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  1. SteveClark

    Afep Pigeon

    G'day all Does anyone know the origin of the word Afep? Is it a non-english adjective or a place name perhaps? Cheers Steve
  2. SteveClark

    What is the White-eye at Kuala Selangor?

    I've been to Kuala Selangor Nature Reserve a couple of times over the years. My understanding is that the White-eye there was Oriental White-eye - Z. palpebrosus auriventer. The latest IOC revisions have moved auriventer to Hume's White-eye along with the higher elevation form of Everett's...
  3. SteveClark

    Help with non-breeding plumage Ploceus weaver from Namibia

    Hello all I'd appreciate any Southern African experts having a look at the photos I took of a non-breeding plumage Ploceus weaver along the Zambezi River in Caprivi, Namibia in June. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bukoba_steve/sets/72157655098126335 Candidates would appear to be Lesser Masked...
  4. SteveClark

    Wings 6 - free bird listing software

    G'day all Wings has been updated to work properly with Apple Mac OS X Lion. It is also free now after a few years when an annual subscription was required. An updated Windows version is coming soon. http://www.wings4d.com Cheers Steve (a contented Wings user)
  5. SteveClark

    A few days in England - where to spend them?

    G'day all As part of an extended tour I was planning to spend about 5 days in England in late April. My son has been working in Brighton and I was going to be based there. He's now coming home to Australia in a couple of weeks (something to do with your recent weather I gather) so I have...
  6. SteveClark

    Reliability of Nikon Monarch

    G'day all I have a pair of Nikon Monarch 10x42 binoculars. I realise there are better binoculars on the market but hands-on in stores these were the best I could find for my budget. I've been happy with them since purchase nearly 2 years ago - optically happy in any case. About 6 months ago...
  7. SteveClark

    Irish Gull (Mew or Kittiwake?)

    G'day all I identified this at the time (June 2005) as a Mew Gull. It was at Cloughmore, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Now I'm going over the video my wife shot and I'm wondering if it was a Kittiwake. Comments welcome. Steve Clark Australia
  8. SteveClark

    Warbler in Ireland?

    G'day all This image is from a movie my wife took at the Ballyvergan Reedbeds in southern Ireland (Co. Waterford) back in June. I think it's a Eurasian Reed-Warbler but would appreciate other views. Cheers Steve Clark Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
  9. SteveClark

    A couple of terns from Northern Ireland

    G'day all I'm just back in Australia after a few weeks in Ireland. Many new birds. I was hoping someone could have a look at these two terns. The lower one is a Common Tern (saw lots of these). Is the upper one an Arctic Tern? Not the best quality photo I know. The birds were roosting...
  10. SteveClark

    "Where to watch birds in Ireland" - Hutchinson

    G'day all I'm hoping to visit Ireland for a few weeks next June-July and wondered about the value of this book. It is 10 years old now and if Ireland is anything like Australia a lot can change in 10 years. Cheers Steve Clark Victoria, Australia
  11. SteveClark

    King Penguin in South Australia

    G'day all A King Penguin was found moulting on a beach at Port MacDonnell in se South Australia recently and I saw it today. A magnificent bird - either just starting or nearly finished its moult. King Penguins are rarely seen on the Australian mainland - only a handful of records. The...
  12. SteveClark

    US gull id?

    G'day all I was watching "The life of Mammals" DVD last night - episode 7 on aquatic mammals. There is a sequence with some dolphins catching fish by beaching themselves in Georgia I think. My interest was in the gulls that gathered to share the catch. Lots of freeze framing and zooming with...
  13. SteveClark

    Mitchell Beazley Birdwatchers Pocket Guide (1979)

    G'day all I found this book in a second-hand shop in Hamilton, Vic, Australia a couple of years ago. It is by Peter Hayman (beautiful illustrations), very skinny and I'll be bringing it with me when I come to Britain (one day). I've never seen or heard of it but I love the concept and reckon...
  14. SteveClark

    G'day from Australia

    G'day all I've just joined the Bird Forum after a good look around. What a great site! Lots of information to take in. I'm from Hamilton in western Victoria (about 4 hours drive west of Melbourne). Birding is excellent in this area but for some reason we don't get too many overseas birders...