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  1. mtn

    Warbler 5/11/21, Virginia US

    Just saw a warbler in the tree outside my office window where I've seen Yellow-Rumped and Black-Throated Blue Warblers over the past week (did not have a camera handy, sorry)... this one looked somewhat similar to the Yellow-Rumped (it did have a yellow rump patch) only with pure yellow on the...
  2. mtn

    Name these bins... Or binocular ID ;)

    Anyone know which binoculars he is using? This image was captured from this video: Which is basically a Swarovski commercial, although I do not recognize these as Swarovski binoculars (of course, they could be...) Figured someone here might be able to figure out what they are :) Cheers! Daniel
  3. mtn

    Songbird, Virginia, USA, January 25, 2021

    This afternoon/evening it was unusually warm for this time of year, approaching 60 deg. F, and sunny. I am up in the mountains of Virginia, near the Blue Ridge, at about 2500' or so. High temps have been around or below 40 F for months. At about 4:00 pm, with the sun still in the treetops I...
  4. mtn

    Coopers/Sharp-shinned, Virginia, USA, Jan. 10

    I got a great look at this bird while out today. I came upon some old farm equipment at the edge of a field and this bird popped up from within it and looked at me, not seeming to mind my presence for what felt like a minute. We were less than 10' from each other. Its back was mostly brown...
  5. mtn

    Average day with one exception

    Not sure I can remember them all but the day started with standard feeder birds and an early Yellow Bellied Sapsucker then, Northern Cardinal Carolina Wren Mourning Dove Blue Jay House Finch American Goldfinch Downy Woodpecker Tufted Titmouse Carolina Chickadee Dark-eyed Junco Song Sparrow...
  6. mtn

    Sparrow, Virginia, USA, Jan. 9

    Song sparrow? White throat throwing me a bit. Seems to be a lot of variation in the song sparrows near my house.
  7. mtn

    Hawk ID, Virginia, USA, Jan 3, 2020

    Apologies for another hasty tripod setup and phone shot from the kitchen... This hawk was fairly large and kept it's back to me but I did see it's face and underside were both light (whitish) colored. Face had some darker colors, almost like falcon stripes. Beak was not too big. I am not...
  8. mtn

    Immature Eagle, Virginia, USA 12.6.20

    Wish I'd given it proper attention when I first saw it, just assumed it was a TV sunning itself in the am. Had my morning coffee and it was still sitting there so I looked closer and realized it was an eagle... So I ran upstairs to grab the scope which had the fixed 24x eyepiece in it, ran back...
  9. mtn

    Ice inside a scope?

    Has anyone else ever experienced this? Just took my scope out for about 15 minutes (~20 deg F, snowy and windy) and when I was getting ready to come back in I noticed ice crystals on the inside of the objective lens. I set the scope back on the tripod and looked through and did not notice...
  10. mtn

    Help me choose my next spotting scope, please

    Hi all. Thanks in advance for any advice you can share. I am in the market for a spotting scope. I previously owned a newer Swarovski ATS 65 HD with both the 20-60 and 25-50 WA eyepieces. I currently own a Nikon EDIIIA 60mm scope with a 20-60 eyepiece that I plan to keep. The Swarovski was...
  11. mtn

    Egret in SW Virginia, July 1, 2019

    I am trying to determine whether what I saw were Cattle Egrets or Great Egrets; distance and lack of experience made it a bit difficult to tell. In a dead tree in the middle of a pond behind my house, we have two Great Blue Heron's nests, four young Herons fledged within the last week but are...
  12. mtn

    Happy to have found this site

    Lots of great information here; happy to have found this site. I am a life-long lover of birds; my mom always kept binoculars at the kitchen window and got me my first illustrated guide when I was little. We live on a farm in the mountains of Virginia and my three young children enjoy learning...