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  1. IanF

    Woodchat Shrike - RSPB Saltholme, Billingham, NE England - 2nd June 2021

    Officially 'found' on 2nd June 2021 when it was identified. Visitors reported to staff having seen a Shrike in that area the day previous but didn't investigate. It remained until at least 7.30 pm but there was no sign next day.
  2. IanF

    Purple Heron - Dormans Pool, RSPB Saltholme, Billingham - 6th June 2021

    Popped out of the reed around 6.30 pm. Giving good views though always distant. It was still around today.
  3. IanF

    Scops Owl - Ryhope, County Durham

    Ryhope is a few miles south of Sunderland on the County Durham Coast. Owl location
  4. IanF

    Blue-winged Teal hybrid? - RSPB Leighton Moss, UK

    The reddish brown flanks do look more Cinnamon Teal x Shoveler but the heavier spotting on the front looks more Blue-winged Teal x Shoveler to me. I'm still leaning more towards Blue-winged Teal x Shoveler.
  5. IanF

    Blue-winged Teal hybrid? - RSPB Leighton Moss, UK

    Thank you everyone for the confirmation.
  6. IanF

    Blue-winged Teal hybrid? - RSPB Leighton Moss, UK

    Seen this morning from Lilian's Hide. I thought Blue-winged Teal when I saw the face markings but now wondering if it's a Shoveler hybrid.
  7. IanF

    Wader ID - Greatham Creek, Billingham NE England

    Thanks could well be. Plenty of them around there.
  8. IanF

    Wader ID - Greatham Creek, Billingham NE England

    The bird to the left of the Greenshank. Seen this morning. Not the best of photos as taken at great distance in dull conditions. Thought it was a Dunlin at the time but the photos show a barred tail. Curlew Sandpiper were reported there this morning as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. IanF

    Dragonfly identifcation help wanted -Lesser Emperor? - Billingham NE UK

    Saw this on my local patch this morning. I thought it was an immature hawker or Empreror when I saw it but it's got me wondering if it's a Lesser Emperor?
  10. IanF

    Little Swift - Hartlepool Headland

    Still around mid-morning feeding along the promenade by town moor. Regularly just a few metres away as it fed back and forth along the path.
  11. IanF

    Scops Owl - Ryhope, County Durham

    Known to birders the last few days, though from locals as an unidentified bird it may have been present for several weeks. A new county record. 1&2 Nikon P900 3&4 Canon 7D+Canon 400mm f5,6
  12. IanF

    Magpie's waking me up

    Two things I'd consider. Stop putting food out on the ground for a couple of weeks. After a few days they'll soon realise they're not going to be fed. If you keep providing them food they'll still come. Secondly, for now I'd just provide food in hanging feeders. Magpies won't be able to use...
  13. IanF

    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    When I first got my P900 I was a little disappointed with the image quality lacking clarity/contrast. Adding a Hoya UV filter eliminated the problem. I wouldn't use the camera without now. Photos are now punchy and good contrast. The P900 is my primary camera nowadays. It's repeatedly taken...
  14. IanF

    Pied Avocet - RSPB Saltholme - which colour ring scheme?

    Thanks. I think the same myself. I've not actually found a scheme where they mix the size of the colour rings. I've re-sent the sighting to the BTO with a couple of photos. Hopefully they'll get back to me.
  15. IanF

    Pied Avocet - RSPB Saltholme - which colour ring scheme?

    Could be. The brown rings are a little odd as well. I don't think anyone uses them as far as I can tell. They could be discloloured.
  16. IanF

    Pied Avocet - RSPB Saltholme - which colour ring scheme?

    Thanks for the response. Not sure that's the scheme though. Definite large lime and dark green on this bird. No obvious blue ring either which would always be present for that scheme.
  17. IanF

    Pied Avocet - RSPB Saltholme - which colour ring scheme?

    I saw this Avocet yesterday at RSPB Saltholme. Ring details appear to be - Left tibia - Large lime above small brown Right tibia - Small brown above large dark green. Metal on tarsus It's not a locally ringed bird and I can't see a similar scheme on cr-birding. Anyone have an idea which...
  18. IanF

    Results from colour-ring reading

    We get a couple of birds each year from North Cotes which I always report but I've yet to receive a reply from that contact address.
  19. IanF

    Wigeon ID - American or Euarasian - RSPB Saltholme

    Thanks for the reply. We were leaning that way but with it being such a pale bird compared to the rest of the Wigeon we weren't entirely certain.
  20. IanF

    Wigeon ID - American or Euarasian - RSPB Saltholme

    A very pale Wigeon on Saltholme Pools this morning. Unfortunately views weren't that good as it was mostly asleep. When it did briefly lift it's head, a male Wigeon moved in front of it. We couldn't decide if it was just an immature Wigeon or possibly an American Wigeon due to the greyish...
  21. IanF

    Colour Ringed Curlew

    Combination sounds very similar to those used for Curlew in my area. Several hundred ringed over the last 30 yrs or so on Seal Sands. The metal ring is usually obscured by the colour ring. Five un-coded colour rings are used. I regularly send in sightings. Large white on left tarsus is the...
  22. IanF

    Red-flanked Bluetail - Hartlepool, UK

    Found on the beach last night by Colin Dodsworth and initially still in the same spot this morning. Late morning at 11.17 I saw it fly over the sea wall towards the Croft. It was soon relocated in the Putting Green where it gave prolonged views as it sat in the sun. A first for me Nikon P900
  23. IanF

    Wader - Billingham, Cleveland, UK

    Thanks guys :t:
  24. IanF

    Wader - Billingham, Cleveland, UK

    Seen this evening. Three birds on tidal mud flats. I suspect Wood Sandpiper but I'm unsure. Photos taken at extreme distance in poor light.