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    request advice on Nikon Fieldscope eyepiece

    Please may I request advice: As regards the eyepiece in the attached photo. 1. Is it a good eyepiece eg multicoasted etc 2. Has it got nice field of view 3. Is it valuable. It comes with a Nikon Fieldscope II ED60. This is the only photo of it. It is advertised as a 30x WF eyepiece
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    Request which redshank id - Leighton Moss, UK, October 22nd 2021

    Sorry for the awful quality of cropped photo of this distant bird. Please may I request advice as to whether or not it could be a Spotted Redshank. I understand there were a small number of spotted redshank around amongst the large number of common redshands.
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    Question re. Little Stint

    Please may I enquire about the photo attached of a Little Stint. The photo was taken in Bulgaria in 2019 (Mid September) Would it be possible to comment on whether it is a juvenile or adult bird. I am confused by pictures of the species in field guides etc and cannot come to a conclusion.
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    request advice re: warbler sp , Durankulak, Bulgaria Sept 2019

    I have posted this bird once before but I would like to enquire again if possible please: I apologize for the poor quality photos. I see that it is a phylloscopus (I think) but cannot work out which are the possible candidates. Perhaps by process of elimination it can be identified. I see the...
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    Request advice please re. Manfrotto monopod

    Hello. Please may I ask a question. I have a manfrotto monopod which I havent really used yet. I bought it second hand to mount the Nikon D7100 camera and 600mm long lens (Sigma C). I don't know much about monopods but I don't think it is a highly expensive one. I tried it out with a small...
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    request for advice re: monopod

    Hello. Please may I ask a question. I have a manfrotto monopod which I havent really used yet. I bought it to mount the Nikon D7100 camera and 600mm long lens (Sigma C). I don't know much about monopods but I don't think it is a highly expensive one. I tried it out with a small spotting scope...
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    request help with image of Shags from Bulgaria Black Sea

    Hello. Please may I request advice. I took a photo of a group of Shag in September 2019 near Cape Kaliakra. I do understand the local "subspecies" is desmarestii. I have read these birds have difference in appearance to those eg in the UK. Please may I enquire if someone with more experience...
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    Request advice on Nikon Fieldscope

    I have never owned a scope in many years of birding. Recently I visited a local reserve and a kind birder had an old Nikon Fieldscope with a 20x eyepiece. He let me look through it and I was very impressed by the quality of the vision (very sharp) He said he had had this telescope twenty years...
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    Which taxonomy?

    I don't keep a life list online, but rather, have a spreadsheet (in a dropbox folder) on my PC. I would like to enquire which authority is "the one"? For example, should one use "ioc" or, maybe, "Clements". Which of the several authorities is the most popular or widely used please.
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    usings ones binoculars in the field

    Please does anyone think it is good to keep the objective lens caps attached to the binoculars during use (with the caps themselves hanging down). Or is it all right to take them off altogether when one is using ones bins.
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    Which egret species, Burton Mere Wetlands, UK September 2021

    I was at the above location today and all three egret species were said to be present. I saw a flyover of a few at dusk including the pair in the attached photo. Please may I enquire if it is possible to to have advice as to which species these are? They were flying together
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    Request id help please - Blacktoft Sands, Yorkshire UK - Common or Spotted Redshank

    Please forgive me for the poor quality of photo taken 10 days ago, but if someone would be able to advise I would be v grateful. Also to advise as to reasons for identification
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    request help Wood sandpiper

    Please could anyone advise as to age / gender of this bird I saw June 2018 eg as to whether it is a breeding / non breeding.
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    Enquiry regarding Eurasian Wren

    Please could anyone advise: I have taken a photo recently of a wren, and when i got home to examine the photo, I noticed that it looked odd. One can see the feathering on the head seems short, and the rest of the plumage has an odd shape to it. I am even somewhat confused about the bill...
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    Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler ? Leigh, Gtr Manchester Sept 2021

    Please may I request advice on the above bird. I am not sure if it is a juvenile or an adult. I guess it is probably a Chiffchaff but I am not sure. I am no expert on the subject. I know the legs are dark but the feet seem to be light. Also I wonder about the facial pattern which seems to be...
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    Request advice age of Gannet seen Bempton, Yorkshire UK

    May I enquire please is there someone knowledgeable about Gannets that could age a bird in the attached photo taken a month ago
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    Black-headed Gull ?

    Please could anyone advise if this is a Black-headed Gull, a Little Gull, or, something else? it was seen at Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK this weekend.
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    Request juvenile Gull id (Bempton Cliffs, UK)

    Please can anyone confirm the id of the bird shown here. I saw it at RSPB Bempton recently during a vain attempt to spot the Albatross . I assume it is a young gull - it was on the coastal footpath and was extremely confiding. It only took off eventually once I had walked right up to it.
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    Request id with Hummingbird - west texas feeder live cam

    I have just started my "life list" of birds seen on wild bird feeder cams on youtube from around the world. So far I have just 26 species. My stipulation is I have to see the bird live. This is an interesting exercise. For example I have never seen a hummer in the flesh (due to living in the...
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    Meadow or Tree pipit id request

    I saw the above bird a week ago at a place called Worlds end, Minera, North Wales. Admittedly the habitat the place of the photo was more meadow pipit than tree pipit. However I just thought I see the tree pipit features possibly Please can however someone having more experience speak about it
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    Pennsylvania bird feeder cam capture: request id

    I enjoy watching live bird feeder cams around the world from here in the UK. One can do a bit of armchair birding. I hope it is not against the rules but I would like to enquire if possible please what the id is in connection with the attached bird photo.
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    Gtr Manchester June 2021 - possible Cetti's Warbler

    Please may I request advice. I have never seen a Cetti's Warbler, but it's on my bucket list. Last week I visited a site known to hold a pair : I briefly saw the rear of one bird as it dived in to cover, but was not able to ascertain if indeed that one was a Cetti's Warbler or not. I did get a...
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    Warbler sp. seen Gtr Manchester 20/06/21

    Please can anyone advise as to the bird shown here. I am trying to decide between Lesser and Common (Whitethroat). I would be grateful if pointers can be given too!
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    Rosy Starling - Gtr Manchester

    I saw the bird attached today. The first one I have seen. I note the crest is quite short. Also the feathers on the under tail coverts have pale fringes as well as the feathers on the nape and mantle. According to the book I looked up this indicates a winter plumage. I have no knowledge of this...
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    Request assistance with ID, warbler, Gtr Manchester June 2021

    Dear forum The title says it all really. If anyone can advice please, it would be appreciated