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    Golden or White Tailed? No, Common Buzzard!

    I guess you're right. Perhaps the unfamiliar countryside, the sea cliffs, the haze, and the steep slopes down to the cliff tops put my sizes all wonky :D Thanks Butty.
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    Golden or White Tailed? No, Common Buzzard!

    Er, it was far too big for a buzzard.
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    Golden or White Tailed? No, Common Buzzard!

    Soaring along the sea cliffs near Berriedale in Caithness earlier today. I'm going for Golden Eagle.
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    Dead whale - Helmsdale

    Yeah, humpbacks are not unknown around these parts.
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    Dead whale - Helmsdale

    Washed up about 2 miles north of Helmsdale. About 20 ft long, been dead a long while, maybe a calf I guess. Can anyone identify it?
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    Handa Island, Scotland

    Handa is amazing just now. I'm posting this piccie full size so you can see some of the birds nesting on the cliffs.
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    Pretty sure this is a herring. Just checking as he was all on his own amongst hundreds of kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills, which seemed a little strange for a herring.
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    Crow ID please

    I would think with its bill open like that a raven's throat hackle would be visible, but not 100% sure on that.
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    Bird - Handa Island

    I'm from Lewis, but I've never lived on the islands, only visited. So much to see in the Highlands and islands, much more than one lifetime could possibly take in. I'm going to try and get to St Kilda next summer and spend a few days on Skye.
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    Bird - Handa Island

    True story! I've not been to St Kilda yet, that is on the bucket list.
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    Bird - Handa Island

    Thanks, juv wheatear it is :) While on the subject of Handa, there are tens of thousands of nesting guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, puffins, great skuas, arctic skuas and many others with chicks just now, including some rare species. This is one of the highlights from my trip. I learned that...
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    Bird - Handa Island

    This wee thing popped up on the path ahead of me, I just had time to raise the camera and take a piccie and it was off so I didn't get a good look at it. Anyone know what it is? Handa Island is amazing just now.
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    Fritillary - Embo beach

    Good info, thanks, I'll try to photograph underwings as well in future.
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    Fritillary - Embo beach

    Anyone any idea which fritillary this is?
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    Ducks - Loch Fleet

    There were none on Brora beach, had no idea they were in Loch Fleet back then. They are established right along the coast to Helmsdale now, and they are nesting on shingle and coastal grass right along the coast. They are doing very well. There were no herons around here back then either, aside...
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    Ducks - Loch Fleet

    The eiders have fairly established themselves around here. There were none 40 years ago now they're everywhere. Good to see them doing so well :)
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    Ducks - Loch Fleet

    A few of these birds on Loch Fleet just now. Thought they were eider ducks, then thought they were mallard, but after looking at the photos I'm really not sure what they are. No males around, just females with ducklings.
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    6 spot burnet moth - Littleferry

    I think it is. Lots of them around just now at Littleferry.
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    Orca kills?

    Not one single dead bird washed up on Brora beach over the winter, and just spotted my first one earlier today. Looks like this is a seasonal phenomenon, so if the Great Skuas have arrived, I think we can safely assume this is their handiwork. I guess it only remains now for someone to observe...
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    Curlew or whimbrel - north Scotland

    Pretty sure this is a curlew, but its bill looks a little short to me. Could be its head is cocked slightly to one side, or perhaps there are curlews with differing lengths of bills, but I can't be 100% sure so here's a piccie. Thanks!
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    Crossbill sp. - Ballater, Aberdeenshire

    Nutcracker are you for real? You sure know birds, hey. Are you sure you're just not being anti-Scottish? :p
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    Eagle over Brora beach

    Wooo that's exciting. I wonder if they're nesting around here somewhere? Or could be!
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    Eagle over Brora beach

    I've seen ospreys off Brora beach, but never an eagle. It was heading out to sea and judging from its flight path appeared to have come from the hills around Loch Brora. Can anyone ID this bird from these poor photos?
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    Monk fish?

    Yes, thanks, Johny Bigheads we call them around here.
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    Is there anything better than Nikon D500 for passerines in flight?

    Dunno about Olympus, aren't they selling off their camera business because of operating losses? I don't keep up any longer, but I did here that somewhere.