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    SLC range to be discontinued by Swarovski!

    By "toy" I meant an object of fickle desire. The NL may indeed be simply a superior tool for some, and I meant no disrespect to those who want a pair. I look forward to your reports. David
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    SLC range to be discontinued by Swarovski!

    I am, apparently, the very rare porro user, using either an E II or an SE 8x. For several years I have wanted a pair of 8x42 SLCs, but have kids going into college, etc., so they got relegated to the turning-60 gift list. Sad they are gone, and I hope the HGs will become the new go-to alpha roof...
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    Eyecups for Nikon 8x30 8.3 WF

    Sorry to report no luck on getting eye cups.
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    Nikon service

    It appears there is hope if you speak the right person. I have been corresponding with a service rep who is adamant that the bins must be sent in.
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    Eyecups for Nikon 8x30 8.3 WF

    I have been trying, to no avail, to have Nikon USA give me information on how to buy E II eye cups and a rain guard. My eye ups, which I use rolled down, are beginning to rot along the outer edge, and I lost my rain guard (I use the one for my SEs). Repeatedly I have been told I need to send in...
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    Where are current 8x30 II made ?

    I have owned first generation EIIs and their box labeling was identical to my last generation EIIs; same with SEs. The *real* mystery, and worthy of yet another thread, is the meaning of "AM" on the front spindle of every EII ever made, including the 100th Anniversary units. "Another...
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    Brightness puzzlement, EII 8x30 v Conquest HD 8x32 v Opticron DBA VHD

    Yes, it's all diabolically confused, but such is perception. Use what works and don't fret about what you think must be correct. David
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    Difference for SC and MC For Nikon E models?

    I had a first generation EII and now have a late model EII (810xxx) and late model SE (550xxx). I have not studied these with the same care as Henry, but I concur that my current EII's coatings reflect pale magenta and green, with some yellow. My SE's seem a bit more biased toward magenta than...
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    Kim Jong Un's Bins

    What might they be? They look like fixed-focus boy scout binoculars. Or the latest in stealth North Korean optics. See attached.
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    Death Of The Alpha?

    Yup, this is another of Dennis' periodic market adjustments, changing his investment strategy. He used to argue that only alpha bins held resale value, but now is arguing that they lose more value proportional to mid-level bins. David
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    Canon SX50 Specs

    My beloved SX50 has taken two dramatic falls, both of which knocked off and cracked a cheap but invaluable lens hood. The camero won't last forever, so I am looking forward to trying a Nikon B700 and whatever Canon calls the SX70. David
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    A thread to discuss Alphas where all opinions are considered equal.

    Not long ago I considered my Nikon 8x32 SEs to be a stop-gap until I could get some very good bins. While they are idiosyncratic and a bit fussy about eye position, I no longer feel envious of "alpha" users. They are (well, were) alphas. Then again, occasionally I allow myself to look through...
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    Birds of Bolivia

    Jose Antonio Balderrama Torrico, one of the principle ornithologists in Bolivia, spoke at the Nuttall Ornithology Club in Cambridge, MA on Nov. 7, 2016, and at the end of his talk held up a copy of the guide. He had only 2 copies, and they were both spoken for, but there was talk that Buteo...
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    Noctivid 8x42 tested vs HT and SV Field pro.

    Baffling logic.
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    TSN 554 Fluorite?

    In a thread on the binoculars forum covering the 2016 Photokina someone mentioned "the new TSN 554 fluorite." There is only mention of the compact TSN 501 on the Kowa Prominar Facebook announcements. Anyone know anything? A very high quality travel scope would be welcome. On an unrelated...
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    Nikon Monarch HG

    This would have been a good opportunity to reintroduce the Premier category.
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    Nikon Monarch HG

    Yes, in movies and cartoons from the 1930s.
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    Nikon EDG II users, past or present....

    Dennis' primary criteria are product prestige and resale value; he is a restless and fickle creature of the market.
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    Nikon EII Coatings.

    The more complicated question is how to accurately date EIIs produced during those, or any, years. So far, despite years of effort (primarily by Brock) no satisfactory dating scheme has been devised, as Nikon's serial numbers are that: serial.
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    Black Habicht 8x30 w/ Green Rubber Eyecups

    OK, that does it. I just might abandon my Nikon porros some time for these.
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    Beware carbon fibre tripods

    This article is from a somewhat theoretical journal of interdisciplinary humanities. I work in a related academic field, and make no apologies. Pistorius and the somewhat forced logic aside, this line might apply to birders as well: "This article is concerned with instances in which carbon...
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    News from Leica

    That carrier/cover thing is absurd. Are they trying to remind young parents of baby carriers? It doesn't appear to offer significant rain protection. If the idea is to hold the optics close to the chest during rough going, I would wear a harness. It looks hot, bulky, and laughable, incompatible...
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    News from Leica

    Specs and US prices are up at EagleOptics now, but no pictures. http://www.eagleoptics.com/binoculars/leica/leica-8x42-trinovid-hd-binocular David
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    Color casts - green, red, warm... photographed

    Tobias, This has been a very revealing demonstration. Well done! Regarding the EIIs, do yours have recent coatings? I once had a pair of early model EIIs with pretty bold "green" coatings, while the latest coatings on my EIIs and SEs show muted violet and green. It has been assumed that later...
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    Another Nikon 8x30 EII Thread

    Yes. 13.8 mm ER, and if you have glasses, you will need to jam them pretty tight to get the full field. Having said that, even without the full field, you still get a larger field than with most bins. David