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    The Rarest Bird in the World: The Search for the Nechisar Nightjar

    I felt the same way about the title. The author does actually analyze which bird deserves that title. I don't know if I agree with his conclusion, but then again, how can you even definitively answer this? As for the sighting - I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, unless there's some...
  2. J

    North American Hummingbirds: An Identification Guide

    North American Hummingbirds: An Identification Guide by George C. West Like its subjects, this book is small. But it has plenty of room for West to present information and a plethora of illustrations and photographs for 25 hummingbird species that have been reported in the United States and...
  3. J

    The Rarest Bird in the World: The Search for the Nechisar Nightjar

    The Rarest Bird in the World: The Search for the Nechisar Nightjar by Vernon R. L. Head If you aren't familiar with the Nechisar Nightjar, it is about the weirdest bird-related story I've ever heard. In short, a team of ornithologists in Ethiopia found a road-killed bird and were able to...
  4. J

    Sibley Guide, 2nd edition

    Here's a look at the 2nd editions of the regional guides
  5. J

    Sibley Guide, 2nd edition

    Unfortunately, it is that way in the actual book. But your suspicion is exactly correct, they just used the Mottled Duck map by mistake. The Wood Duck map is correct in the 'Big' and 'Eastern' guides. Nice catch!
  6. J

    Raptors -Forsman

    The standard, at least in the US, is that you can post a limited number of images/scans from a book if you are doing so for the purposes of a review. I am no lawyer, so this is just my interpretation: I think it should be fine to post something here (at least fine to the publisher, the forum...
  7. J

    Bird of New Guinea

    Totally different books - the former is a field guide, while the upcoming one is all about, well, distribution and taxonomy. It has few, if any?, illustrations. You can get a taste for what it's like by using the Look Inside feature on Amazon...
  8. J

    Better Birding by Armistead & Sullivan

    Yes, for almost all species. I did a quick flip-through and noticed that the ex-sharp-tailed sparrows did not show juveniles, but there is a shot of a juv Seaside Sparrow. The wrens and swifts also didn't have them, but that makes complete sense.
  9. J

    Better Birding by Armistead & Sullivan

    Sorry for the late reply... I would say that Better Birding is more akin to the second edition of Kaufman's Advanced Birding, where he tries to include more high-level information rather than "just" group accounts. Here are the Sulids and nighthawks included: Sulids Northern Gannet Masked...
  10. J

    Better Birding by Armistead & Sullivan

    When I opened this book, I was a little surprised at what I found. Based on the title, I wasn't expecting an identification guide covering 24 groups of birds. But the more I read and prepared my review, the more I liked it. The title is still a misnomer, but it does attempt to impart skills that...
  11. J

    Better Birding by Armistead & Sullivan

    Oh, I forgot to mention that you can view the Table of Contents and read the entire Introduction in PDF format on the publisher's website - http://press.princeton.edu/titles/10594.html
  12. J

    Better Birding by Armistead & Sullivan

    Here's my brief summary: The book focuses on 24 groups of birds (loons, tropical terns, accipiters, marsh sparrows, etc), helping birders with some tricky identifications. But this isn’t just about identifying a few species. Throughout, the authors provide a framework for looking at birds that...
  13. J

    Birds, Art & Design

    This book showcases the unbelievable bird sculptures of Larry Barth. Seriously, they're amazing. You could be forgiven for thinking some of these photographs are of live birds, or at least mounted specimens, they are that realistic. And many are quite dynamic: Sanderlings running, a Killdeer’s...
  14. J

    Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce and Conservation

    My review of this title, by Paul J. Baicich, Margaret A. Barker, and Carrol L. Henderson, is up on the American Birding Association blog.
  15. J

    The Living Bird: 100 Years of Listening to Nature

    The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is celebrating their 100th birthday. They've produced this book partly (a surprisingly small part, actually) to celebrate their accomplishments, but mainly as “an ode to birds, a celebration of everything we love about them”. The first thing you'll notice are the...
  16. J

    The Merlin, a monograph by Richard Sale

    Sale first takes a look at falcons as a whole, covering some general characteristics, but focusing heavily on taxonomy. He proceeds to describe what is known about the Merlin, covering every aspect of the bird’s natural history, including diet, hunting strategies, food consumption and energy...
  17. J

    Owls of North America and the Caribbean

    Never realized that the Amazon previews give you different pages sometimes. Anyway, glad it finally showed you what you wanted to know :)
  18. J

    Owls of North America and the Caribbean

    I've seen this book in the wild, and I know Amazon has had it available for a little while now. But still, it seems early for someone to have gotten it and read enough to decide that they don't want to keep it. Some of these copies could be from other booksellers. I can't speak for all who get...
  19. J

    A birder's guide to Everything

    Cute movie. Worth watching. Assuming, of course, that you can get past the fact that the plot centers around a pretty ludicrous ID. Look past the specifics presented on-screen to the spirit of it.
  20. J

    handbook of North American Birds, Palmer

    Yeah, the online version is definitely cheaper, and also better since it incorporates regular content updates
  21. J

    handbook of North American Birds, Palmer

    You can get hard copies from Buteo Books (both individual accounts and complete sets) - http://www.buteobooks.com/category/BNA.html
  22. J

    North American Raptors

    I've either read or heard (can't remember now) that Brian Wheeler was working on another raptor guide, but this one using his illustrations, not photos. I don't even know if that's still in the works, but if so it certainly isn't close to publication. I know it's not paintings, and the approach...
  23. J

    Peterson Reference Guide to Birding by Impression

    Indeed, this approach is not new. The authors try to differentiate it from GISS/jizz, but the arguments they use are tenuous at best. I kept thinking something similar. I *love* Dunne's Companion. I guess I wanted something more like that. But why try to write something that has already been...