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    The way to MY binocular

    It sounds like you are happy with the Viper and don't want to spend a lot more money. I'd like to say I would keep the Viper if I were in your situation, but I was in your situation and now I have a Monarch HG...
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    The future of the Nikon Monarch HG line

    Better CA control. Maybe a slightly faster focuser, but that is really a matter of taste.
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    Nikon focusers - do they turn clockwise to infinity like the big three?

    I don't think they are inconsistent. I think they are all CW to infinity. I have examples from 6 different lines of nikon products (4 binoculars and 2 scopes) where this is the case.
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    New Monarch M7 8x30 - release date Oct 2021

    I wouldn't expect the M7 to compete with the Ultravid. The MHG would likely be a 'fairer' comparison, with better optics all around. I have compared all three of these next to each other (old M7 of course), and found the M7 to be a bit lagging behind the other two. It is still a great binocular...
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    Looking for mid-range 8x32s

    There is a new Monarch M7 8x30 coming out next month. $480 from Nikon. There is a post about it in the Nikon forum
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    New Monarch M7 8x30 - release date Oct 2021

    I think the ~25% increase in price would be worth it even if it was the same binocular with a much better rubber coating, though I don't like the increase in weight. It is still very lightweight, but the old 8x30 was best in class at 435 grams. The new M7 is slightly heavier than the Maven B3...
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    New Monarch M7 8x30 - release date Oct 2021

    Same m7 optics in a new package that has a similar look and diopter to the MHG? Looks nice
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    Nikon Monarch HG 8 x 30 Review

    I don’t have the MHG 8x30, but I have the 8x42. It is very resistant to glare. I have compared it side-by-side extensively with the m7, Kowa BDII, and victory FL. The MHG is definitely the best of this bunch, generally speaking. The only downsides are CA and I find the focus speed a bit on the...
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    Do I need a pair of 10x to go with my 8x? What are your thoughts?

    I know a number of birders who carry an 8X and a scope and a number of birders that carry a 10x and a scope. I don't think I know anybody that carries an 8x and a 10x. It is generally a matter of preference between 8x and 10x (or 6-7x), but none of these is a substitute for a scope.
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    Help wanted with shortening my shortlist of 8x32 binoculars for < 300 € (Vanguard, Nikon, Opticron, Bresser)

    That's funny, I literally handled both of these binoculars this weekend, and agree. My BDII 6.5x32 probably could not be trusted to live in the car, and its focuser is not as smooth. I have fallen in love with its ergonomics and immersive view though.
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    Help wanted with shortening my shortlist of 8x32 binoculars for < 300 € (Vanguard, Nikon, Opticron, Bresser)

    Indeed. My beat-up 8x30 M7 has been living in my glovebox for the last 1-2 years, so it has seen anywhere from -10 to +95 Fahrenheit and the focus is still perfect. Nice even resistance with no slop.
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    Help wanted with shortening my shortlist of 8x32 binoculars for < 300 € (Vanguard, Nikon, Opticron, Bresser)

    FWIW I love the rain guards on the monarch 7 8x30. Better than other binoculars I have tried, including the MHG
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    best binos for preteen boys, under $200?

    This is probably good advice. I’ve never looked through them but based on spec and reputation they are probably a winner. The prostaffs are too, but the FOV is tight
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    Do I need a pair of 10x to go with my 8x? What are your thoughts?

    I fully agree, except that I would not get a non-waterproof scope. I have a 60 ED fieldscope II, and while the view is great, it is not waterproof which makes it unusable in many good scoping situations. If I was looking for a budget scope I would probably settle for something slightly lower in...
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    Which 8x for $736

    I PMed him for you
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    Nikon MHG rubber over focuser loosening in spots

    I haven’t had any problems with mine. I think if this were to happen to me I would just glue it back on. That’s what Nikon would do anyway if you send it in.
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    Meopta, Opticron, Kowa.... rival models to the "big three"?

    I have the Kowa 6.5x32s and sold my BDII 8x32s in favor of my MHGs. The Kowa are about equivalent to the M7. In 8x the Kowa are a bit brighter with a slightly wider FOV. Huge difference in ergonomics though. The contrast is superior in higher end binoculars like the MHG. The BDII is a very easy...
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    x42 bins vs. x32 bins - optical differences aside from brightness?

    There is no significant brightness difference in terms of the irradiance hitting your eyeball in either case. So the photons/cm2 value is more or less the same between 32 and 42 mm models. The difference is in the size of the exit pupil (beam of light hitting your eye). For 8x32 the diameter of...
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    Binocular Weight, a Triviality?

    There is a big difference between carrying and using. It wouldn't be a big deal for me to carry around heavy binoculars all day if I was only briefly looking through them from time to time. If I am holding them up to my face for hours throughout the day scanning the sky or sea, weight is...
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    Monarch HG or Maven B.1?

    I wouldn’t let the case sway you, it’s not like the HG case is anything special. Anyway, never looked through the mavens but the HG is nice in every way except for CA control. I have the 8x model and the CA outside of the center field is slightly bothersome. I suspect it would be more annoying...
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    how to assess optical quality of binoculars

    You should be able to make a rough assessment just looking around the house or a store. Pan across straight lines (windows, picture frames, blinds, etc) to get a feel for the distortion profile. Of course, different people prefer a different look, so perfectly straight lines throughout the FOV...
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    Kowa BDXDII 6.5x32 vs Vixen Atrek 6x30, Nikon AE 7x35, Zeiss FL 7x42

    I think this is right. I remember being bothered by this when I first got these but now I don't even notice. Maybe I have started holding them differently (I don't have them handy right now). My main gripe is about the radial position of the lugs, as yarelli mentioned. They make it so the...
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    Using DS eyepieces for viewing on a ED82 fieldscope?

    I have a 82ED that I almost exclusively use the 38x MC wide eyepiece with (I also have both of the MC zooms). I have wanted a 24/30 MC wide eyepiece for a while now, but they just aren't available anymore. You can still get the 24/30 DS eyepiece, but as a non-glasses wearer it seems like it...
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    Leica is not getting the attention it deserves

    Regarding Leica service - I was birding with a buddy of mine a few years back and he left his ultravids on the roof of the car and we got a few miles down the road before he realized it. They got ran over and one barrel was pretty dented at the objective end and the focuser was turning rough...