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  1. Monahawk

    The Great Butterfly Adventure: Africa to Britain with the Painted Lady

    Looking forward to this on BBC4 Monday.9pm.10th Oct. A species of butterfly that has fascinated me for a while now. Had 2 in the garden this autumn after an absence here for 6 years. Si.
  2. Monahawk

    Great Tits and mimicry

    I've been birding for many years now, but one thing has puzzled me when it comes to one of the commonest species in the UK/Ireland, the Great Tit. Now I know it has the greatest range of singing notes among the local tit family, [ 101 different song variations I read somewhere ], but many seem...
  3. Monahawk

    Spring Chorus

    I know in many places in the UK and Ireland, the weather has been unseasonably mild and also very wet this winter. Unseasonable things are happening as a result especially with some plants and flowers. But since Christmas I have noticed an unusual hike in bird song for this time of year. Song...
  4. Monahawk

    Garden Nesters

    What birds nested in your garden, yard, on/in your house or out buildings this year? The birds must have nested within the boundaries of your property, not just outside it, over the road or next door. My 2015 breeding list:- Dunnock Wren Robin Blackbird House Sparrow Starling House Martin. [...
  5. Monahawk

    Chris Packham on Radio 6

    Chris has got his own programme on BBC Radio 6 today from 13.00 to 14.00. He will no doubt dedicate this programme to the music of the post punk era of the late 70's, early 80's. Worth a listen even if it's not your cup of tea. Si.
  6. Monahawk

    Last bird of 2014

    Pied wagtail. Si.
  7. Monahawk


    Always a bit of fun on this site each year, reports on remaining or departing swifts from our local areas every August, traditionally the month when most of these aerial wonders return to their wintering areas. Who will see the last swifts? This morning I saw 10 birds whizzing around the...
  8. Monahawk

    What's nesting in your garden this spring?

    With spring in full swing, what birds are nesting in your garden or yard or in or on your abode? This spring I have had a pair of dunnocks which nested in a hawthorn hedge, a pair of robins which are nesting in an old football I stuffed in a hedge and a pair of house sparrows in a nestbox...
  9. Monahawk

    Natural World.

    Pleased to see that this series is back. Enjoyed the programme on French wildlife. The slow motion scenes may seem annoying to some, but I thought they conveyed a relaxed, more easy to watch atmosphere to the subject matter. Look forward to the rest of the series. Si.
  10. Monahawk

    Your last bird of 2013

    Blackbird. Si.
  11. Monahawk

    Night time feeding Song Thrush

    Last night as I returned home at 10 pm, I caught a movement through the headlights of my car as I drove up my driveway. On the edge of the lawn was a solitary Song Thrush feeding away totally unconcerned by my or the cars presence. It was totally dark and drizzling and there were no lights on...
  12. Monahawk


    It will soon be time for those sickle shaped wonders to leave our shores. Each year on this forum it seems there is usually a thread dedicated to swifts in August and September. So I'll kick off this years end of swift season thread. Had 4 over the house this morning with a small group of...
  13. Monahawk

    Young tits

    The title to this post is not as coarse as it might sound to some.;) In all my 40+ years of birding, I have never known a spring like this year. Normally at this time of the year one encounters the sounds of young tits being fed in their nests or in trees and hedgerows after flying from their...
  14. Monahawk

    Competing for the same nestbox.

    I have a nestbox attached to the rear of the house. Two years ago a pair of blue tits reared a brood in it and last year it was occupied by a pair of house sparrows. With spring finally arriving, courtship displays and prospecting are underway. The same nestbox has drawn the attention of both...
  15. Monahawk

    Spring is on the way?

    Today the sun shone all day for the first time this year. Great tits were singing and male green finches were 'butterfly dancing' around the sky. Winter is on the wane at last? What birding observations do you associate and welcome at this time of year? Si.
  16. Monahawk

    Last bird of 2012

    Great tit. Si.
  17. Monahawk

    Willow warblers

    The last few weeks have been quiet on my patch birdsong wise, but while out walking the dog this morning, the bog land areas of the patch were alive with singing willow warblers, singing at full pelt and volume. You would have thought it was spring. I know many warblers are quiet now or just...
  18. Monahawk

    Vatican Birding

    Probably the most unlikely place on Earth to go birding, but on a recent visit to Rome I couldn't resist the temptation to notch up a list of birds I saw while wandering around outside this hallowed religious shrine or horrendous tourist trap, call it what you like. The list is not that...
  19. Monahawk

    Hummingbird Hawkmoth.

    This afternoon I saw a hummingbird hawkmoth probing around the flowers of one the flowering current bushes in my garden. I have had them in my garden usually in June or July, but this is early. Must be because the temperatures are unseasonally warm at present and conditions are calm. Does...
  20. Monahawk

    Natural World. Grizzlies of Alaska.

    Anyone watch it? Fantastic footage of bears especially the mother and cubs coming to within a few feet of the presenter and camera crew. Heart thumping stuff. The presenter was a bit like Simon King meets Steve Backshall but other than that, a good hours TV viewing. Si.
  21. Monahawk

    Killymarley. December 2011. Missing birds.

    A couple of months back I mentioned how I missed the local snipes here. Well apart from that one sighting in October of 3 birds flying over my house, I have not seen any here since. I carefully watched a hunter in a local bog the other day to see if he would flush any up, he flushed up...
  22. Monahawk

    Your last bird seen in 2011

    Pheasant. Si.
  23. Monahawk

    Bargain Spotting Scope. Lidl

    I see Lidl are selling bargain Bresser 20x - 60x spotting scopes. My local store has them advertised but there are none in stock. Anyone bought one of these and if so what are they like? I know rivals Aldi have sold such scopes to mixed reviews by some on here. If they are anything like the...
  24. Monahawk

    Killymarley. November 2011. 'Got to have one of them'

    November. Dull, dull and dull is how I can describe November this year. Just like November should be. Dark, mild and very wet. And what about the birds? Well more redwings and fieldfares have filtered in locally, siskins are showing in good numbers, whooper swans occasionally lumber across the...
  25. Monahawk

    Killymarley. October 2011.Snipelessness

    When a bird disappears from your local patch you soon notice it especially if it is a species that is not exactly common and has an air of charisma about it. That is how it is with snipe here. Until 2009 a pair or two regularly bred on the local patches of bog. I used to look forward to the...