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    Victory FL discontinued?

    Not for me either. In fact without going to get them now to remind myself, I'm not sure how I place them — they just work as naturally as a fork or spoon, without any special thought. And you get a good wide view without fuss (I don't wear glasses with bins but do for most other things). I have...
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    Victory FL discontinued?

    Hello Arthur, I know what you mean. You haven't tried the SLC 10x42 by any chance? The one reviewed by Roger Vine in scopeviews? I find that one light, quite easy to hold steady and very compact for a 42 plus with a very fine view - pincushion and sharp and clear most of the way to the edges in...
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    Victory FL discontinued?

    I feel the same as you do about FLs in almost every way. I sold my 56s which I should never have bought in the first place but enjoy the 8x32 and 7x42 very much for nature viewing. I actually think the exterior design looks very good too. I do have reservations about the over-greenness but in...
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    Wish List...

    1). A glare-free 7x42 like the Nikon EDG and as flat a field but with the latest glass and NL image colour. No electronics or anything like that, just EDG quality focuser, handling, ease of view and Swarovski service back up. Traditional not Field Pro strap method. Green. 2). Also in the 42...
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    Weight in relation with steadiness?

    This shows how different we are and so I suppose how difficult it is to answer the question. The very same binoculars I sold because though I can safely say I am fit, active and reasonably strong I just couldn't hold their weight steady! But a little 8x32 FL or SV or a 7x42 or 8x42 - no...
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    SLC. Quick question with a yes or no

    Cascade, to me the 8 and 10x42 SLCs are among just a very few objects that actually look better in reality than they do in photos or advertising. Even Tobias's excellent photography doesn't quite make them look at their best and he has taken some very fine binocular pictures! I agree about...
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    Zeiss Victory B TP 8x56

    I have to admit I have no idea about this particular magnification and objective size in the B T*P* edition, but I know from Troubadour's articles and reviews that this first Victory range in general, with the little Zeiss square indentations in the rubber armouring was not regarded as a great...
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    Comparison of two Victories 7x42FL and 8x42SF

    Exactly my thoughts, Daniel. After some recent downsizing on a less is more basis I know my 7x42 FL will never be offered a redundancy package! I'm afraid the 7x42 SLC neu we talked about during the last year (last model; black hinge) didn't make the cut in the end, very nice though it was. I...
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    NL32 vs SF32 (and a few others)

    I know what you mean, Robert; I thought I saw the difference last year just looking at a garden robin. And though I recently sold mine I know the HT is a special glass. Tom
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    NL32 vs SF32 (and a few others)

    Well done on your 7x42, Torview; good to hear you are enjoying them. Like Mike I'd be interested to hear your comparison. Have you got a green one or a black one (mine's black but I have a small non-AK x32 FL in green)? I know Canip puts his FL top of the heap among 7x42s. Tom
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    NL32 vs SF32 (and a few others)

    The odd thing for me — though I have much less birding experience — is that the HT 8x42 struck me as a very nicely-balanced binocular (as well as having that great AK brightness and transmission and superb focus snap) with the focus wheel falling nicely to position. The only reasons why I have...
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    Winning comparison points for 8.5x42 EL SV or F/Pro against 8x42 NL-P ?

    Thanks for your input and thoughts, BabyDov. I'm not planning to go for an NL at the moment but from my couple of in-shop trials over the last year or two (pre-pandemic and then more recently when things started to reopen) I know how very good it is for balance, view, colour, image quality and...
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    Lost my Zeiss 8x42 binoculars today

    Great news, Ian. You'll appreciate your bins (and the driver) even more every time you use them now! Tom
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    Winning comparison points for 8.5x42 EL SV or F/Pro against 8x42 NL-P ?

    As part of a rigorous downsizing evaluation so that I get back more to birding instead of messing with instruments (!), I got sidetracked into some wondering about the following, now that some of you have had good time to settle in with your new NL Pure(s), and I'm hoping some of you are doing...
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    Zeiss Victory 10x32 T*FL (prompted by Arthur's thread)

    Hello Arthur, Yes, I know what you mean. I find it very hard to come down on one side of the fence or other on this! When standing at a window for viewing I sometimes find the compact 32s a bit skittish — FL 8 and 10, but out and about for the day I don't have the same experience and am...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x56 T*FL

    Hi Rg548, I'm glad the 8x56s found a good home. I loved them but after two to three years faced the fact that for me the size and weight got in the way for my non-specialist style of birding and nature watching, whereas the 32s and 7x42s I have (also T*FLs) are perfect for my needs, along with...
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    Zeiss lover gets wooed by the Leica "enhanced reality" look

    Hello amgc36, My own experience with cameras matches yours exactly: film, Nikon then Leica (M but not R though). 35/2 Summicron and 35/1.4 Summilux in particular for the bokeh. And comparing Nikon and Leica slides: both excellent but certainly more modelling / 3D in Leica - the term used was...
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    Zeiss lover gets wooed by the Leica "enhanced reality" look

    Hi, nor have I — as you could probably tell from my post! Tom
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    Zeiss lover gets wooed by the Leica "enhanced reality" look

    Hi Z, fantastic impressions from your photos. In fact I am wondering now what I thought I had put out of mind a few months ago - whether mine are not absolutely in correct adjustment and need comparing with another pair; they seem fine - possibly because of the colour and ease of view and the...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x56 T*FL

    Hi Rg548, intrigued by this as I sold my 8x56 T*FLs just a month ago and they were in as new condition in an unmarked black cordura Zeiss case - i.e. the previous owner must have removed the Zeiss blue emblem, for security reasons no doubt. IF they are the same ones I am sure their collimation...
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    Holger's new review: the NL 8x32 vs the EL 8x32

    I was thinking so too, but whether it is or not it was worth rereading. :)
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    If you are very pleased with NL Pure... ...

    Replying to your post of a few weeks ago now, Tom... ... and yes I have! Less is more; the keepers seem to have got even better and I am pleased I didn't act in a hurry before downsizing, as I am sure the right choices were made. (It happens occasionally!) Tom
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    Zeiss lover gets wooed by the Leica "enhanced reality" look

    Hello ZDH, I don't know if your UVHD 7x42 has arrived yet; I hope you like it as much as everyone seems to. You might just find the focuser not living QUITE up to the Zeiss standard (as with your 32 experience), or at least it will be a bit different. Still usually very good but after using...
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    Zeiss Victory 10x32 T*FL (prompted by Arthur's thread)

    Three weeks on and the 10x32 FL is a keeper. I don't even notice the focuser sound now — only occurred to me here as I saw the older posts just above! Tom
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    How long should Zeiss service take?

    Chuck, fwiw I have twice handed bins in to Gary the GB service agent for Zeiss and the bins have been sent to Germany and come back within about 4-6 weeks, no longer. Collimation and similar. Maybe the effects of pandemic working patterns have something to do with it; I'm just guessing here...