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  1. SUGS

    new eyepiece for tsn 1

    Kowa TSN-1 Hi , I also use the Opticron HDF zoom on my TS-613 . It's a great combination and the lenses often come up for sale on a well known auction site . I don't think you'll be disappointed. Kind regards, Graham
  2. SUGS

    Corton Old Sewage Works

    Thanks for the info,hope to do some birding in the Corton area soon. Regards, Graham
  3. SUGS

    Corton Old Sewage Works

    Thanks for the info . I drove past the church last Thursday when looking for the site . Looking on Google Earth I presume the football pitch behind the church is where the Red Backed Shrike was ? Thanks again. Graham
  4. SUGS

    Corton Old Sewage Works

    I wonder if someone could supply a map reference or directions for this site . Thanks, Graham
  5. SUGS

    Canon SX50 goodbye scope ?

    Recently purchased this amazing camera .I've now found myself using it instead of my scope to identify distant birds.Either by taking an image and magnifying it on the screen or by just looking at the screen .Certainly saves a lot of extra weight. I haven't quite mastered the birds in flight...
  6. SUGS

    Regarding Nikon Se

    . Really must get into this sell a bin to buy a bin routine . Regards Graham Nikon 8x30 EII , 8x32 HGL , 8X32SE ! Oh,almost forgot the Zeiss 7x42 TFL .
  7. SUGS

    TSE-14WD 30x Eyepiece

    Anyone else ?
  8. SUGS

    TSE-14WD 30x Eyepiece

    Hi , is this lens a great improvement over the older 30 X ? I'll be using it on a TS 613 . Cheers
  9. SUGS

    Nikon DS eyepieces

    Thanks for the info, so with the eyecup fitted it's o.k for normal viewing ? Regards Graham
  10. SUGS

    Nikon DS eyepieces

    Thanks . Is it removable? Regards Graham
  11. SUGS

    Nikon DS eyepieces

    Do these eyepieces come with a removable rubber eyecup ? Regards , Graham
  12. SUGS

    Straight or angled eyepiece ?

    http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=99084 I push the cable into the stay on case length ways along the scope. . When you pack up push the objective lens cover on and the cable tie folds back along the scope . Bend back to correct position the next time you remove lens cover . This method...
  13. SUGS

    Policeman Collected Rare Eggs

    Completely agree . They shouldn't be allowed to " retire " whilst under suspension.
  14. SUGS


    First time I took my brand new 10x40's out in the 80's leaked like a sieve and were never the same after repair .Bought them from Jessops when they were a decent shop . How times change !
  15. SUGS

    Turkey villagers see Israeli spy in migratory bird

    Probably thought it was a Drone Bee-eater.
  16. SUGS

    Red Kite - More Daily Mail nonsense

    +BBC nonsense . It made the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 today . Listener . "I've had one shadow my dog " Vine . "Were you worried ? " Listener . "Not really it's a Cocker Spaniel " Vine . "What if there were two Kite ?" It was Jeremy and not Tim Vine ! I had 22 together over my...
  17. SUGS

    Red Kite - More Daily Mail nonsense

    Most of the time ! http://www.berksbirds.co.uk/show_photo.asp?photo_id=4773
  18. SUGS

    kowa tsn2 help...

    I've got the TSN 20XWA, 30XWA and 20-40 zoom . In my opinion the 30XWA is the best allround lense . Secondhand on ebay you're looking at £80-110 for a 30XWA as they're still very much in demand.
  19. SUGS

    nikon fieldscope ed82 a

    Hi . What tripod are you using?
  20. SUGS

    Best chance of a Cirl Bunting

    Visited this afternoon and managed a brief view of a couple of Cirl's diving into the hedge.Later an obliging male perched on top of the hedge for 10 minutes . The local Dunnocks and Robins seemed to be enjoying the seed . Thanks for your help.
  21. SUGS

    Best chance of a Cirl Bunting

    Hi . Is Broadsands my best chance of seeing a Cirl Bunting at this time of year .Any tips or Grid Ref appreciated as limited on time . P.m if prefered. Cheers. p.s I can bring my own budgie seed !
  22. SUGS

    Any idea?

    Thanks Rob I was thinking along similar lines. Cheers Graham
  23. SUGS

    Any idea?

    How is this . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Manfrotto-200PL-14-Rectangular-1-5x2-Quick-Release-Plate-Mount-Adapter-Set-/370569965089?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5647b0ee21# Supposed to be attached to the 1/4" male thread on my tripod head. The countersunk hole is 1/4" clearance (no thread) Any...
  24. SUGS

    Velbon el 530 offer Jacobs

    Velbon 530 tripod at Jacobs. Still available. http://www.jacobsdigital.co.uk/p-50329-jacobs-digital-velbon-el-carmagne-530-carbon-fibre-tripod-kit.aspx Purchased one of these on Saturday .Seems a good compromise between weight +rigidity with my Nikon ED82A . Only drawback is no QR plate so...