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    Z7ii Best Camera for Landscape Photography 2021

    DPReview picks Z7ii Not bad for wildlife either.
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    Birds on an old root.

    I'm more of a bird photographer than a dedicated birder these days. I will say that I'm far more aware of the birds welfare than the morons that haven't a clue about what they're photographing. I used to be a reasonably hardcore pager carrying twitcher in the 80's and 90's but mellowed out a lot...
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    Metalbird Cardinal

    If you're ever at a loss for a nice gift for a birder in the family you should check this out. Metalbird
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    Nikon Wins Awards

    Nikon wins some awards - Nikon Rumors
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    Hot afternoon

    Yesterday it got up to 88F (31.11C) in the afternoon so I wasn't inclined to go sit in my blind in front of the waterfall. I did go out when it got cooler in the evening however and had to resort to using flash as it was getting pretty dark in the woodland where I live. Still I got some nice...
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    While sitting in my blind this afternoon not seeing or photographing much I noticed a Groundhog way over the back eating my weeds. He's doing a great job, but so long as he doesn't eat the new plants that were put in last Thursday. There's several groundhog burrows around the property, I don't...
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    Afternoon in Appalachia

    A good friend of mine lives up the hills a few miles North of me. While it's not exactly Deliverance Country up there it is part of the Appalachian Mountains a stones throw from the Appalachian Trail and there's quite a few Rednecks up there. He lives just off Moonshine Road so it wasn't too...
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    Guess the Bathing Beauty

    Any guesses as to the mystery birds identity? I'll give you a clue. It's in the US.
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    In 20 years I've never seen a snake in my yard thank goodness. If I did have snakes and I came across one accidentally you'd hear my scream in the next county. Why I don't think we have any is because I have loads of Chipmunks. Heres one from yesterday.
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    Scarlet Tanager

    I see these occasionally through the yard on passage but I’ve never managed to photograph one in my yard. Until yesterday. The right place at the right time. 😎
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    Looks like I'm giving up booze for a while.

    I don't drink much, (I spill most of it) but It looks like I'm screwed for a while though. I bought a Mohito Mint plant at the nursery last year and rediscovered the pleasure of a nice Mohito on a summer's evening. I put the plant on a high shelf inside the greenhouse for the winter and as I've...
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    Extreme Image Recovery

    In trying to find a Yellow Warbler image for the ABC Birds Quiz I went through my archive and came across this shot from May 2017. Totally overexposed right? I really screwed up the exposure. Or maybe not.
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    Songbirds are an Italian Delicacy

    A New York Times article. Songbirds for lunch. :mad:
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    1st Warbler of the year and a new Yard Tick.

    While photographing in the yard this morning this little beauty showed up. Oh happy day! He's a Yellow-throated Warbler, I've seen a few but they're not common in this area.
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    Recipe for a Murky Saturday Morning's Bird Photography.

    I'm what's known as an idle bastard when it comes to bird photography, they can fly so I make them come to me. As it's nasty out this morning here's my recipe for how to spend a couple of hours in comfort. Murky Day Bird Photography
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    UK 2019 - Day 1

    Delete this please.
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    Reverse Vacation - May/June 2019

    Spring migration is underway here in Pennsylvania but it's going to be another few weeks before the good stuff shows up in my yard. After reading several trip reports I thought I'd do one of my own, but with a difference. Instead of an exotic destination we went to the UK in 2019 and as I left...
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    Hawk Mountain

    It's awful weather today so I've been sifting through old photographs and came across some from 2015 of the Hawk Mountain North Lookout and I thought people might like to see it. Even though it's only an hour away from where I live I rarely go there as I have a much closer Hawkwatch nearby and...
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    A or B, which do you prefer

    Simple question A or B? I can't find a Poll option unfortunately. Image A is Cropped to 1600x1200 and DeNoised. Image B is Cropped, DeNoised exactly as option A but with a Gausian Blur and an S Curve added.
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    I’m not associated in anyway shape or form with Metalbird other than I bought a couple. They’re really good so I thought I’d share the link. Metalbird
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    500PF Discontinued?

    This seems absolutely ludicrous to me because it's a phenomenal lens and one that's been in very short supply until recently due to popularity. But! Nikon Rumors have a post stating that it may be discontinued. Nikon Rumors 500PF Discontinued? Anyone that's on the fence about purchasing this...
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    Flash Photographs of birds

    These were all taken using a remote flash due to heavy overcast conditions. Apart from the catchlight in the eyes I think it's hard to tell. Flash Lit Birds
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    Fornicating Frogs

    I got a call from a friend who has been telling me about the Wood Frogs calling. It was certainly an amazing sight and sound. Wood Frogs Mating
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    I took some pictures of birds today

    and not one of them was hand held. Each and every one was on a tripod. :rolleyes: All on a Tripod.
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    I know where I’m going this afternoon.

    Middle Creek is only 15 minutes away. From the sounds of the Snow Geese flying around the house a lot came in recently with the thawing of the snow. I wish they would level that camera. 🙂 Middle Creek Live Camera