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    Zosterops dehaani van Bemmel, 1939

    This G de Haan refers to Gerrit de Haan who indeed worked on cetaceans on for instance Texel. Several of his finds are detailed on www.walvisstrandingen.nl (beached whales and dolphins in the Netherlands). He is not our man. De Haan is, unfortunately, quite a common family name in the Netherlands.
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    Akialoa ellisiana (Gray, GR, 1860) & Prosobonia ellisi Sharpe, 1906

    More info on William Wade Ellis can be found here: William Wade Ellis (1751-1785). Evidence is apparently lacking that W. Wade is related to W. Webb.
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    Dicrurus hottentottus faberi Hoogerwerf, 1962

    This person is more likely: Akte - Noord-Hollands Archief. His name is Dirk Anthonie Faber and he was born in Medan (thus Indonesia). He died aged 33 on 24 April 1959 at Den Helder, Netherlands. Death certificate attached (lower). edit: ...Laurent and I found the same person...
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    Dicrurus hottentottus faberi Hoogerwerf, 1962

    Death certificate attached (upperleft). Born in Amsterdam, deceased in municipality of Opsterland. But I can't see a middle name so I am not certain he is our guy.
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    Ara militaris sheffleri Van Rossem & Hachisuka, 1939, Buteogallus solitarius sheffleri (van Rossem, 1948) & Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae sheffleri Binf

    And according to this website, he was born in 1892 and indeed died in 1967: https://www.wfvz.org/collections/egg-collectors#QT. Exact dates still unknown.
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    Ara militaris sheffleri Van Rossem & Hachisuka, 1939, Buteogallus solitarius sheffleri (van Rossem, 1948) & Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae sheffleri Binf

    A picture of W J Scheffler can be found here: https://arnoldhillfamilytree.blogspot.com/2012/03/jesse-arnold-and-avricultural-society.html
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    Again minor additions on dabbenei/dabbenena and estebani

    Mmmm, maybe not reading through the previous posts well enough. All right, mea culpa. So here is for a better try: he did publish in 1972: http://www.sidalc.net/cgi-bin/wxis.exe/?IsisScript=cibagro.xis&method=post&formato=2&cantidad=1&expresion=mfn=026142. Haedo Rossi, J.A.; Esteban, J.G...
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    Again minor additions on dabbenei/dabbenena and estebani

    This may be him as well: https://www.gf.org/fellows/all-fellows/juan-geronimo-esteban/
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    Erythrocercus livingstonei francisi Sclater, WL, 1898

    Perhaps more info can be found using search options in this website: http://www.national.archives.gov.za/naairs.htm (National Automated Archival Information Retrieval System (NAAIRS)). See also https://www.s2a3.org.za/bio/Biograph_final.php?serial=973
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    Cranioleuca vulpina foxi Bond & Meyer de Schauensee, 1940

    And here his life dates are to be found (probably): https://prabook.com/web/william_joseph.fox/1078005
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    Cranioleuca vulpina foxi Bond & Meyer de Schauensee, 1940

    His full name is William Joseph Fox: see https://ansp.org/research/library/archives/0400-0499/portraits457/?_ga=2.111056837.1192180927.1602683784-1164481084.1602683784 and scroll down to F of Fox. He was more of an entomologist according to the additional info.
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    Ambassador Macartney's Fireback (Pheasant)

    Short question: Does somebody know who's commemorated in the scientific name ... macartneyi And does it say anything additional of what he'd done, why he was given this mark of honour? It is presumably this person (note the last sentence)...
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    carabayae, atacamensis and another rex

    Maybe it is playing games? T.rex is a famous dinosaur so now there is also a T.rex-wren? We will never know.
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    Snow's Guillemot

    It was the second Dutch Birding-issue in 2017, pages 87-88
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    African Reed Warbler

    These links to papers may be worthwhile to mention: - http://www.magornitho.org/files/2016/12/olsson-et-al-2016-phylogeny-reed-warbler.pdf (also mentioned by James Lowther I just noted) - https://www.dutchbirding.nl/journal/pdf/DB_2010_32_1.pdf#page=33
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    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    Dotterel seen today in the Netherlands. They thus scored three ticks here!
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    Lumping Drongo Cuckoos?

    Surely Eaton et al (2016) refers to the book "Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago" rather than a paper in a journal?
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    Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the library...

    Because I know Justin Jansen is very busy finalizing the text of his PhD-thesis, I may add some more info on P.A. Hens who collected the nataliae-Song Thrush. Hens is a well-known Dutch ornithologist (although not by profession) from the 20th-century. He lived in the southern province of Limburg...
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    Siberian Accentors

    In fact, Elk in North America refers to Wapiti (Cervus canadensis) thus a close relative to Red Deer. Thus also not related to European Elk.
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    Eastern influx

    Hi Mr Xenospiza, To correct your correction: there were in fact two Isabelline (Daurian) Shrikes this autumn. For this taxon, and if accepted, they would be the 14th-15th records (check www.dutchavifauna.nl for all historic records of Dutch rarities).
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    Mr. Wollweber, Mr. Alxandre/Alexander and Mr. Rieffer

    G F Westerman was the founder and first director (for 50 years) of Natura Arts Magistra, in short Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo. His paper on wollweberi mentions a Dr Kaup from Darmstadt so with Wollweber also linked to Darmstadt, surely there must be a connection between these two?
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    Mendeni and the mystery J. J. Menden

    Like others, I suspect that Menden may have ended up as a Japenese prisoner-of-war somewhere in Indonesia. It is telling that collection stopped during 1940-1945 while he cannot be traced after 1945. If so, then the following website may be useful as a starting point for further research...
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    Ruys's Bird of Paradise … in English and Dutch

    More Ruys Further on Th. H. Ruys: the only person I can find with these initials is Theodorus Hilbert Ruys (see page 433 in https://ia600802.us.archive.org/23/items/Patriciaat2-1911/02_1911.PDF). If this is our man, then the following data is relevant. He was born on 16 March 1880 at...
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    Ruys's Bird of Paradise … in English and Dutch

    Having been a lurker for far too long, it is perhaps now time 'to pay my dues'... Having said that, this Th. H. Ruys is a difficult person to track down. First, H.H. Ruys is obviously a misspelling. Second, Th as an abbreviation stands for Theo/Theodoor/Theodorus and the like in Dutch. So James...