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    Common or Siberian Chiffchaff (Dutch coast, forest near dunes, 22th of October 2021)

    Chiffchaff is a very variable species - the ID of (sub)species often is only possible using DNA. Personally, I would leave it as Chiffchaff ssp.. In case you are not aware, here's a link to a very neat recent publication: (PDF) Migrating chiffchaff taxa in the Netherlands: a 10-year genetic study

    Namibia - Walvis Bay Terns , Other Terns

    No, it's a Common Tern - bill too long, trailing edge to primaries from below too broad etc.

    Iduna Warbler, Jersey

    Here is a link to the checklist with more photos of the same bird including a voice recording (scroll down): https://ebird.org/india/checklist/S60167109 Again, I'm not doubting the ID of the Jersey bird but find it interesting to see that those Asian Idunas can moult at this time of the year...

    Iduna Warbler, Jersey

    Are suggesting it could be an EOW which should not occur in India?

    Iduna Warbler, Jersey

    I appreciate that this bird possibly isn't IDable with 100% certainty. But for the sake of arguments, I did manage to find a (not very good) picture of a Sykes's end of September in India in a very similar state of moult, where the newly grown feathers look surprisingly dark: Sykes's Warbler...

    Iduna Warbler, Jersey

    Me again... unfortunately I've no access to the Birding World paper from Svensson (2001) but I found the citation that the emarginations in EOW should fall at level with the tips of the secondaries whereas in Sykes's they fall well short of that. According to that IMO in this bird the...

    Iduna Warbler, Jersey

    A very legitimate question! I did not consider Sykes's because it seemed to be so grey. But given the second set of pics and the bright sunshine, colours seem to be difficult to judge. Sykes's is not supposed to show a pale wing panel and usually has a dark smudge at the tip of the lower...

    Iduna Warbler, Jersey

    P1 is longer than the primary coverts, so OTW (and also Upcher's) is out. One image of the second set shows the bill from above, the edges are not clearly convex as they would be in Western Olivaceous. So, EOW it is imo. Nice record!

    Ducks in Crete

    The proportions are odd (fat, short-necked, strange angle of bill to head). I suggest these are some 'wildtype-coloured' domestic ducks.
  10. CARERY

    Warbler or What,What? Western Hokkaido, Japan, Otaru

    FWIW, Sakhalin Leaf Warbler is indistinguishable from Pale-legged Leaf Warbler in the field. That means it would have pale legs which your bird hasn't...
  11. CARERY

    Bird ID Gambell, Alaska USA

    They do look like Redpolls...
  12. CARERY

    Ring ouzel ID? - Istanbul Turkey

    Agreed, the white wing panel is also a good hint.
  13. CARERY

    Which Buteo? Cuenca-Central Spain-August 2021

    I think Atlas Long-legged Buzzard (though a recent paper suggests that it's actually a B. buteo North African Buzzard is not a Long-legged but an allospecies of Common Buzzard - MaghrebOrnitho) seems a good call. But with this black subterminal bar it is also reminiscent of a vulpinus. Still, I...
  14. CARERY

    Woodpecker ID-Istanbul

    The pale red vent is better for Syrian which also has some white at the outermost tail feather. However, don't know if a late-brood-not-yet-moulted 1cy Greater Spotted can be excluded...
  15. CARERY

    Need help for Buzzard id. Istanbul

    Long-legged Buzzard - unmarked pale orange-red tail, dark belly and flanks and long wings with dark carpal patches
  16. CARERY

    which reed warbler? S Tehran IR Apr

    You're probably right. The long super made me see a too short pp... Caspian Reed is also more likely I assume.
  17. CARERY

    which reed warbler? S Tehran IR Apr

    With that long supercilium and comparatively short primary projection it looks like a Blyth's Reed to me.
  18. CARERY

    Harz mountains, Germany -- several birds

    The Regulus is/are Goldcrest, agree with the rest
  19. CARERY

    Wheatears, Spain

    Agree with Northern for both. One thing to start with is to look at the tail length in relation to wingtip. Northern = longest wing = relatively shortest tail
  20. CARERY

    Vale Santo near Sagres, Portugal today

    Lower mandible slightly concave = Crested Lark
  21. CARERY

    Acrocephalus sp. - W France

    Yes, Reed Warbler, 1cy by greyish colour of iris and fresh plumage
  22. CARERY

    Juv Honey buzzard?

    Definitely juv Honey Buzzard, look at that tail shape and length in the second pic, darker secondaries etc.
  23. CARERY

    Willow warbler? Basra Province Iraq

    Agree with Willow Warbler. Leg colour is not really good as a feature in most Phylloscopus. Pp is too long for any Chiffchaff or Bonelli's Warbler.
  24. CARERY

    Warbler Cyprus

    Don't think it's the wingtip we see here but possibly tertials (?). Looks rather Common Whitethroat to me
  25. CARERY

    Which Honey buzzard? Greek-Turkish northern borders

    Both European Honey Buzzards. You already mention the sixth finger which is, however, too short for OHB. Moreover, juvenile EHB show broder and fewer bars at the reminges and a broader trailing edge to the wing. Also the carpal area appears slightly darker...