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    Levenhuk Sherman Pro 8x42 & Vixen Foresta ZR 8x32 WP

    I have an old stock Vixen Foresta ZR 8x32 WP which was my favourite, so I got the Sherman Pro 8x42 which looks like it except for the larger barrels and objectives, to see if it might be even better. The two brands do indeed appear very similar but on a closer look the parts are different. On...
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    Levenhuk Sherman Pro 12x50

    What Sherman Pro 12x50 is around £118 from Microglobe with £9 p&p. The binoculars are dark green in colour, nearly black, nicely finished in smooth but grippy rubber, feeling dense but by no means too heavy. There are nicely fitting eyepiece rain guards and loop-attached drop down objective...
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    Opticron SR GA 8x32 outside

    Pete Gamby is advertising a few pairs on eBay some 'open box' but all at good prices so I had to try a pair, and what a pleasant surprise they were. SN is 7899 and they are extremely well finished, tiny but exuding quality and very nice to hold, and they look brand new. In advance, Mr Gamby had...
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    HGL and EDG, first impressions

    My HGL 8x42 has been so good that I had to get the EDG which has just arrived. The HGL just has a plain case for storage. The one for EDG is fancier looking but plain useless. Its strap is comfortable though and has handy special clips to adjust the length, and both HGL and EDG hang flat on...
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    lens caps for HGL 8x32

    My HGL 8x32 was supposed to be new old stock but only had some odd insert caps, which did not fit - while I assume the originals would have just been unconnected plain caps. If so, the Opticron '32mm OGL'...'44-46mm' hang-down linked caps are perfect replacements, which I got from Sherwoods...
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    Legend M 8x42 vs. Excursion HD 8x42

    Specs:- ------------------------ Bushnell Legend M 8x42 since 2015 'lifetime limited warranty to any owner' Angle of view 8.1 degrees "59.2 degrees objective angle of view " Close Focus 6.5' / 1.9 m eye relief 18 mm 142 m/1000m Length 165mm On kitchen scales, with covers but no strap, 825gms...
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    checking for faults?

    I can't remember where I read about it but, when they just don't feel right, it seems that binoculars might be checked by doing the following. Holding the binoculars level at half-arms-length while addressing a horizontal edge straight ahead, such as guttering or a window frame:- It is somehow...
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    Finding out what you like - What matters?

    What do I know? but at least I think I know more than when I started to buy binoculars to try to find what suited best... Ideally one could go to a shop to decide what to buy but there is no shop which can stock them all, and then here is the question of availability, whether in UK, EU, or USA...
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    Discovery WP PC 10x50 vs. Adventurer II WP 10x50 ?

    Discovery WP PC 10x50 ........................... Adventurer II WP 10x50 field (m) ............... 115 ............................. 96 eye relief (mm) ...... 22 .............................. 17 H/W (mm) ............ 145x133 ...................... 162x133 weight (g) ............. 813...
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    Eye Relief of Meostar 8x32 vs. 10x32 ?

    ER for Meostar B1 is quoted on Meopta website as 15.5mm for 8x32 and 16.3mm for the B1 10x32 version. I suppose this might be an anomaly that in this case 10x has more ER than 8x, but do those figures represent what would be found in practice please?
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    Field of view in relation to brightness/clarity?

    May I ask if, at the same magnification and all else being equal, a wider view might be less bright?
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    Eden XP 10x56

    For this particular hunt the aim was again to obtain binoculars which could provide exceptional detail with steadiness sufficient for 10x and initially the range was to be up to £1000. Typo's Equipment Review in 2012, together with other comments around the time, had recommended the Eden XP and...
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    Eden XP 10x56

    For this particular hunt the aim was again to obtain binoculars which could provide exceptional detail with steadiness sufficient for 10x and initially the range was to be up to £1000. Typo's Product Review in 2012, together with other comments around the time, had recommended the Eden XP and...
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    binocular overlap

    It was raining so, indoors, did another comparison within my collection, where I have also previously seen semi-circles on either side towards the sides of the view. In each set of binoculars this was present to some degree and seemed to be an overlap between the views with either eye rather...
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    Pentax SZ ED 10x50

    In the forums, neither ZD ED nor DCF ED versions have received much attention, except to note that the 8x43 has only '6.3 degrees FOV', against the 8x32's '7.5' (only available as DCF ED), and '5.0' for the 10x43 and 10x50. On the Ricoh website, reference to 'Dielectric' prisms is prominent in...
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    Conquest HD 10x42 review and its position in the market

    Conquest seems to be the midrange benchmark, as is well explained in the review here
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    Vanguard Endeavour ED II 10x42 vs. 8x42?

    I am curious about the well regarded Vanguard Endevour ED II 8x42 and 10x42 but can't try either of them locally. Apart from marginal differences in eye relief, and the optics for the different magnifications, they would appear to be the same. Comments from others who might have been able to...
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    'Birds in flight' revisited: Celestron Landscout 7x35

    'Birds in flight' and Pentax DCF ED 8x32 revisited: Later thoughts on Pentax DCF ED 8x32, re. strong contender compared: Celestron porro Landscout 7x35 http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=353510
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    Avocet DE-LUXE 8x30 WIDE ANGLE

    I bought these binoculars through eBay because they looked so attractive. When they arrived, the condition was indeed remarkable, and the seller kindly later advised that he had found them at a house sale. There is no eye relief, as had been expected, but sharpness at the centre is excellent...
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    Celestron Landscout 7x35

    Looking for a wide angle alternative to Nikon EX 7x35 I was interested by the specs of Celestron Landscout 7x35, which is not listed on UK's distributor's website. Finding no review of this model I ordered it from Amazon uk at £67.48 including delivery, which seemed reasonable, to discover what...
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    Better eyepiece rain covers Pentax 8x32 ED

    We happen to have Hawke Frontier 10x42 OH and found that it's neat combined raincover fitted Pentax 8x32 ED perfectly - it's a great improvement on the loose and clumsy original item, £4.50 + £3.00 postage directly from Hawke
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    Pentax 8x32 ED DCF for birds in flight

    With the naked eye, it has been hard to identify my individual competition roller pigeons when they are flying. Hawke Frontier 10x42 OH (£90 sh) and Bushnell Elite 7x26 Customs (£189 new) don't work well for this either, but the comments here in 2011/12 and the thread (in Nikon section)...
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    Mid size 6 to 8X32

    Hi, could not see many comparisons, but have been interested in economical mid size roof prisms for garden bird watching so collected and tried to convert the figures (H=length) for some examples, with crude impressions of marginal differences for the ones I have tried out:- [7x35 Nikon...
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    Kowa 6x30 YF30 vs. Leupold 6x30 BX-1 vs. Bushnell 7x36 Excursion

    6x30 Leupold Yosemite BX-1 482g, [email protected] 420ft £95 incl.p&p 6x30 Kowa YF30.................470g, [email protected] 420ft £115 incl.p&p 7x36 Bushnell Excursion EX...576g, [email protected] 410ft £115 incl.p&P I thought the two porros had a marginally better definition/contrast in the...
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    Checking Alignment?

    Hi With a new Nikon Action EX 7x35 there seems to be a semi circular ghost image, like the edge of the view in the lower left, and getting the right angle between to barrels is unaccountably tricky because the edges of the two circles are not well defined, so it is hard to see when there they...