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  1. pauliev69

    Two from last night please

    Two to id from last night please
  2. pauliev69

    Confirmations please

    Trapped last night Dusky Sallow White Satin Moth Yellow Tail
  3. pauliev69

    Two from last night please

    Not sure of these, can anyone help please
  4. pauliev69

    Two from last night please

    Need id's please
  5. pauliev69

    Grey or Dark Dagger?

    I think Grey, any opinions please
  6. pauliev69

    Micro id please

    Sorry about the poor quality pic but can anyone id this micro please?
  7. pauliev69

    Two from last night please

    Any ideas on these two please? :-C
  8. pauliev69

    Id help please

    Stuck with this one, can anyone help please :t:
  9. pauliev69

    A macro and a micro to id please

    Struggling with a rather worn macro and a micro, trapped last night, any suggestions please? Many thanks in advance ;)
  10. pauliev69

    Two to confirm one to id please

    I think Dun-Bar and Double-Striped Pug, anyone confirm or suggest? Struggling on the other, think a Pug, not to sure, any suggestions All trapped last night, apologies for the last pic
  11. pauliev69

    A few macro and micro id's please

    Thanks to Brian for helping with my last thread on id's here are a few more,all trapped in the Scottish Borders 10/07/07 Many thanks in advance ;)
  12. pauliev69

    Help with a few Macro id's please

    Trapped 10/07/07 Scottish Borders Many thanks
  13. pauliev69

    Moth id's can anyone help

    Trapped Wed night, quite sure one is Heart and Dart, stuck on the other, thanks for looking :h?:
  14. pauliev69

    Puerto Pollensa in May

    Just booked a weeks hols in Puerto Pollensa for w/c 5 May, this will be my first visit to this side of the island. I have read this area is a good spot for passage migrants, can anyone recommend any good areas for us to visit, we are hoping we will also see some interesting wildlife (Butterflies...
  15. pauliev69

    PC on go slow, can anyone help?

    Please can anyone suggest a reason for my PC suddenly running very slow I have 4 meg Broadband (NTL) no problems in the past The problem seems to be in the start up, have noticed the comp takes ages to load (I have XP home) and when it does it then takes at least 5 minutes before I can acess...
  16. pauliev69

    Moth ID please?

    Anyone give an id on the one species from last nights trap? My wild guess is worn Deep-brown Dart or very worn Black Rustic, but I am usually wrong can anyone please correct? Cheers PaulV ;)
  17. pauliev69

    Moth id from July please

    Just looking through my PC and found this pic from July this year Searched through Warings for an hour but its got me stumped, is it a Carpet? Gratefull for an id thanks PaulV ;)
  18. pauliev69

    Help with Moth id please

    Hello My own id would be Sallow, but I am probably wrong, can any experts confirm or correct please? Cheers PaulV ;)
  19. pauliev69

    Dark Chestnut, anyone agree please?

    Hello my id is Dark Chestnut, am I correct, trapped last night Cheers PaulV ;)
  20. pauliev69

    Help with Moth id's please

    Hi trapped last night, anyone id these please Cheers PaulV ;)
  21. pauliev69

    Help with Moth id please

    Found him in the trap tonight, been in there a week, overlooked him from the last trapping Fit and well, had to pop him in the fridge to take the pic! Gratefull for an id Cheers PaulV ;)
  22. pauliev69

    Caterpillar id please?

    Hi can anyone confirm or correct my id please Large Yellow Underwing Cheers PaulV ;)
  23. pauliev69

    Is this a Beetle? id please

    Found this in my moth trap this morning, can anyone id for me please Cheers PaulV :hi:
  24. pauliev69

    Confirmations and id please

    Hi from last night Can anyone confirm or correct my id's please, and help on an id I am unsure of Many thanks :t: Small Dusty Wave Common Wainscot Lesser Yellow Underwing
  25. pauliev69

    Garden Carpet ID please

    Hi Do you think this is a Garden Carpet? Thanks ;)