this photo?
  8. teamsaint

    Outer Hebrides Info

    Hi, I will visiting the Outer Hebs in late July and I'd like to know a bit more about places to go birding. I have a copy of Birdwatching in the Outer Hebrides by Peter Cunningham which is a nice book but rather out of date. Are there any other books which I should get with better information...
  9. teamsaint

    noise ID (UK)

    Is there any bird that makes a grating noise like a Nightingale does?
  10. teamsaint

    which pic is best

    Please can you tell me which you prefer
  11. teamsaint

    Plymouth-Santander ferry (tommorow)

    I'm travelling on the plymouth-santander ferry tommorow - what birds should I see (bearing in mind I've never managed more than 2 hours sewatching before without getting bored ;)) Are there likely to be other birders on board who will show me a Fea's Petrel? ;) Tom
  12. teamsaint


    Well I've left it a bit late to ask (leaving on Wednesday) but I am going to spend some time in Monfrague as part of my Spanish tour and was wondering If anyone could give me some advice on the following species. It may be a bit late in the year for some species but I would appreciate up to date...
  13. teamsaint

    BirdDiary.co.uk not working

    Does anyone know why BirdDiary is not working?
  14. teamsaint

    sad ending for baby blackbird

    I thought I'd tell a story from my garden from last Sunday. I woke up early to go out birding and heard chirping noises from downstairs. i worked out that there was a bird somewhere in our house. I got my mum up and she found it hiding in a corner of a room. It was a young blackbird. Despite...
  15. teamsaint

    A question about skuas

    Does the light/dark phase of Skuas effect how they breed. Do they tend to pair with a bird of the same phase or is there no pattern?
  16. teamsaint

    Donana in August

    Is there much to see in the Donana in August?
  17. teamsaint

    Spring Migration

    I'm suprised that no-one has started this thread yet, but migrants certainly coming in now. Looking at the reports clearly lots of Wheatears and LRPs arrived overnight, also many Sand Martins still. Personally I heard at least 5 Chiffchaffs this morning.
  18. teamsaint

    Wild Mallorca at 18:30

    I think this programme is a repeat but should be worth watching. Some nice footage of Storm-petrels if I remember correctly. BBC2 18:30 9th September 2007
  19. teamsaint

    Guess the site

    A new idea unlike the boring old photo quizzes ;). Guess the location from the picture. I won't have enough pictures to post so others are welcome to post their own for guessing. Try this one for a start:
  20. teamsaint

    Hedgehog Noises

    Hello everyone, There were 2 Hedgehogs in my front garden tonight and then were constantly making funny sniffing noises. I see hedgehogs in my garden but regularly but have never found them to be quite so vocal. Could someone explain what they were doing? Tom
  21. teamsaint

    tern ID in UK

    can anyone help me with this juvenile tern? sorry about the poor pictures
  22. teamsaint

    teamsaint goes birding!!!!!

    Doing a proper blog is quite hard work, and so is putting everything onto Birdtrack, so now I'm just going to write a report here whenever I go out. To start the show......... SCOTLAND!
  23. teamsaint

    Soaked and Seawatch

    went down to Hengistbury Head, Dorset this morning to see Storm-petrels. Yesterday 108 were seen and loads the days before as well. Arrived at 8:00 and it was tipping with rain. Walked down to the beach, via c20 Wheatears, Stonechat, hirundines, Linnets and Rock Pipit. Got down to the beach huts...
  24. teamsaint

    I sense some Storm-petrels!

    6 off Hengistbury, 25 past Glamorgan and 1 past Dawlish. Is it going to be like last year!! I hope so
  25. teamsaint

    Testwood Lakes(Hampshire)

    Discussion thread for Testwood Lakes(Hampshire). If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.