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    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    On the same trip I also got a Spotted Nothura in a meadow at Esteros del Ibera and flushed a Red-winged Tinamou in El Palmar NP. These are my only three Tinamous.
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    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    Elegant Crested Tinamou is very easy in Peninsular Valdes, Patagonia - seen in the open along roadsides and even in car parks.
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    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    Another good place to go in Scandinavia is Abisko National Park in northern Sweden, for an easily accessible area north of the Arctic circle with good infrastructure. Northern Hawk Owl is very easy here - I even got dived-bombed by an adult when I had to pass a chick perched right by the trail...
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    Miserable Birders???

    A few countries have banned camouflage clothing, including some popular birding destinations: List of nations that prohibit camouflage clothing - Wikipedia It must be quite hard for the police to spot transgressors though.
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    My Swifts have gone

    Seven over Kings Lynn on Saturday morning (11th).
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    My Swifts have gone

    My local breeders in Cambridge were seen every day until Monday, but not since. I haven't seen any of the other city centre flocks this week neither.
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    Birding in Vienna

    Having just looked at Schonbrunn on ebird, I see Grey-headed WP hasn't been reported there since 1994! Marchegg, however, looks good for White-tailed Eagle and various woodpeckers, as well as Black Stork (which I think I saw there).
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    Birding in Vienna

    I saw a Grey-headed Woodpecker (Picus canus) in the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace in 1990 while Interrailing round Europe, but I don't know if they still occur here. More recently I had Red-breasted and Collared Flycatchers in Lainzer Tiergarden in Spring 2014 while on a brief stopover on a...
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    Anyone else got a plan a and plan b trip?

    Presumably it was brought in after 9/11.
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    Seeing all the penguin species

    I did a Galapagos trip in 2010 and a couple on the cruise completed the full set with Galapagos Penguin. It seemed liked the hardest ones were the New Zealand sub-Antarctic island species. Some tour companies do a cruise of these islands which is very expensive and can be hard going - the people...
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    Help me complete my British owl list!

    Did you create an account just for that?
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    How Many Genera Have You Seen?

    Yep, that's how I did it.
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    What did you miss in 2020?

    This is something I also try to do most years, usually in May. I go up after work on a Friday and camp in the very basic farm campsite in Eastbridge after walking from Darsham station. Get up just before dawn on the Saturday and tick Rook, Collared Dove, Red-legged Partridge and, last time...
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    How Many Genera Have You Seen?

    You got me interested enough to do a quick count from my Bubo list: 1083 IOC.
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    Scariest birding moments

    I walked past a seemingly empty rocky pool in the Galapagos and a sealion flew out like a torpedo, forcefully requesting that I back off a little.
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    What did you miss in 2020?

    The most obvious one for me is Garganey, which I routinely see in April. Back in the days of one hour exercise per day, I couldn't get to any suitable habitat. By the time I was able to go further afield their migration was over and they were harder to find. On the plus side, I saw my first...
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    Silent film of Minsmere 1955

    I have a copy of that book but I didn't buy it in the 70s. Got it a couple of years ago, as well as this Minsmere book by Simon Barnes: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flying-Face-Nature-Minsmere-Reserve/dp/0720720052/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=minsmere&qid=1615800054&s=books&sr=1-1 I think I got...
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    Silent film of Minsmere 1955

    I didn't join the RSPB until the 80s but in the 70s I, and a couple of friends from primary school, were members of a local Field Club that used to run nature film nights and coach trips to various reserves around East Anglia, including at least one to Minsmere in the 70s that I remember well. I...
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    Top Birding Destinations on Earth

    Maybe you could add Galapagos as a fifth region to Ecuador.
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    Birding in Abisko, Sweden

    I don't know about winter, but I was there in summer last year and found Hawk Owls very easily. Walking on the Karsfallen trail to a waterfall (marked trail number four on the park's leaflet: http://www.nationalparksofsweden.se/globalassets/abisko/filer/abisko-nationalpark-folder-en.pdf) I heard...
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    Ghana trip

    That's very generous of them. :t:
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    Feeling guilty when birding far from home

    This reminds me of an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson who I saw interviewed on the BBC a few months ago. She claimed to have more of a stake in the future of the planet than most people because she had four children, completely unaware that she was a major part of the problem.
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    Life lists:

    Ah, so this thread was just a long-winded way to have a dig at twitchers. Pity you couldn't just say that in your first post. You have an oddly superior attitude for someone who doesn't know the difference between a live bird and a dead one.
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    Life lists:

    Well there's one very important difference that is so obvious I don't even need to spell it out.
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    Life lists:

    I wouldn't count it while in the net or the captor's hand, but the moment it is released I would count it as a free-flying bird again. In other words, I would have to be there to witness the release. On a similar note, I would have no problem counting a wild bird that had become temporarily...