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    Request advice age of Gannet seen Bempton, Yorkshire UK

    Year 1 seems to be after leaving the nest and through the first winter? What’s labelled as year 2 is more what I’d call second summer ? Someone more knowledgeable will likely come on on and correct me,but I’d say you could say your bird is year 2 ?
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    Did Gilbert White use binoculars?

    Quick google on antique sites doesn’t seem to throw up any binoculars pre 1900 but terrestrial telescopes have been around longer eg napoleonic times at least.
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    Shearwater id

    Actually, on second viewing, I’m not sure it’s even larger than the other shearwaters in the photo. Is it just that it’s captured in a different pose ?
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    Shearwater id

    Either great or cory’s. Bit unclear ,but doesn’t seem to have an obvious dark cap so maybe Cory’s ?
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    ID please - Sanliurfa Turkey

    Eastern olivaceous warbler ?
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    UK vintage mystery Phylosc challenge!

    Arctic’s presumably the first consideration ? No doubt it turned out to be an odd chiffchaff !
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    corn bunting ?? whitby north yorkshire

    It’s a Reed bunting- check out the head and face markings.
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    Pelee or Rondeau spring 2022?

    We visited both in May 2019 , but in the last week of the month for non-birding reasons. Pelee had more birding infrastructure and more people birding while we were there but Rondeau also had a visitor centre with the latest info etc. My impression was that Rondeau seemed to have more habitat...
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    Warbler ID - Iraq - Basrah

    It’s got a heck of a supercilium for an olive-tree warbler ? ( that’s the original bird )
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    uk today

    Legs look bluish , so ok for house Martin.
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    uk today

    Given that the sandwich tern is farther away yet still looks far bigger than the middle bird, that surely rules out it being one of the rarer terns ? House Martin ?
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    Favourite Book About Birds/Birding?

    Wild America by Roger Tory Peterson and James Fisher . Like many on here I’ve enjoyed contemporary tales of twitching and world listing , but the book above takes you back a couple of decades to before the massive expansion of birding among the population. Such an easy read evocative of a...
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    Bats using hummingbird feeder

    Thanks. Pretty sure they weren’t picking up insects but actually taking the liquid.
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    Bats using hummingbird feeder

    I know pretty much zilch regarding bats , hence this post. I clicked onto one of the Cornell bird cams this morning forgetting it would still be dark over there ! Anyway, it was the Panama fruit feeder one, and I was surprised to see that there were bats flying around and occasionally stopping...
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    Central Peru October

    Enjoyed reading your report, thanks for posting .
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker: Debunking the Critics

    Point 14 sums it up for me and, I suspect, most birders.
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker: Debunking the Critics

    Mike , can you explain why you were unable to obtain any reasonable footage from your sightings ?
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    Fuerteventura November 4th to 11th

    Presume it was meant to be Fuerteventura chat ?
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    Lovebirds in Gibraltar

    No idea about lovebirds in Gibraltar, but when we stayed at a large hotel on Lanzarote , there was an aviary with lovebirds in it. The wire mesh had a number of holes in it and the birds would fly freely around the hotel grounds in the day but seemed to return to the aviary each time where they...
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    Ecuador and the Galapagos, Jan 2020

    I remember Mashpi lodge featuring on one of those luxury hotel programmes and a quick google shows prices in excess of £1000 per night for a couple ( that’s all inclusive). Looks brilliant but way out of my league. We birded the area with a guide calling at locally run reserves for a fraction of...
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    Renaming all North American Birds

    As someone who’s still using fan-tailed warbler, there’s no hope,is there ? I’m suspicious that all this is being instigated by some publishers who are desperate to sell all of us a whole raft of new field guides with the new names.
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    Mallorca 2020

    Much firmer than here then. We are both walkers so have used our exercise time to walk out to the edge of town which has broadened what we’ve been able to see. Actually found a pair of little owls within a mile of the house- a bird I’ve struggled to see locally for years ! You do have a big...
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    Mallorca 2020

    Hadn’t realised things had been that strict for you. Presumably you were allowed to go for food ? But not by car ? That would be impossible for many here.
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    Marsh or Willow?

    Looks like marsh to me going purely on the head shape. ( now waits to be corrected ! )
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    15 years in the Pyrenees

    Yes , we stayed with them at Les Sorbiers (?) but I think they sold the business not long after. They were living in Luz even then.