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  1. StuartReeves

    Two moths from last summer

    I've been going through some photos from last year and there are a couple I'm struggling to put a name to. The noctuid (?) comes from late August and teh wainscot from late September. Any suggested IDs would be welcome.
  2. StuartReeves

    D500 vs d7500

    I have a Nikon D300 which has done sterling service and still takes great photos, mostly with my 80-400mm lens, but I'm thinking about replacing it. I've been down this road before - see this thread) - but ended-up buying a new lens instead of a new camera. If I'm going to stay with a DX...
  3. StuartReeves

    Rheas in Germany

    According to this article, 2018 was a bumper breeding year for greater rheas in Northern Germany, with the population more than doubling to around 560 birds. This population has been around for over twenty years and seems to be doing a pretty good job of sustaining itself. Could it be a future...
  4. StuartReeves

    Goshawk vs. Sparrowhawk...

    This photo provides a great comparison between the two species. The caption describes the sparrowhawk as a young male and the goshawk as a female. I hope it's not necessary to explain which one is which.
  5. StuartReeves

    Triple hybrid warbler in Pennsylvania

    An extraordinary story of a hybrid wood warbler with ancestry from three different species across two genera: https://www.birdguides.com/articles/triple-hybrid-warbler-in-pennsylvania-is-new-to-science/
  6. StuartReeves

    Some moths from this morning (Suffolk)

    My suggestions are as follows: 1, Clay 2, Mottled Beauty 3, ?? Rather worn but to my surprise it didn't have a yellow underwing!
  7. StuartReeves

    Yet more June moths

    This week;s batch of moths that have got me scratching my head. My provisional IDs: 1, Riband wave 2, ??? 3, ??? 4, Grey Birch Any assistance in making progress on this steep learning curve will be gratefully received.
  8. StuartReeves

    More June moths

    Three from this morning. Provisional IDs as follows: 1, Mottled Beauty 2, Double Dart 3, Willow Beauty Conformation or alternative suggestions welcome. As long as none of them are large yellow underwings I don't mind.
  9. StuartReeves

    A moth from this morning

    I'm struggling with this one. Both photos are the same individual. Any suggested ID gratefully received!
  10. StuartReeves

    Moths from today

    First attempt with my new moth trap and there are a couple I can't get anywhere with. There are two photos of each individual. Any suggested IDs gratefully received.
  11. StuartReeves

    Egret, Suffolk UK

    I saw this bird on my local patch earlier today. It flew up into a distant tree, sat there for a while then dropped to the ground and disappeared from sight. In flight my impression was that it was a big bird, and the first picture is intended to give an impression of its size at range. The...
  12. StuartReeves

    Distant raptor, Morocco

    Bit of a long shot this, but I'd welcome any suggestions for the ID of this perched raptor that I saw last week in southern Morocco.
  13. StuartReeves

    Common Dolphins in Norfolk

    See this news story. No date given but presumably recent and worth a look for anyone in the area.
  14. StuartReeves

    RFI Cyprus, September 2016.

    Some friends and I are heading to Cyprus in a couple of weeks time, hoping for a bit of autumn migration birding. We have the usual site guides, but it would be useful to get some up-to-date information on which sites are productive at the moment, and in particular which 'wetland' areas are...
  15. StuartReeves

    Reporting a ringed parrot?

    A bit of a long shot this one, and a bit outside the scope of BF, but a friend of mine has found a dead parrot on her balcony in Brussels. I don't know the species (except that it's not a Norwegian Blue) but it's clearly an escape from captivity as it has a closed ring on its leg. She asked me...
  16. StuartReeves

    Replacing a D300?

    I have a Nikon D300 that I have mostly used mostly with a 300mm F4 and a 1.4 TC. In general I have been very pleased with the results. Despite this, I am starting to wonder whether I would gain anything from a new camera body. The D7100 seems to be the nearest equivalent in the current Nikon...
  17. StuartReeves

    Bears, live

    Nothing much on the TV? Why not watch bears fishing for salmon in Alaska instead?
  18. StuartReeves

    Pine Martens & squirrels

    Some interesting research findings: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/feb/22/red-squirrel-pine-marten-survival
  19. StuartReeves

    Laptop update

    My laptop is getting slower and slower, I think mostly because the hard disk is nearly full; of its 218 Gb capacity only 8Gb remains, with my photos and music accounting for the large majority of the disk space. The machine is a Dell Inspiron running Windows Vista which is about five years old...
  20. StuartReeves

    Mega Autumn migration at Falsterbo

    There have been some phenomenal counts of birds migrating through Falsterbo, at the southern tip of Sweden, over the past week or so. On 1 October, an amazing total of 87,500 Blue Tits were counted migrating. This is more than twice the previous highest day total and in fact is higher than all...
  21. StuartReeves

    James and the Giant Eagle

    An excellent radio 4 programme about a close encounter with a Harpy Eagle. Available to listen again at : http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/b010fc06
  22. StuartReeves

    Mammal tracks, Belgium

    I found these tracks yesterday in an area of heathland & woodland on the Belgian/Dutch border, near Antwerp. Any suggestions?
  23. StuartReeves

    BF's Most Northerly Thread?

    Thanks to the wonderful world of work, I am currently in Longyearbyen, on the island of Spitsbergen. I had this afternoon free to wander around the toown and see what I could see. The commonest bird around town, and indeed the only passerine present at this time of year, was Snow Bunting, with...
  24. StuartReeves

    Casual Euro-listing 2012

    It's been a few years since I did one of these, five years in fact, the last one being Casual Euro-listing 2007, which, in turn, was a rapid follow-up to 2006. For the benefit of younger listeners, who weren't around for the previous threads, it's not about me trying to see as many species as...
  25. StuartReeves

    One for the collectors; Birds of America

    In case anyone has a spare ten million dollars burning a hole in their pocket: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/jan/06/most-expensive-book-birds-of-america-10m?intcmp=239