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    harriers down - RSPB investigation

    A friend of mine at the RSPB has asked me to post the following re the recent shooting of two Hen Harriers. http://blogs.rspb.org.uk/investigations/archive/2007/11/07/Harriers-Down.aspx
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    Birding Asia 7

    The latest issue of the incomparable Birding Asia has hit the doormats behind the stunning cover pic of an Indian Blue Robin is a plethora of excellent articles, all wonderfully illustrated by some first class photographs and artwork in a packed 96 pages included are: A photoshoot odyssey...
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    Marvelous Spatuletail display on video

    Awesome video of the display of Peru's Marvelous Spatuletail - captured for the first time http://www.abcbirds.org/video/spatuletail_low.cfm
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    Double Wedgies on the Gold Road - NE India 2007

    The Gold Road's sure a long road - winds on thru the hills for fifteen days Our team of five intrepid birders (Me, James Eaton, Dave Showler, Frank Rhiendt and Gavin MacClean) - an unlikely mix on paper of a southerner, two Derbys boys, a Scot and a German recently spent 3 weeks in NE India...
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    RFI splits NE India trip Apr 2007

    Hey there below is an extensive list of potential splits and possibles etc for our upcoming trip to Arunachal Pradesh in 2007... It's a minefield. If anyone has any interesting info on any of these (especially the regional specialities and splits) just post a quick comment please. Or if you...
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    Observing Cranes in East Norfolk

    A rather unfortunate incident occured today at Brograve Farm. Myself and two friends were at Waxham when we heard the cranes calling. Having not seen them for a few days we drove to where we thought they were. We parked up at Brograve as it started to rain. Two birders were on the farmer's...
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    Norfolk Bird Reports - Wanted

    Hi folks I'm after Norfolk Bird Reports from 96-2000 inclusive to complete my set... PM me if you have any copies for sale Thanks Tim
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    Forktail 22 published

    Watcha Forktail 22 - The Journal of Asian Ornithology has just been published. Another stunning issue. Contents include papers on: Forest birds in China - current distribution and status Breeding behaviour and nesting ecology of White-browed Shortwing New records for the Babuyan Islands...
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    Bargain bins!!!

    Watcha I'm always thinking of ideas for useful / interesting threads and one on any binocular deals at the moment might be very useful for anyone changing bins or for some of the less experienced birders to snap up a bargain. Judging from the amount of people who clock my dodgy set up of...
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    Junin Rail - photographed

    Hi there just got an email form my mate Dave... he's managed to photogrpah Junin Rail. Had it down to point blank range apparently think it is first photograph? It's a big file so i will try to reduce it and post later on Tim
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    Scarce Emerald / Black Darter RFI please

    Hey there thinking of a visit to Thompson Common in Norfolk for Scarce Emerald and then Dersingham Bog for Black Darter. Has anyone tried for these this year or has any info that might be of use...? cheers Tim
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    Emperors, hairstreaks and more - fantastic day

    Hi, went a-butterflying today etc... had an awesome day. Me and Holly met up with a couple of mates (one, helpfully, an insect biologist) and set of very early for Northants... I managed to see and photgraph the following (pix below and to follow) Purple Emperor (incl an iole morph with almost...
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    Purple emperor - Black Hairstreak

    Hi there off to Fermyn Wood tomorrow with a couple of mates for Purple Emperor. Anyone got any up to date gen on best location at present? We have gen on a major male assembly area at the north end of Lady Wood, and a breeding area on the upper edge of Fermyn Woods Country Park. hopefully...
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    OBC Birding Asia 5

    Hi folks Issue 5 of Birding Asia is now out Behind the awesome cover pic of two Crab Plovers in flight are articles on 40 Years of Birding and Ornithological Research in Singapore The Bird Trade in Medan, North Sumatra Splits Galore - the Revolution in Asian Leaf Warbler dynamics (this is a...
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    Zino's Petrel, Madeira RFI

    Hi folks me and Dave Showler are planning a shortish summer trip to see the extremely endangered Zino's Petrel (only 60-80 breeding pairs left, on six cliff ledges but increasing) basically, has anyone been and seen it? Do you have any info on logisitcs etc... any help greatfully received...
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    Where to see Fen Orchid in Norfolk?

    watcha anyone know of a site for Fen Orchid in Norfolk? maybe best to only mention sites that are managed as reserves... or PM me if you think the info might be sensitive Rgds Tim
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    Norfolk birding

    good morning seeing as other areas have their own threads and seeing as Norfolk is such a ppular place with people always asking for info it seems remarkable that we don't have a thread for Norfolk birding. So here's one. Hopefully people can post helpful info, recent sightings, where to...
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    Attenborough on Climate Change

    David Attenborough is leading the BBC Climate Change series of programmes coming up soon. Good ol' Dave! Nice advert about it too - predictably with REM's End of the world as we know it The BBC presents a series of programmes about climate change and its effects. Are We Changing Planet Earth...
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    An Englishman in a baseball cap. Costa Rica 2006

    An Englishman in a baseball cap – Costa Rica 2006 There are fewer more distressing sights than that of an Englishman in a baseball cap, according to rocknroll animal Pete Doherty. Seeing as said piece of apparel doesn’t have quite the same chav cachet in central American as in Great Yarmouth...
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    Happy Birthday Chris Garner

    Oi Oi just noticed it's Chris' birthday today one of BF's more interesting, thoughtful and philosophical contributors... all the best Chris Tim B (: B (: B (:
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    Costa Rica....

    Watcha Easter hols are looming and i'm seriously thinking about two weeks in Costa Rica can anyone who's familiar with the place give me a bit of advice? I would visit Monteverde, Braulio Carillo and i think Cerro de la Muerte, all by public transport. Anywhere else worth doing? Is it worth...
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    external speakers for mp3 player

    Watcha does anyone have any experience/recommendation of a decent external speaker that can be connected to an mp3 player. Tim
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    Birding Asia issue 4

    watcha BF'ers the 4th issue of the superlative Birding ASIA (formerly OBC bulletin) has just been published. The cover is an incredible Fire-tailed Myzornis shot, an indication of the quality within the pages to follow. Articles include: A review of BirdLife International's work in Asia over...
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    UK250 club guidelines

    Watcha myself and a couple of mates are attempting to do a self found Norfolk list this year. Does anyone have a copy of the UK250 club guidelines for what birds in which circumstances are countable? the old website seems to be down now atb Tim
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    more world rarities

    Some cracking pix in the world rarities galleries at Surfbirds James Eaton's Snowcap is a belter (I thought they were all 'green ones' Monkey Boy?) and the Mindanao Wattled Broadbill is a dificult bird to see and as the caption goes a 'last chance to see' in the eco disaster that is the...