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  1. phil baber

    Bird ID Menorca. 29 September 2012.

    Very bad footage. Slowed and repeated. Not much to go on! Came across this today and had forgotten it for years. I remember a big fall of Robins that week. This bird appeared on an outcrop and dived for cover, soon after a Sardinian Warbler had chased a Scops Owl into a bush. The russet tail is...
  2. phil baber

    Pipit, Lanzarote

    A friend forwarded me two photos from her recent trip to Lanzarote. Having been there myself, and been overwhelmed with "Bert's Pips," I immediately recognised the first pic as a Berthelot's. The second had me wondering. But I thought it to be the same also, on probability. But there was still a...
  3. phil baber

    Herring Gull Type. N.Somerset. England. 21.12.14

    This Herring Gull "type" had a pronounced white tertial crescent and large white mirrors in the tips. Pinkish legs and an "unusual Fulmar/Iceland Gullish face." It stood out amongst the other Herrings. One grab shows the "spread wing-tip." What do you think this bird is? Argentatus? Grateful for...
  4. phil baber

    Bumble Bee Species. 24.4.14. South Glos., England.

    A very small bee. Any ideas greatfully received. :cat:
  5. phil baber

    Hooded Crow at Slimbridge 31.3.14

    To honour the first record since 1991. Filmed it. Record here. http://youtu.be/NbluyI0M6Wc ps Bonus on that day was the pair of Taiga Bean Geese. First in 20 years? What's going on in Glos?! B (:
  6. phil baber

    Wader. Tresco. England. Winter 13.

    A friend sent me this. The one behind the OC. Am feeling it's a large curve-billed alpina Dunlin. Perhaps, therefore, a female of such. What do you all think? :cat:
  7. phil baber

    Spider ID, Bristol, England. 20.11.13.

    Always wanted to identify this Spider, which has appeared in my home. Coerced one into a jar tonight, and filmed it. Here are some grabs. It has a distinctive pattern on the abdomen. It likes to make "trip-wire tent webs" at ground level, in a nook or corner. Any help gratefully accepted. Thanks...
  8. phil baber

    Lanzarote Sandpiper. 26.10.13.

    At Playa Blanca on this date, I saw 2 "Common Sandpiper juvenile-types." One was definitely a ComSand. The other looked obviously different. Took a few vids of this other bird. Here are some dodgy grabs. Is this a juv Common, or a juv Spotted? Thanks for your input. :t:
  9. phil baber

    Chestnut-Bibbed House Sparrow, Bristol, England. 29 Aug 13.

    Filmed this House Sparrow today. Was struck by the amount of chestnut in the bib. Maybe erythrism? Comments welcomed!
  10. phil baber

    Crossbills, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. 12.8.13.

    Over 60 Crossbills visiting a watering site. Here are some grabs of a heavy-billed immature bird. One of the back of its head. And a male Common Xbill in flight for comparison. I've often encountered massive bill differences in CCs in the past. This bird had a really big bill, and broad skull...
  11. phil baber

    Moth Species, and Devil's Coach Horse Female? England 29 July 2013.

    Help appreciated. Thanks. Grabs from Severn Estuary area.:t:
  12. phil baber

    Bee Species. Help please. Bristol, England 29.7.13

    Had a good search on the net and through guides but cannot find a match. Lavender for size comparison. Would appreciate help. Thanks! :t:
  13. phil baber

    Common Swift Juv in Spain? Or Pallid?

    I think it's a juv Common. But what do you think? The dark eye-mask and large throat patch, and scalloped edges are Pallid stuff. But also features of a young C. Swift. Remember in Spain, both species will have produced flying young by now. Interested in your thoughts... :t::cat...
  14. phil baber

    Caterpillar, Somerset UK. Early June 2013.

    Can anyone ID this furry fella? Appreciated. :t:
  15. phil baber

    Terrible at Dragonfly ID. Can you help?

    Grabs from film taken in Somerset, England, recently. I looked through all ID sites and books. I know it's male because it has claspers. Can you help? Thanks in advance...:t:
  16. phil baber

    Part=time Vacancy at Cley

    Visitor reception Assistant - Cley Marshes Just spotted this on the Wildlife Trusts site. Someone out there might get a toe in the door with this. Only 2 days per week, but a nice little shoe-in for someone. Good luck! :t: Scroll down page for vacancy... http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/jobs
  17. phil baber

    BOP. Slimbridge WWT. Gloucestershire, England.

    Bad grabs from 40X video capture. Can tell you it had vivid yellow irides, and a juvenile tail. Rufous-brown, crossed with horizontal black bars, and fine black delicate vermiculations. Slightly smaller than a Buzzard perched close by. Some odd juvenile brown feathers in the upperparts. Just...
  18. phil baber

    Colorado Hoary. A WW2 dilemma. Enjoy! ;)

    A Crisis that affects some of us. Brilliant subtitles! B (::t: http://youtu.be/jdTTxTGcFQs
  19. phil baber

    Goldie Snatches Toddler, Montreal...Your Thoughts...?

    I saw this increase by 9 Million views today. Was looking on BF for other threads about it. If there are any, I'm sorry for duplication. If not? It seems pretty kosher to me. And wouldn't put it past a Goldie to do this. Jesses and all! It's hard-wired in them to attack large prey. But, what...
  20. phil baber

    AYTHYA HYBRID. North Somerset, England. 23.11.12

    Tank 2. Barrow Tanks. Near Bristol. Found in a Pochard flock here today, with a white strong white band behind the nail, a furious white-blaze at bill-base, light blue bill. Associated with Pochards, it initially looked like one. Same size and general proportions. Until we studied it through...
  21. phil baber

    The Lebanese Situation...

    WARNING: MANY PHOTOS OF SHOT BIRDS. DO NOT SEE IF EASILY UPSET. The slaughter goes on...|!||:(| http://www.wildlifeextra.com/go/news/lebanon-bird-hunt.html#cr
  22. phil baber

    Your Best "Off-The-Wall"/Oddest Memorable Birding Moments...

    Just stories like these. From others or from yourself. This is from someone else. But I, like you, have many to add. Hope this ends up being fun, and a Book of Short Stories to dip into! In the 90s a birding friend told me of an experience he had in a "safari-type- hotel-set-up" in Kenya. It...
  23. phil baber

    Who to Report Menorcan sightings to?

    Going back to this wonderful island in a few days. If we find something unusual for the island, how do we get the news out quickly? I know about GOB Menorca. But is there actually some kind of grapevine where locals can benefit from "quick news?" Last time we were there, apart from the local...
  24. phil baber

    Menorca. Home of the Rare and of New Species...

    Whilst doing more research for our second visit to this amazing island, I was surprised to find this... http://www.menorcaminorca.co.uk/floraandfauna.html Can't wait for my first King Quail. :cat: Saw my first Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper in UK last year, but am looking forward to seeing them again...
  25. phil baber

    What Caterpillar?, Southern England, 17 Sept 12

    Feeding on Blackberry leaves. My own research came up with Yellow Tail (moth.) Not sure that's right though! What do you all think? Thanks for any input, in advance.:t: