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  1. pdwinter

    Lizard, Malaga province, 15.10.21

    I'd be grateful for an ID on this lizard seen in Málaga province on 15th. Thanks
  2. pdwinter

    Ruby-tailed Wasp ID

    Is it possible to ID this one to species level ?
  3. pdwinter

    Bug for ID

    I have a feeling I've seen this one before but can't place it. Nursling (Hants), 06.08.21
  4. pdwinter

    Mosquito or ?

    Saw this small diptera in Nursling (Hants) today (04.08.21). Any ideas gratefully received
  5. pdwinter

    Common Swift or Orange Swift

    Came across this one on 30.05.21 in Nursling (Hants). Is it Common Swift or Orange Swift (or another species) ? Thanks
  6. pdwinter

    Caterpillar, Andalucia

    A friend has asked for an ID on this caterpillar in the Álora area of southern Andalucia. About 3ins long with tufts on the "neck"
  7. pdwinter

    Pug for ID

    Could I have an ID for this pug (c.25mm) on my bathroom wall ? Edge of Southampton, 11.06.21. I thought perhaps Freyer's pug but with no conviction
  8. pdwinter

    Ichneumon, Nursling (Hants), 06.06.21

    A smart beast but unfortunately not doable from photos.
  9. pdwinter

    Insect for ID, New Forest(UK), 02.06.21

    Sat under a birch to avoid getting too wet. In addition to a variety of weevils, which I managed to photograph OK, I got a poor pic of a small insect moving up my camera bag. These spikey ones usually turn out to be aphids but I've no idea on this one. Thanks
  10. pdwinter

    ID please

    My mind seems to have gone blanker than blank. Could someone remind me what this is? Thanks
  11. pdwinter

    ?Sawfly, Hants 17.05.21

    Taken in Nursling, Hants, 17.05.21 Any pointers as to what family / genus this might be gratefully received Thanks
  12. pdwinter

    Sawfly ID Hants

    I'm pretty sure this is a female Tenthredo sp consuming possibly another sawfly sp. Does anyone know what the predator species is (Nursling, Hants, 17.05.21) ? TIA
  13. pdwinter

    For Id - Rownhams (Hants)

    I'd be grateful for an Id on this (?)insect tapped from Oak 17.09.20 in Rownhams (Hants)
  14. pdwinter

    Hymenoptera, Malaga Province, 15.09.2016

    Any pointers welcomed on this hymemoptera species from southern spain in September 2016
  15. pdwinter

    Mirid Bug, Emer Bog, 08.08.20

    I looked through the British Bugs site and thought Adelphocoris ticinensis matched this insect but would be grateful for confirmation / correction. Emer Bog (South Hants) 08.08.20
  16. pdwinter

    Sawfly, Emer Bog, 08.08.20

    Probably not identifiable to species but could I have an ID on this sawfly from Emer Bog, South Hants on 8th August
  17. pdwinter

    Wasp, Hampshire

    I saw this very smart wasp (or at least Hymenopteran) today (01.08.20) in Nursling (Hants). Grateful for any pointers.
  18. pdwinter

    ID please

    A slightly out of focus X in Nursling (Hants) on 30..07.20. I would be grateful for any pointers as to where I should start looking in my books.
  19. pdwinter


    I came across this Clearwing on bramble in Nursling (Hants) 28.07.20 and would be grateful for an iD
  20. pdwinter

    Micro Hampshire coast

    I came across this micro at the bottom of the cliff at Becton Bunny (Hants) 23.06.20 and would be grateful for a pointer to the species or family.
  21. pdwinter

    Orange moth for ID

    I came across this moth (about 10mm from wing-tip to head-tip on a nettle in south Hampshire on 11.06.20. The closest I could find was Pammene aurita but it doesn't look quite right. Could someone point me towards the right species?
  22. pdwinter

    Earwig nymph

    Is this the nymph of a Common Earwig? Found in Nursling (Hants) on 08.06.20. I had to use ISO1600 to get any sort of picture so the colour might not be true! Thanks
  23. pdwinter

    Large Tabanus sp

    This horsefly was about 20mm in length. I haven't got a key for the Tabanus species. Is it possible to Id this from the two photos? I thought it might be Large Marsh Horsefly T.autumnalis from a bit of picture matching!
  24. pdwinter

    ?Cydia sp

    I found this moth on an Ox-eye Daisy 31.05.20 in Nursling, Hants. The best match I could find was Cydia illutana so I hoped someone could point me in the right direction.
  25. pdwinter

    Hopper for ID

    I wondered if this nymph might be of Cicadella viridis - it does look similar to some images I've found on the internet but I'm just guessing really. Thanks