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  1. teamsaint

    Nocturnal flight call, Hampshire, UK

    Thank you... I did consider Spot Red but it didn't sound quite right for that either (also a mega in inland Hants now, unlike Green Sand). Tom
  2. teamsaint

    Nocturnal flight call, Hampshire, UK

    Recorded this over a garden in Hampshire a few weeks ago. Unfortunately only one call The closest thing I can think of is Green Sandpiper (Tringa ochropus) but doesn't sound quite right. MP3 and sonogram are attached Any help appreciated Tom
  3. teamsaint

    Corvid(s)/Raptor(s), West Yorks UK, really bad photos...

    The second photo is a Sparrowhawk. The first photo may well be two Sparrowhawks although rather hard to be sure from that photo
  4. teamsaint

    Another Kestrel confirmation please

    Agree on Kestrel
  5. teamsaint

    Birdguides new system

    Thanks yes that was what I was looking for - had to turn off the filter to make that box appear
  6. teamsaint

    Birdguides new system

    I'm trying to find a way of searching the database as you used to be able to, but can't find anything apart from searching the Rarities Archive which is not what I want. Is it still possible?
  7. teamsaint

    1st-winter gull, UK

    Thanks for your thoughts Steve, I do see a number of 1st-winter Herring Gulls at this site with white heads, but felt all the other features on this bird pointed to YLG rather than Herring
  8. teamsaint

    1st-winter gull, UK

    One for the gull experts to help me with. I saw this 1st-winter a few weeks ago in southern England. I made the following notes: - Head white with a dark mask - Breast white with some streaking/spotting - Tertials dark with neat white edges - Long-winged - Bill all dark with obvious gonys angle...
  9. teamsaint

    Birdguides new system

    I've tried to give a bit of time to get used to the new website but it's not happening for me. Just feels like less information in the same amount of space and much harder to navigate. All very disappointing. I will probably keep subscribing for the app although I only really use it when...
  10. teamsaint

    Waders in Scotland

    I still think the bird in the second image is a Little Stint, albeit one of the greyish variation. The delicate feel of the bird makes it jump out as a stint sp to me, compared to the more chunky feel of a Sanderling. But to try to make a few more specific points: - The primary projection is...
  11. teamsaint

    Waders in Scotland

    The bird on the right in the third photo is a Sanderling, but otherwise agree
  12. teamsaint

    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Been in Norfolk over the weekend and seen several Painted Ladies, also first Common Blue of the year. Several Swallowtails about Hickling Broad, and Wall Brown at Potter Heigham Marshes
  13. teamsaint

    Norfolk birding

    Could anyone explain where the birds are being seen at 'Potter Heigham Marshes'. And also where the best place to park is. Thanks, Tom
  14. teamsaint

    Mid- to late June: where to go?

    Very few midges in the Western Isles though...
  15. teamsaint

    Song Thrush/Mistle Thrush, UK

    They are both Mistle Thrushes
  16. teamsaint

    Denia Spain

    Zitting Cisticola / Fan-tailed Warbler
  17. teamsaint

    Help needed to ID these waders, India

    Spotted Redshank, Wood Sandpiper, Black-winged Stilt
  18. teamsaint

    Ireland, Dec 2016

    Common Snipe
  19. teamsaint

    Immature gull, UK

    Thanks guys
  20. teamsaint

    Ruff? Northern Iraq

    Yes, Ruff. The males are notably larger than the females which can cause confusion over size. There is also a lot variation between juveniles/adults and summer/winter plumage to add to confusion. This looks like a juvenile female moulting into its first-winter plumage.
  21. teamsaint

    Immature gull, UK

    Posted this on another forum and got no reply so thought I would try here... This gull stood out from surrounding Herring Gulls as it appeared very long necked and with quite a different posture. Unfortunately didnt manage to get a view of it side on. Any thoughts would be welcome
  22. teamsaint

    Ireland. South Coast. Feb 2016

    meadow pipit for me
  23. teamsaint


    They're pretty widespread really. But Slufters Inclosure would be a good place to look, or Knightwood Inclosure, or Highland Water :)
  24. teamsaint

    Great War battlefields birding

    According to my records I saw Montague's Harrier, Marsh Harrier and Turtle Dove in July 2009. Not sure where exactly as I only recorded it as 'France'
  25. teamsaint

    waders Israel

    Tringa totanus Philomachus pugnax Philomachus pugnax, tringa stagnatilis, himantopus himantopus Tringa stagnatilis Tringa stagnatilis