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  1. christineredgate

    Advice please re Bridge camera/lens

    I need to find a decent bridge camera which is lightweight,has a viewfinder,and takes good quality images.Will be used for group shots,events ,and the odd landscape /view,sunset etc.Do not need a super zoom,unless quality really is superb,when it could be used for rugby etc.,and maybe the odd...
  2. christineredgate

    Muscovy/Mallard Hybrid?

    Is this a Muscovy,or a Muscovy /Mallard Hybrid.It was seen on a canal where there are both Muscovies and Mallards. Thankyou
  3. christineredgate

    Windows 8.1 -Help please!!!!

    i have had to move across to Win 8 from XP due to the security problems ect in April.Please can anyone advise re the photo gallery.I make folders within sub folders,with XP one could put the photos straight from the card reader into one named folder etc,then ad and move around,one was always...
  4. christineredgate

    Please can anyone ID this moth?.

    Took this today,quite breezy,unable to hold the branch steady,as the blossom was weighing it down.Not very sharp.I have looked all through the moth book,but cannot see anything with these specific markings Thankyou.
  5. christineredgate

    Advice re monopod,please

    Hi,everyone,I am seeking advice please re a monopod,with some sort of tilting ball head attchment suitable for a 40D and 400F5.6 .It needs to be sturdy,but not too heavy.I now have a new shoulder,and all the damaged muscle stitched back into place(beware users of heavy handholding...
  6. christineredgate

    Phone no for Haiths Bird foods

    please does anyone have the freephone no for Haiths birdfoods,I have lost their catalogue,and Google keeps coming up with the caption"Wrong Choice"!!!!,whatever that may mean,when I try to log on to their website.
  7. christineredgate

    Fly ID -please

    A friend of mine cannot ID this fly,please can anyone help?. thankyou Christine
  8. christineredgate

    Moth/Cricket ???

    Hi,a friend of mine,who is normally very clued up when it comes to ID'ing insects,etc,is not sure re this shot.When I first saw it,I thought it perhaps could be a Cricket,any way,hopefully someone may come up with an ID for this subject. Many thanks Christine, (Not my...
  9. christineredgate

    Moth ID please.

    Hi,can anyone give an ID please for this little guy.Not so sharp for his wing plumage,it was very windy. Thanks, Christine.
  10. christineredgate

    550D -help needed please!!!!

    Used my 550D yesterday,and had probs trying to edit the images,every time I tried to "save as copy",I was just told that the image was already in the file,and whenI did try to save,it ended up in a Bitmap format,Fortunately ,when saving for the web(using elements 4)everything was okay,so was...
  11. christineredgate

    Warbler ID please?.

    Please can someone verify the ID's for the following,Not brill shots,but we are trying to build up the gallery for the reserve.Willow Warbler and Reed Warbler-I think,could one be a juvvie?.looks very soft and fluffy(not a sharp shot). Many thanks,Christine The last one,73 is a Reed...
  12. christineredgate

    Bewick v Whooper?

    I think this is a Whooper ,due to the fact the bill is more pointed,but could it perhaps be a Bewick.It had just arrived on our lagoon,and was quite a suprise ,esp at this time of the yr. Thankyou, Christine.
  13. christineredgate

    Anyone looking for a new Website?

    Just in case anyone is wondering why i have not posted in the Gallery ,or been on the forums this is one of the reasons why-but I will be back eventually. My free website which was on Microsoft Office Live,is closing down at the end of the mth,so we had to find a new home,A friend was trying to...
  14. christineredgate

    Peregrine Falcon?

    This is a terrible shot.I was at our local pier this morning,the tide had just ebbed and there were masses of waders feeding on the sands.Suddenly huge flocks of Dunlins were taking off,and I just spotted this guy in the sky.He wa squite a distance away,moving around quite quickly,I am useless...
  15. christineredgate

    Brown female duck!!!!!

    A friend of mine sent me this pic for ID!!!!Sorry it is very distant,and cannot be blown up.My 1st thought was Female Mallard,but the bill looks to be too pointy for a Mallard,and does she not appear to perhaps have a brown top to her head?. I say female,'cos she does look like one of the...
  16. christineredgate

    Shutter speeds for 40D,please

    Can anyone please explain to me how I can check the shutter speeds for BIF using the TV mode on a 40D?.I only use AV normally,but since having been advised by Roy C to keep the AV at the lowest setting,I do not understand what it reads on the display screen on the top of the camera. One turns...
  17. christineredgate


    Bit of a difficult decision.Due to needing shoulder surgery I am going to have to discontinue using DSLR's,but just want to get through one more season despite the pain etc.Shots taken using my 400f5.6 are at times shaky,so need to change to an IS lens.I have used the 100-400 many yrs ago,it was...
  18. christineredgate

    Young Skylark?

    I am pretty sure that it is,albeit when Icame across the photo,did think it was a juvvie Meadow Pipit,but the beak is thicker and it has a small crest. thankyou, Christine
  19. christineredgate

    Whoopers v Bewicks's

    Please can someone give a definite ID for these guys.They have been in a local farmers field for the last 3 weeks,along with several Mute Swans. Thankyou, Christine.
  20. christineredgate

    Warbler ID -please

    Totally confused by a large group of these guys.firstly I thought they were Goldcrests!!!!,so small,a very large group,and constantly flitting in and out of the bushes. I have never seen this particular speceis in this area-Muncaster woods and gardens.So,is is possible that this is a Wood...
  21. christineredgate

    Replacement for DSLR!!!

    Please can anyone advise for a replacement for a DSLR set up 49D/400F5.6. I have been informed that a potential shoulder re-build is imminent(I think it was jealous of the 2 new hips!!!),will know more in a couple of weeks,but I do know that holding the 40D aloft,taking shots of Swallow chicks...
  22. christineredgate

    Photo of the day

    How do I upload a photo from the gallery .I have the link-Bee Eater,but do not know to upload.
  23. christineredgate

    A very sad photo!!!

    This photo is on various Facebook pages ,in an endeavour to find help for this young cygnet.The RSPCA was informed early in the week,a young couple were waiting for them at the reserve,they never turned up.i took the 1st photo on thurs and the 2cnd one yesterday.Replies from the RSPB site,but...
  24. christineredgate

    Juvvie-Jackdaw,Rook,Crow ?.-or plumage probs

    Spotted this youngster on a roof.We do have lots of Rooks and Jackdaws around,but are these juvenile feathers,or does this guy have some problems. Many thanks, Christine
  25. christineredgate

    ID-please-no idea !!!!

    I think this ID is a very simple one,but somehow,I just cannot put a name.I think it is a juvenile,it just popped out of the trees and perched for a second.It seems to have Thrush like markings (Mistle maybe?), Many thanks Christine