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    Common name debates subforum?

    Is it possible to get a dedicated forum or subforum for common name debates, so they can stop cluttering the taxonomy forum & even taking over threads that started off with other discussions completely? It's more than a little OLD at this point. >/
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    Travel strategy advice

    I'm looking ahead to a 3rd trip to the Napo region of the Amazon. Key targets are the obligate ant-followers - particularly White-plumed Antbird. Would those experienced with this group say my odds are better spending longer at 1 lodge, or dividing my time between 2? Specifically, I'm debating...
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    Available names - online source?

    Since the loss of the late John Penhallurick, I've not found the worldbirdinfo to contain the information I'm seeking. Does anyone know of an alternative site where I might find information on synonymy for a species to research (for personal use only) other names (both species-level and...
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    Another study of divergence in Neotropical species

    A Trans-Amazonian Screening of mtDNA Reveals Deep Intraspecific Divergence in Forest Birds and Suggests a Vast Underestimation of Species Diversity, Milá et al. - here. Huzzah for free access!
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    In reviewing the possible split of Surniculus dicruroides & lugubris, I've found that the entire taxonomy seems to be a bit of a mess. Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) indicate both on the plates of v1 & in the text of v2 that dicruroides refers to the fork-tailed taxon, & that it is found in sw...
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    AOU 51st supplement

    Well, it's up on Bioone anyway - if only I had access. D'oh! Anyone at a university or institute who can see it?
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    Charadriformes changes

    Charadriiformes changes Another interesting article. Supports some of the other recent work on this group, with some scattered fun tidbits. Although they don't make taxonomic suggestions, it does look like the Scolopacid subfamilies may need some revision: Baker et. al. (2007)
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    Galliformes revised

    I found this interesting, particularly the finding of two Old World species clustering with the New World quail: Crowe et. al. (2006) I know I saw a somewhat similar phylogeny recently, but haven't yet tracked that one down again.