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    Garganey? South East UK - September

    Hi all - Apologies for what might be a daft question here!!! I'm going through photos that are a few week old. Had some very distant views of what I thought to be a couple of Garganey, but they were hanging around a load of mallards in similar looking plumage, some of which were also sporting a...
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    Spotted or Common Redshank? Kent, UK. 03-05-21

    Hi all - Wondering if you can help with these photos. Whilst not 100% certain... I'm fairly sure that all photos are of the same 'shank'. The question is, Spotted or Common Redshank? The first two made me think Spotted - but it was a very fleeting glimpse. When I saw the bird from a different...
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    Chiffy or Willow?! Your help please!!! South East coast - UK

    Guys - your help with these please! I'm thinking Willow warbler... but just want to check its not a deceiving Chiffchaff! Please note that these photos were taken at golden hour thus exaggerating the yellow colours. The legs although seeming to be fairly pale in the bright sun do look quite a...
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    UK SE Coast - Kent - Gull ID

    Dear all - I’m by no means a gull expert... but this one stood out to me! I know what I’d like it to be.... (Casp....)... please don’t tell me it’s a Herring!!!!!!!🙈
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    RT or BT diver? SE coast UK

    I’d love these divers... especially the one on the right to be BT divers... but: is it possible to ID with certainty from a pic of this quality? RT are much more commonly seen here in Kent on the South East Coast... although BT and GN are Seen on occasion. pictures taken yesterday! Many thanks
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    Gull ID. SE coast, Kent UK

    Hi all - trying to improve gull ID skills... so could you let me know if I’m right or wrong with the following: 1) 3rd winter Herring 2) 1st winter GBB Both seen today in Kent. thanks for your help
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    GC Grebe? Kent, SE Coast, UK

    Wasn’t sure what to make of this, seen today on the SE coast. would I be right in thinking GC Grebe? thank you
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    Diver ID - South East, Kent UK.

    Hi all - Not sure if ID is possible from photos of this quality, but thought it would be worth a try. Diver 1: photos 1-3 Diver 2: photos 4-6 Most likely contender is RT, but BT and GN are seen on occasion in this area. Seen today in Kent, SE UK. Thanks for any help you can offer
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    SEast coast UK - Feb 2021 - what grebe?

    Hi - Found these two grebes on a lake which was reported to have 2x Slavonian grebes... one apparently starting to get summer plumage. Do the grebes in my very distant photos fit the bill for Slavonian? I‘m struggling to see why they aren’t Little Grebe...
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    Gull query. SE Coast, Kent, UK 01/02/21

    Hi - I’m trying to learn to ID gulls, so I wonder if you can help me with this one? Likely contenders for this area at this time of year would be Herring, Caspian and Yellow-legged... the lack of white on the primaries has me a bit confused! Thanks for any help you can offer. I’m 99% sure that...
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    SE Coast UK - LBB gull?

    Hi all, I posted this yesterday on the Gull ID page... but looks like that section doesn't get too much traffic!!! Would it be ok to get clarification on whether this is a Yellow legged or LBB gull? I suspect the latter due to its darker colour.... but I’m hoping for the former! im trying to...
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    LBB or Yellow legged?

    Hi all - Would it be ok to get clarification on whether this is a Yellow legged or LBB gull? I suspect the latter due to its darker colour.... but I’m hoping for the former! im trying to learn more about gulls, so please let me know your reasons! Thanks so much for your help
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    Sea watch query - UK, South east coast

    Dear all - Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it’s possible to ID this photo taken in the drizzle today! Not far from the port of Dover. thanks for your input
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    Unusual duck - UK

    Hi! Anyone got any ideas what this might be? Spotted in Kent, UK this week. Was hanging around in the same area as Wigeon, teal, tufteds. Could it be a hybrid or is it leucistic? Thank you for your help
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    UK Warbler - wood or willow - Kent

    Dear all, Do you think this is a Wood Warbler? Spotted on the south east coast in Kent where we do get good numbers of migratory birds. They aren't massively common to see which is why I want to check it against Willow warbler. Photo's do seem to show a very white breast, although lighting can...
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    Odd looking bird - Wales

    Dear all - A friend sent me the attached photo, this bird supposedly seen in Bridgend, Wales. Any ideas what it might be? It looks half cuckoo half pigeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    BOP ID. Kent, England, UK

    Dear all, This is a bad photo I know... but is it possible to ID this BOP? It was taken in Kent at a site where there has recently been sightings of Red footed falcon, Hobby and Sparrowhawk. What are your thoughts on this please? Thank you for your help
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    Gull ID Essex, UK

    Dear All - I'm trying to get my gull ID skills sharpened! This gull flew over mid December and I never got round to checking it. I'm stuck between Herring Gull and LBB ... I would appreciate your help ID'ing it, and reasons for your decision to help me learn. Thank you for your help
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    Possible Raven? Or just a crow?

    Sorry for the bad pic... but thats why I'm here asking for help! :o) Is it even possible to ID this? I'm hoping for Raven but did not get a great look at it. I'm based in Chelmsford, Essex... and whilst Ravens aren't common, they aren't unknown. Thanks for any input
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    NO.2 Gull ID - Essex, UK

    Hi all, Going through recent photos of unidentified birds taken in this lockdown period. Would it be possible to get your opinion this gull? In the photo with two gulls, its the one on the right that is in question. It was soaring very high and hard to get a good photo. Bird books only ever...
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    Gull ID - Essex, UK

    Dear all - Would you mind taking a look at this gull? I'm thinking Lesser Black Backed, but am not very experienced with the intricacies of gull ID.
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    Rook? Essex UK

    Dear all - Could I please have your general consensus on these photos? I'm thinking Rook... but could do with some tips on how to separate this from crow? The face and pale bill seems to indicate Rook... but I'm unsure on how I would tell this apart from a crow if looking at wings and tail shape!
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    BOP ID - Essex UK

    Dear all, Could I please have some help identifying this bird of prey flying in Chelmsford, Essex, UK this morning. The light was bright and has probably amplified the light colours, but I do recall seeing what looked like a pale rump on the bird as it circled. It was very high and soaring in...
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    UK - Essex Finch?

    Dear all - I had a frustratingly fleeting glimpse of a mystery bird... looking back at the photo I’m now wondering if it could be a hawfinch?! It’s a terrible photo, but I wonder if you can help. It would be pretty unusual to see one... is it something more common like a chaffinch or linnet?
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    ID from bird dropping challenge

    Dear all - I look to your unparalelled expertise to see if its possible to ID a bird by its droppings (not sure if these qualify as 'pellets'). I live in the countryside in Essex, UK and have a regular visitor to an upstairs outside balcony. Its leaving quite a mess too!!! I do hear Tawny...