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    Interesting birding day Western CO, East UT

    I just returned from vacation in Colorado. My last day we drove from Craig, CO to Dinosaur National Monument to take my son to see the fossils and petroglyphs. The drive out included typical roadside birds: a red tail hawk, magpies, ravens. I spotted what I think was a nighthawk. The body was...
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    Frigates at Dania Beach FL

    I haven’t been to the beach much since moving a little farther inland and the pandemic last year. Yesterday my son and I went to Dania Beach and was fortunate to see two frigates circling overhead most of the afternoon. They are truly an enjoyment to watch as they fly so effortlessly. They...
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    Great unexpected bird outing

    I returned home to Craig Colorado last month. On our first day back I took my son down to the Yampa River hoping to see the otters that were there earlier in the year that my mom told me about. This short morning adventure turned into a productive bird outing not long after getting out of the...
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    Common Gallinule chicks

    Last year I started seeing common gallinule at the canal across the street. They had 4 babies this year and they are as cute as anything I’ve seen. Tiny fuzzy bodies and all feet. I need to work on better pictures. I’ve just snapped on my phone as I drove by.
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    Swallow ID help - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    I work near Fort Lauderdale airport and was out watching some military jets about to take off and I spotted this swallow on the fence. I didn’t get a great picture with just my phone and no binoculars today. I don’t see a lot of swallows and if I do, they are flying so fast it’s hard to ID...
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    Raptors on I-595 Fort Lauderdale

    I’ve been noticing several ospreys along I-595 in the evenings. Yesterday I saw a swallow tail kite. I’ve been seeing more in town the last year, a great sight for birders.
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    Painted Bunting - South Florida

    I’ve only had a few sightings in my years in South Florida. Last year I saw a pair of painted buntings at the new house, but I’ve never been able to get a good picture. This morning I was admiring a cardinal in the trees and trying to get my 6yo son to see him. A few minutes later I saw this...
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    New neighborhood, new hawk

    I moved last November and have really enjoyed all the birds in the new neighborhood. Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of a hawk flying low over our pool with what appeared to be a squirrel. Yesterday it was patient enough for me to get some pictures. I
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    Great birding on a non-birding vacation

    We drove from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa/St Petersburg this week to meet friends and enjoy the beach. It’s about a four hour drive with a lot of great road side viewing of birds the cattle and great egrets (countless) always standout. A highlight was two swallow tail kites on the west end of...
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    Rainy FL weekend - 3 new birds

    South Florida was in a rainout weekend. I decided to make the best of lulls in the weather to test my new hiking pack and strapping my child carrier to it and getting my toddler some fresh air. Saturday was at Vista View Park. I spent the time trying to get some basics of showing a 3-yr old...
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    New Meopta factory in Florida

    I saw a couple articles and Facebook posts that Meopta is opening a new factory in Florida. I’m not sure what line they will be making there. https://www.google.com/amp/s/patch.com/florida/newportrichey/amp/27290743/meopta-chooses-trinity-high-tech-manufacturing-plant Sent from my iPhone...
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    Magnificent Frigatebird - South Florida

    I occasionally see frigates when I'm at the beach in the Fort Lauderdale area, but usually see them more when out fishing. On Friday I was headed to key biscayne to play golf and the skies along the causeway were filled with frigates. I think there were 8-10 birds as I drove out mid morning...
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    South Florida - Burrowing Owls

    A friend of mine volunteered for a burrowing owl relocation program. They relocate owls from the Fort Lauderdale airport to a local park. The park is about 10 minutes from my house and I joined her for her weekly walk. We saw 9 owls today plus 4 that are in a cage due to recent relocation...
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    South Florida Raptor - Zone Tailed Hawk?

    I live in Fort Lauderdale and today I saw a hawk I haven't seen before. There were hundreds of small birds on the power lines and I stepped inside to try out my new binoculars and when I came back all the birds were gone. Above my house was what I first thought was a vulture, but it looked...
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    Rattle in 10x42 EL SV

    I have a friend who has the 10x42 EL sV and he said it has a slight rattle when shaking thin binos. Anyone heard of this? He said he called Swarovski and they said not to worry about it. My 8x32 don't make any sound.
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    My First Hummingbird in South Florida

    I've lived in South Florida for 15 years and saw my first hummingbird today. It was high up in my neighbors tree and I didn't bet my binoculars up to ID it. I'm sure they come here, just haven't sent them before. I was used to seeing so many in the summer in Colorado. Funny thing was this...
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    My new Ultravid HD 12x50

    Well after some shifting around of my collection of binoculars I ended up with a better diversity of my collection. An 8x32 EL SV Trinovid 10x42 And the newest member the Ultravid HD 12x50 My main contenders for the 12x50 were the Meostar 12x50hd - good reviews, good price/performance ratio. I...
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    I live in Fort Lauderdale and although there are year round vultures, there is a big influx in the winter. Yesterday there must have been close to 100 birds soaring above the New River near the Secret Woods Nature Park. I drive by daily and notice them, but there seem to be more than recent...
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    12x50 Binocular options

    I'm interested in diversifying my optics and adding a 12x50 option. I have EL 8x32 SV and 2015 Trinovid 10x42. I'm considering the Meostar 12x50 hd, ultravid hd (not plus it's out of price, found a good hd version online) and the EL 12x50. I'm open to others if I'm missing something. I think...
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    Leupold Golden Ring 8x32 HD with Meopta 8x32 hd, Swarovski EL 8x32 SV

    Well I've heard a lot about the elusive 8x32HD Golden Ring binoculars and during some recent trips by some pawn shops I stumbled across a pair in excellent condition and priced right. I don't need any more binoculars, but I figured I would either gift them to my family or sell them to someone...
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    SLC 7x30 B find

    I just found these on a local Craigslist. Seller was just a few blocks away. They are a completely rebuilt set! They were rebuilt and given a new 2013 serial number.
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    Muscovy ducklings

    I saw those large group of Muscovy ducks down by the river near my house. Mom and dad were watching about 50 feet away. My 16-month old really enjoys them.
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    Need help identifying this bird in Honduras

    I saw this bird in Tegucigalpa Honduras. I haven't been able to identify it on my iBird pro application. I thought I would have been able to figure it out with the unique head markings.
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    Honduras 2015 trip

    My wife is from Honduras and has a house on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa. This year I made room for my binoculars and spotting scope to take notice of what I can see from her house. It is elevated and has a great view off the back patio. I'm seeing some birds I don't see in Florida, I'll try...
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    Rainguards and objective covers

    I own a couple pair of nice binoculars SLC HD 8x42 and Trinovid 10x42 (and have owned others Meostar, Razor). With any investment like this I'm always concerned about protecting the lenses whether casual use and birding or harder hunting. For the most part I'm not satisfied with factory...