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    Western or Semi-palm sandpipers Stone Harbor, NJ October 2, 2021

    Webbing between the toes isn't diagnostic for Semipalmated Sandpiper; Western Sandpipers have it as well.
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    Another Warbler: Nashville Warbler? Clarksville, TN 24 Sept 21

    It's a Magnolia Warbler. The white (not grey) undertail coverts rule out all three of the species you narrowed it down to. Though none of the photos shows this cleary, due to the lighting conditions, the undertail has a broad black tip with a white base, which is diagnostic for Magnolia Warbler...
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    Flycatcher ID - Toronto, Ontario

    Eastern Phoebe. The tail of an Olive-sided Flycatcher is proportionally much shorter.
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    Espanola, Ontario, Canada - This orange head does not come up in any searches...September 6, 2021

    Blackburnian Warbler is also a much better fit in terms of date. The nearest September eBird record of a Baltimore Oriole to Espanola is from Tobermory, over 100 km to the south.
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    eBird has announced that the taxonomy update is complete. Now's the time to start worrying about chats showing up in the wrong places.
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    Espanola, Ontario, Canada Is this a yellow-rumped warbler?

    A bird with a striped breast with yellow on the sides is exactly what the first picture shows. The first, third and fourth photos are a Yellow-rumped Warbler, but the second photo is a different bird that I can't identify.
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    Some kind of sparrow? Eastern Ontario, Canada

    Northern Waterthrush. Too much spotting on the throat for Louisiana.
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    ID help - New York, USA August

    That's a Brown-headed Cowbird beginning its moult to adult plumage.
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    Duck Island Unit, TN: Help please!

    Spotted Sandpiper for the first set – a good thing to look for is the distinctive stiff-winged mode of flight, almost as if the bird is holding its wings in an arc the entire time it's flying. Once you pick up on it, it makes identifying Spotted Sandpiper easy, even if you can't pick out any...
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    First migratory fall birds - warbler-ish IDs - South Florida

    I'm not sure about the first two, but the third is a Prairie Warbler.
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    First time ever: cooper's or sharpie? (Western Montana, February)

    The streaks on an immature Cooper's Hawk are generally a much colder, dark chocolate brown than the reddish-brown streaks on a Sharp-shinned, and none of the streaks on the bird in the photo show the classic narrow tear-drop shape of a Cooper's, so I'd say this bird is very likely a Sharp-shinned.
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    Dove Puerto Vallarta

    I have no experience at all with Columbina, so I hope it's all right if I ask why Ruddy Ground Dove isn't in consideration? Females of the West Coast subspecies look very much like the bird in the original post, at least according to my quick perusal of the photos available on eBird.
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    Bittern? Heron? Which kind of Hawk? And Sparrow help in Perth, Ontario

    If I search for photos of Northern Goshawk in Perth County, and click on "Show Unconfirmed" under pictures, it shows up for me. Here it is: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/361215621 As for your eBIrd Life List, what shows up on it has absolutely nothing to do with what reviewers have to say...
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    Bird Song Hard To Pin Point

    Sounds like an Eastern Towhee.
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    Western Tanager in Northern California, USA?

    Yes, Western Tanager.
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    Falcon or Hawk ? ID requested

    These are Cooper's Hawks. Nice photos!
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    Gilded Flicker?? (Madera Canyon, AZ)

    The IUCN's web page on the Gilded Flicker lists its upper elevation limit as 900 m. The elevation at the co-ordinates you posted is nearly 1800 m. Between that and the reddish tones that are visible on the primaries in your photos, I'd say a Northern-Gilded hybrid is much more likely than a pure...
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    Unknown Bird Song - Detroit/Southeast Michigan USA

    I agree with Baltimore Oriole. And, incidentally, any time you have a new ID question, it's best to post a new thread.
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    Questions for Ornithologists

    As a more general point, the modern system of phylogenetic classification isn't based at all on how similar to each other different species look; it's entirely based on the closeness of the relationship between different species – that is, how recently they split from a common ancestor. So, if...
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    Hybrid Mallard Colonel Samuel Smith Park Ontario

    This is a known bird at Colonel Samuel Smith park, a Mallard x American Wigeon hybrid.
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    Espanola, Ontario, Canada

    Eastern Phoebe.
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    Avian phylogeny

    You're never going to have an objective criterion of the kind you're calling for, because genera, families, orders and so on aren't real entities. There are all kinds of criteria you can choose to use for delineation of higher groups, and some will turn out to be more useful and produce more...
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    juvenile Night-Heron Port Credit Ontario

    That's understandable. And, of course, it wouldn't have been an issue at all if it weren't a rare species for the area.
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    juvenile Night-Heron Port Credit Ontario

    Thanks for the extra information. That's unfortunately a lot less exciting for the birding community in the area – Etobicoke isn't Port Credit, and the adult bird you also photographed at the same spot was widely reported.