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  1. Mackem George


    Visit to the Wildfowl Wetland trust Washington proved fruitful as Kingfisher was showing very well from lagoon hide. GEORE.
  2. Mackem George


    Bird of woodland edge and mature gardens, really a summer migrant depending on weather in southern europe. Although birds from further east arrive in uk as passable migrants in september. GEORGE.
  3. Mackem George


    Trying to get to grips with sketching, first time on new system used to be able to find my way around the old system this new one little bit trickier.
  4. Mackem George


    Hoping someone can unlock this issue have Goittos 3way head that was wanting to convert to a acra swiss set up.Big snag appears original head does not separate. Noticing a similar issue on another old social media site indicating purchasing a clamp which attached to the standard quick release...
  5. Mackem George

    Kowa Ts611 Scope

    Just purchased this 60mm with 30x eyepiece seems pretty decent came with the kowa carry bag.Agree really old model but does appear to handle well Searching round for a stay on case this proving difficult,was wondering if any of the other Kowa models having stay on cases were compatible with the...
  6. Mackem George

    Lowepro Pro Runner 300aw/70d Plus Grip

    Hi hoping someone may be able to pitch in have a CANON 70D with GRIP looking at the LOWEPRO PRO RUNNER 300 AW RUCKSACK. Wanting to try and establish if my set up would sit attached within the bag. My existing bag which was a spur of the the moment job need to remove grip, therefore not wanting...
  7. Mackem George

    Id Moth

    Could anyone assist please not up to speed with moths,located this morning on ground. Hope these photos can assist thought it could be a SILVER Y. GEORGE.
  8. Mackem George

    Id Help

    Noticed this plant on waste ground actually three or four growing,unable to establish what it is. Plant is growing very erect took three or four photos these are think about the best was taken hand held so trying to take into account the shakes etc. Hoping someone can point me in the right...
  9. Mackem George

    Warbler Sketches.

    Couple sketches trying to make some head way,seem to have many blank days when attempting to sketch. Certainly placing detail into a sketch is an area that evades me most. GEORGE.
  10. Mackem George

    Which Backpack

    Wondered if anyone can advise, have a HAWK NATURE TREK SCOPE 20-60MM X 80MM at present using it in a LOWERPRO FLIPSIDE 400 BACKPACK.. Now here is the problem when scope is inside backpack unable to leave eyepiece on,fitting of the scope/eyepiece together is a shade tight for bag. Bit of a long...
  11. Mackem George

    Heads Up Sketches

    A very long time since put pencil to paper to make any kind of mark,so decided now was as good as any to make some type of attempt. GEORGE.
  12. Mackem George

    Speedlite Advice

    WANTING TO USE Canon 420EX SPEEDLITE OFF CAMERA using the Canon 600D. As the body operates wirelessly it appears no need for cables,however there is some information that indicates an extension cable could be used. Wondering what benefits if any that would allow. If anyone can pitch in with any...
  13. Mackem George

    Mike Tomkies Naturalist/Writer

    Its with much sadness learned of the passing of the great man Mike Tomkies. Mike died on 6TH October renowned for his many books on wildlife Moobli his faithful Alsatian also A Last Wild Place based around his lonesome existence in the West Highlands of Scotland,then his very last book he...
  14. Mackem George

    Bird Sketches

    Trying to get into sketching mode its being a long time since had a session with the pencils. GEORGE.
  15. Mackem George

    Squirrel Caged Feeders

    Must used squirrel type feeders in my garden ,feeding sunflower hearts as i do pigeons will clean feeders out if ordinary feeders ones used. GEORGE.
  16. Mackem George

    100-300mm Ef Usm F4.5/5.6 Lens Advice

    This is a golden oldie wondered if anyone has used it or perhaps still is using,was thinking this could attach to a 450D body. Walking around my local nature reserve where birds are usually pretty close thought could this work for me. Any feedback would be welcome. GEORGE.
  17. Mackem George

    Canon Lens Efs 55-250 Is

    A regular visitor to the garden managed to capture it with a new purchase,the Canon Lens 55-250IS. Obtained this to help reduce the weight carrying about,certainly found it a great asset in that respect.Believe you can obtain kenko HD TELEPLUS 1.4 CONVERTER which understand still retains auto...
  18. Mackem George

    Berries From Seasons Past

    Plucked this one from my archives taken with my Canon 7D with Canon 100MM MACRO lens non L. GEORGE.
  19. Mackem George

    Garden Flower

    Trying out my Canon 5D MK1 with Canon 70-300mm L IS at the 70mm end. GEORGE.
  20. Mackem George

    Creative Bird Photography

    Trying to obtain images with a more creative appeal,taken at the WILDFOWL WETLANDS TRUST at Washington Tyne Wear. Any thought anyone ? GEORGE.
  21. Mackem George

    Autumn Finds

    A visit to the Wildfowl Wetlands Washington to see what commencement of autumn had to offer. GEORGE.
  22. Mackem George

    Further Attempt At Macro

    Trying to keep going with the macro work this is a garden job Japanese Anemone GEORGE.
  23. Mackem George

    Another Attempt At Macro

    Managed to spot this guy enjoying the sedum plant in my garden,can anyone identify it for me. Still trying to come to terms with macro work. GEORGE.
  24. Mackem George

    1st Venture Into Macro

    Just obtained a Canon 100MM macro lens found this guy in the garden,so this is my 1st attempt. Coupled with the Canon 7D GEORGE.
  25. Mackem George

    Canon 40d/gripped Memory Card Not Installing

    Wondered if someone might be able to shed to some light here.My Sandisk ultra2 will not install back into camera card compartment, used it for some time it came out ok for to put into card reader.Attempting to place back into camera memory card justs sticks out will not move. Wondered if eject...