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    Corona virus threat to birding

    The current nCoV outbreak is still not contained and appears to be especially contagious. The CDC recommendation is to avoid crowds and close contacts, which makes travel a choice that must be weighted. How are birders reacting to this development? Tourism, which includes birders, is a massive...
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    Canon service experience

    Well, my trusty Canon 10x42L IS has an electrical failure. After almost 10 years of reliable service, the on off switch has packed in. It is aggravating to discover how much I use the stabilization feature. The optics are unchanged, it is still an excellent 10x42 glass, but without the IS it is...
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    Murres in trouble

    A mass die off of Murres is being reported in Alaska. http://www.alaskajournal.com/2016-01-07/dead-murres-pile-homer-beaches#.Vpg5Uzco6bj http://www.audubon.org/news/why-thousands-dead-seabirds-are-washing-ashore-alaska Seems an eco catastrophe is happening and we are clueless. It may be...
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    Brunton Digiscoping Adapter Bargain

    Botach is selling a rather large and capable digiscope adapter for $19.99, down from $120. https://www.botach.com/brunton-f-camadapt-camera-adapter-for-spotting-scope/ It is extremely robust, all metal construction and well built, able to fit eyepieces up to 60mm in diameter. It comes with 2...
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    Help wanter, very flashy duck

    On Sept 8, 2015, this bird was working the lake waterfront near the Rhone outflow in Geneva. It looks sort of like an Egyptian Goose, but only sort of. Is it an escapee or something else?
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    Cassin's Auklet die off

    There is a large scale die off of Cassin's Auklets under way along the Pacific NorthWest coast. http://www.salon.com/2015/01/05/seabirds_are_mysteriously_dying_off_and_scientists_cant_figure_out_why/ Much warmer than usual Pacific waters along the coast for the past 2 years may have shifted...
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    Environmental dilemma

    This article from the AP: http://entertainment.verizon.com/news/read.php?id=19636464&ps=1018&srce=news_class&action=1&lang=en&_LT=UNLC_NKNWU00L1_UNEWS states that wind farms in the US are killing substantial numbers of endangered raptors and that the penalties legally applicable are not getting...
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    Raptor ID wanted

    The attached video shows falconers parasailing off Torrey Pines in Southern California. http://www.parahawkusa.com/Home.html I don't recognize the birds involved. Could someone please help identify them? PS The video is well worth watching.
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    Bird trade regulation in the UK/EEC

    It has been noted in other threads that wild birds are routinely caught and resold in the captive bird trade in the UK and in the EEC. This seems an invitation to abuse, even if there are some minimal regulations under the CITES treaty. The US has a blanket prohibition against the capture or...
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    Travelling to Atacama in October

    Hi, I'm spending 10 days in northern Chile this October as part of a tour of the telescope complexes there. As a birder, this seems like too good an opportunity to ignore. Any suggestions for species to look for as well as books or sites of special interest would be much appreciated.
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    Hi from New York

    Greetings to all from New York City, a fine place for birding. Come visit!