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  1. mayoayo

    Bad picture..Can u help with ID

    A small raptor..Barcelona,Spain..what do you think?
  2. mayoayo

    Help ID this guy

    I saw this falcon yesterday..Can you make a call based on those pics?
  3. mayoayo

    LG G4 / Kowa 823 /Baader Hyperion zoom

    Recently bought an old LG G4 for a low price,based on reviews i read about the camera when the phone was launched.My current phone,a quite basic Huawei ,its just ok,but wanted to try the G4,and since I had the chance ,bought it..I have got mixed results,since in some lights I see a lot of CA...
  4. mayoayo

    Help with Gull I.D,Barcelona coast

    Saw this guy a couple of days ago among a few yellow legged gulls..the color of the legs made me focus on it and took a few pics..I assume its a Yellow L.with some transitional color in the legs,but seems a full adult and the color difference with the other adults its very noticeable..also looks...
  5. mayoayo

    Did I ever post this?

    Found some last year sketches, reminders of the outdoors!!! not sure if I posted some of them here or not.. This one I like quite a lot..just some birds at 20 yards or so, but observing with the naked eye.. Well... Rx glasses on but 1x anyhow.. A3,ink and a touch of watercolor
  6. mayoayo

    Falcon sketch

    Today I gained access to one of the highest points in town and got a really nice view of the resident Peregrine. In spite of the wind I was able to do a couple of sketches. I had a great time and want to share this sketch. Forgot how much I enjoy field sketching, after a few months of not doing...
  7. mayoayo

    Blue rock thrush

    An old note i just found,i dont think i ever shared here..quite fond of the sketch,In Love with the species ..I am lucky enough to have them breeding in my local patch,definitely one of my favorite birds.I just recently found that this is not a thrush, but more related with flycatchers..the...
  8. mayoayo

    The Baader Hyperion Mk IV Universal 8-24 Zoom,..A small review and open thread.

    Hello..I want to make a small review of this eyepiece,and use the thread to keep all the comments that users want to add about this eyepiece, its use in different scopes and its performance. I have had this eyepiece for a bit over a month, as a loaner that Baader sent me, upon request ,to...
  9. mayoayo

    Gull,Barcelona,Spain, may 30

    Hello..Yesterday birding in Barcelona's Llobregat delta ,I saw this gull among a group of Yellow legged of similar plumage.This one seemed a tad smaller and had the dark eye and no red on the(pinkish ) bill,also It seemed larger than a Lesser BB ...can you help?
  10. mayoayo

    Another Kestrel

    Hello.A few years back i posted a whole thead with a series of field notes of a couple of kestrels,that lived across my studio Windows.,and I used to watch all :gh:the time.This one is a more recent piece,must be from last year,and I like It,Its just a fast study, kind of loose and fresh....It s...
  11. mayoayo


    What do you think this Bird is?...The picture is horrible ,hand held with my phone,far away and.bad light,but..the Bird was very interesting..Had some chesnut in the cheeks..maybe dark upper mandible and pale lower ..i dont know.
  12. mayoayo

    Swift audubon 820ED..Where to find?

    Does anyone know where can I buy the new 820ED in Europe?..Has it been discontinued already?,,
  13. mayoayo

    Five minutes with the Vanguard Endevour EDII 8x32

    I had this binocular for five minutes today. ..A guy i know was carrying a pair in the field and we exchange views for a short moment.(I had my Kenko Ultraview Sightron blue sky clon) .All I can say is that is a very nice binocular. Very compact ,seemed almost an inch shorter than the kenko,soft...
  14. mayoayo

    3D printed adapters

    Hello...I have been reading some posts about 3d printing different items related with optics and digiscoping and thought that it was a very interesting idea ..some members printed adapters for shoulder stocks ,and even the shoulder stock itself ,for a small scope, other members printed...
  15. mayoayo

    Manfrotto 441 center column

    Hi..I forgot my tripodĀ“s center column in the USA in this last trip, It is a manfrotto 441 CARBONONE...Anyone knows compatible columns in the manfrotto series?..i would not mind replace it with a shorter,aluminum version.. thanks
  16. mayoayo

    A bit over a Week in Weld County,CO

    Just got back from a fast trip to the USA ,after a few years without visiting..I lived in USA for a number of years,from 97 to 2010,,I started birding in america,in NEw MExico ,with my good friend and world birder Bob Weber. This was a work trip,but I was anxious to get in the field and see if...
  17. mayoayo

    Spotting scope objective design

    Hello..I recently bought some inventory for the now closed Kowa distributor and technical service in Spain..I bought some interesting stuff,including body parts for the 820,that i really needed,because i have a home repaired back carcass in my 823, (and now ,at some point i will be able to...
  18. mayoayo

    Barcelona early November

    Hi.I digiscoped a few pics of this birds early November in a pond in a wildlife reserve near Barcelona,Spain... I thought it could be a Scaup,....any thoughts? Thanks
  19. mayoayo

    Winter Journal

    Greetings..I am starting a new thread to document a bit my field work in this coming season.Since my new location is reasonably close to some good observation sites,i am planning on going out at least a full day each week,to do some studies. I feel a bit more confident using watercolor in the...
  20. mayoayo

    Kestrels from my studio window.Life studies

    Hi to everybody..Long time since i last posted any art in this section...my old threads are long dead,and i dont see many of the artists that used to visit the section posting much either these days,but i am gonna make a humble contribution with some of the studies that i have been doing...
  21. mayoayo

    Who needs a fluid head ? or "Who is afraid of the BBH"

    i just purchased a large manfrotto carbon fiber ,from someone second hand,locally.it is a large tripod,but quite light,about 1500 gr. and feels very stable..i was going to use for now with my old manfrotto 128rc.The old manfrotto is not state of the art,by any means,but has smooth fluid...
  22. mayoayo

    Please Help with Erased Video Files

    I accidentally erased a few videos from an SD card and have been trying to recover the material with little success..This were shown in my tablet as HDV.MP4 files...Recovering from the SD card with a program called Recuva was pretty easy, The problem is that the recovered material can not be...
  23. mayoayo

    Olympus Pen not very good results...

    Hello... I have been using a very inexpensive canon 2300 in combination with my nikon ED50,mainly for video in HD ..The quality is good enough to make some documentation of my birding,,I do sketching and capturing a bit of footage helps me finish some details later at home..so far so...
  24. mayoayo

    Baader Zoom /T mount

    I wanted to attach my olympus micro4/3 to the Baader Hyperion zom,to do some photography using spotting scopes.There are a number of ways to couple a reflex or Micro4/3 to a scope..I guess it is possible to use a camera adapter between the scope and the camera,no eyepiece-no camera lens,..or you...
  25. mayoayo

    Baader Hyperion Zoom / Kowa 82...for now

    I have been able to finally test the Baader Zoom,after many years wanting to try this eyepiece.A broken/stuck unit was given to me by a good friend (thanks Isra)a few days ago.This is the Mark III and for what i have been reading ,quite a few units have suffered this problem,..Apparenty the...