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    Greater or Lesser White-fronted Goose? Changtang, Ladakh, India

    Not my images but sent to me by a birder in Ladakh. This is an underwatched area with huge potential and has turned up a number of rarities recently. This particular bird has quite a large bill and is fairly heavily barred on the belly, but the white on the forehead is limited to the front of...
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    Bush Warbler, Sattal, Uttarakhand, India

    Posting on behalf of the photographer. I believe the images were captured at a so-called photographer's "studio". Apparently it was identified as Grey-sided by a member of the group, which it clearly isn't. I was leaning towards Hume's at one point as a couple of the images show a warm...
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    Sitting raptors, around Sharm-al-Sheikh, Egypt

    I'm not very confident with sitting raptors. These birds were photographed by a friend around Sharm-al-Sheikh last autumn - I'm not sure of the exact dates. 1. I thought this was a Buteo at first but tarsi appear to be feathered much of the way down. Bill looks too small and weak for an Eagle...
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    Buzzard, Horton Plains, Sri Lanka

    Can anyone help with this Buzzard, seen on 1st December at Horton Plains, Sri Lanka? Images are poor as it was shot through the vehicle windscreen. Our first thought was Long-legged as it seemed quite sizeable, had a creamy head and quite rufous underparts and looked "well-trousered". However...
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    Blue-winged Minla in unfamilar plumage, Kunming, Yunnan, China

    Hi everyone, Apologies for posting a bird whose identity is not in doubt. Not my images but posting on behalf of an acquaintance. I was stumped at first, as I thought it looked more like some kind of Fulvetta but couldn't find a match in the region. Someone suggested Blue-winged Minla, which I...
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    Niltava, Kunming, China

    I'm posting these images on behalf of an acquaintance. They were taken in the grounds of Yunnan University, next to Green Lake Park, in Kunming. The bird looks most like female Rufous-bellied, which is the only species on the eBird checklist for the site, but I want to rule out Fujian. Any...
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    Leaf Warbler, Labahe, Erlangshan, Sichuan, China

    Not my images but taken by an acquaintance who posted them on a Facebook friend. They were taken on 28 July at about 2600 m. The images are not great and need cropping but it's an interesting-looking Leaf Warbler with a very heavy and broad lateral crown-stripe and a bold whitish crown-stripe...
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    Dark morph Rough-legged Buzzard? nr Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Is the bird in the first image dark morph Rough-legged or just a Common? The second image looks like it could be Rough-legged too, but it's a very poor photo.
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    LWG, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    A non-birder friend of mine photographed this gull yesterday and asked me for identification. Trouble is I'm rubbish at gulls. The default taxon here is barabensis - heuglini is more commonly found on the east coast. Caspian also occurs but we're unsure of numbers because of ID difficulties. The...
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    Gulls, around Victoria, BC, Canada

    Could somebody help with these gulls? All photographed by the same friend. I'm clueless on no. 1. Could nos. 2 & 3 just be American Herring Gull? Are the gulls in front of the Sea Lion also this species?
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    Buteo, Hidden Valley lake, California

    Photographed by the same friend as the Cowbirds. The images are not the best as it was rather distant. We've narrowed it down to either juvenile Gray Hawk or Red-shouldered Hawk (I'm veering towards Red-shouldered because of the variegated pattern on the wings), but it would be great to get...
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    Passerine, Elk Island NP, Alberta, Canada

    Posted by a friend of mine on Facebook a few days ago. It looks like a Sparrow but I know very little about American birds, so I was hoping for some help. My friend says it's the same bird. Thanks in advance.
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    Nightjar, Madikwe NP, South Africa

    Can anyone ID this Nightjar photographed by a friend at the above location recently? I'm thinking Rufous-cheeked but my friend thinks Fiery-necked.
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    Large gulls, Varna, Bulgaria

    I'm hopeless at gulls but was wondering if any of these individuals is a Caspian. Yellow-legged is of course the default species here. Starting with this individual:
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    Wheatear, UAE

    This bird was photographed by a member of the UAE Bird Photographers' Facebook page. I put it on the UAE forum on his behalf but got no response. It's seriously puzzling me as I've never seen anything like it before. The pale collar and rather streaked/scaled upperparts recall some form of...
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    Leafbird and Flowerpecker, Panti Forest, Malaysia

    Photographed by a friend in Panti Forest this week. The leafbird has a lot of yellow around the face, so I'm thinking Blue-winged, but I can't really see any blue tones on the wing.The bill looks huge too. I'm thinking juv Orange-bellied for the Flowerpecker, partly on bill shape and partly on...
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    Subadult Mycteria stork, Malaysia, June 2017

    I know you're not supposed to post images of captive birds here, but this one is really bugging me. It was taken by a friend at KL Bird Park and he asked me to put a name to it. The underwing pattern would seem to rule out Painted, so I'm left with either a subadult Milky or Yellow-billed, both...
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    Which Cuckoo? Bukit Fraser, Malaysia

    I'm not sure when this bird was seen. For me it's between Indian and Himalayan, but I'm not really sure which. The rufous upper breast and fairly heavy barring suggest Indian, but it doesn't seem to have the broad terminal band on the undertail.
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    Juv Fire-breasted Flowerpecker? Bukit Fraser, Malaysia

    Photographed by a friend last week. Can anyone confirm?
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    Birds at Belton Creek, Texas

    Not great footage (shot by a non-birder friend) but I was wondering if anyone has an idea on the identity of any of the birds in the clip below. Firstly, there's a long-tailed black bird bombing across the river - a Grackle? Two pheasant-like birds on the grass - some kind of introduced...
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    Three stills from BBC Wild China, Yunnan

    I was watching the episode of BBC Wild China about Yunnan Province the other day and took some screenshots of stills of birds from the programme - I was curious about which species were involved. Can anyone confirm #1 is Green-tailed Sunbird and #2 is Whiskered Yuhina? What about #3...
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    Two stills from BBC Wild China, Yunnan

    I was watching the episode of BBC Wild China about Yunnan Province the other day and took some screenshots of stills of birds from the programme - I was curious about which species were involved. Can anyone confirm #1 is Green-tailed Sunbird and #2 is Whiskered Yuhina? What about #3...
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    Shrike, Uttar Pradesh, India

    What is your opinion of this shrike, photographed by a Facebook friend near the Chambal Safari Lodge, near Agra? It was originally identified as Long-tailed but it lacks the thick black eyestripe extending onto the forehead and the white patch at the base of the primaries, and the rusty-toned...
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    Unidentified bird, Mae Wong NP, Thailand

    A random capture of half of a mystery bird taken by a fellow UAE birder. Does anyone have any idea what it might be? We're stumped here.
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    Babbler, My Son, Vietnam

    Sorry, no photo. I saw a babbler at mid-tree height yesterday. The closest I can get is the Malacopteron group. The one which seems to occur in the region (Central Annam) is Scaly-crowned, although I'm surprised that I could have missed the rufous forehead. The bird had a distinctive habit of...