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  1. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    Not sure about the music, but that is a sight to behold. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nick Tonge

    1st Tyke Meet of 2014?

    Unfortunately, I can't make the 19th, but that's because I'll be be birding in Norfolk for three days, so it isn't so bad. Andy K - Will hopefully make it over your way on another day before the winter's out, possibly with Cam. Maybe wet the baby's head too... B (:
  3. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    More info here: http://www.birdforum.net/showpost.php?p=2798073&postcount=8
  4. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    Now being reported as a fem + 2 juvs. Can anyone who has visited the site please provide more info/directions for these? i.e. best parking place, grid ref for the feeders, etc. Thanks. I have a vague recollection of getting lost around there (or maybe at Langsett Res) when I was a kid, and I'd...
  5. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    Interesting. I also saw a Buzzard yesterday (mobbed by Jackdaws) over my house as I walked home from work. Not something you see in Shipley, Bradford, very often. I had two Buzzard sightings in the Shipley area (again over the burbs, not out in the sticks) in April 2011 (the only other time I've...
  6. Nick Tonge

    First Tyke Meet of 2013

    Top day, all. Really enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll be able to find the time to join up for few more.
  7. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    Andy, BG reported two redheads at FB on 10th Feb: 1 on Main Bay, 1 on Spoonbill Flash, which came a few days after the previous report (one from Lin Dyke on the 7th). Could still be there and just be that no one's checking/reporting... which is where you come in! ;) BTW, still up for the...
  8. Nick Tonge

    First Tyke Meet of 2013

    Indeed. http://www.punkfootball.com/If-it-wasn-t-for-Birds-And-Booze-Manchester-City-T-shirt-details.aspx?ID=25031 They missed out "girls" on that t-shirt. B (:
  9. Nick Tonge

    First Tyke Meet of 2013

    Yeah, I just found that out too (that they've moved the City game to the Sunday). I may not be going to North Duffield on that day after all...
  10. Nick Tonge

    First Tyke Meet of 2013

    Hi all, I might join you for this, if that's okay? I'm sort of familiar with Wheldrake/Bank Island/Skipwith (in spring/summer at least), but would like to have a gander at North Duff and Andy's new patch. Cheers
  11. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    Hi Andy, I think you'll be leaving it too late if you are hoping for Hobbies in late October. Think they'll all be in Africa by then. Nick
  12. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    Very nice. Was still around when I left at 19:35 this evening (in glorious weather), so may roost in the area again tonight.
  13. Nick Tonge

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Got three new ones while on holiday with my family a couple of weeks ago: Honey Buzzard, Blyth's Reed Warbler, and Roller. All new World birds to me, never mind the UK. B (:
  14. Nick Tonge

    Can anyone help with these feeding signs?

    Thanks Gretchen, A couple more pictures attached. The scratches were on the trunk and branches. But, they are only on the trees that have been cut down. The standing trees appeared untouched. I did wonder if they were mechanical, but I couldn't see how the marks would be so random yet...
  15. Nick Tonge

    Can anyone help with these feeding signs?

    Yesterday, in a local wood (Bradford West Yorkshire, UK) our wildlife youth group found these really interesting scratches (tooth marks?) on the several branches of a holly tree that had been cut down. I assumed this was the work of a Grey Squirrel - we'd seen these around the wood - but after...
  16. Nick Tonge

    How is your 2012 List Going?

    Year list 2012 going well 184 species (BOU) so far. 188 if you split Pale-bellied and Dark-bellied Brent Goose and Black Brant, and Taiga and Tundra Bean Goose, and Siberian Chiffchaff. Me and three others did a trip round East Anglia and Southern England last week, dipping Mealy Redpoll...
  17. Nick Tonge

    Rare and Scarce in Yorkshire

    Ring-billed Gull at Snads Lane GP, Mirfield The Ring-billed Gull has been reported on BirdGuides as back at Sands Lane GP this morning. I say the Ring-billed Gull - it's most likely the same bird returning for a third stay. It was last reported (on BG anyway) on 6th March 2011 after first...
  18. Nick Tonge

    How is your 2011 List Going?

    215 with the Greater Yellowlegs last weekend. I've twitched more this year than in recent years, so that's helped, as did a five-day trip around Scotland in May (with LGRE, which was, err, interesting to say the least). I've also done more patch work this year (including regular BTO counts at...
  19. Nick Tonge

    Yorkshire Birding

    November WeBS counts Did the November WeBS count at Rodley NR this Sunday, and we managed a new reserve record of 56 Gadwall. Given the fog was so thick, the real count may be higher. The Linnet flock numbers around 300 now (depending which of the counters you speak to ;)). I did my WeBS...
  20. Nick Tonge

    Visiting San Jose, California, in December

    Thanks everyone for the excellent info, links, and recommendations - really appreciated. Sibley book ordered, links bookmarked. Looks like I'll be very much spoiled for choice. At the very least I'll have to persuade my bosses that I'm needed out there more frequently... Thanks again.
  21. Nick Tonge

    Visiting San Jose, California, in December

    Hi all, I'm lucky enough to be visiting San Jose, California, for a week in early December. Please can anyone help with some advice on what birds I'd likely see there, and where the best sites are? The trip is for work, unfortunately, but hey, it's a free trip so I'm not complaining o:). I...
  22. Nick Tonge

    Skua Cruise 2011, Sunday 4 September

    Just rang - the cruise is definitely sailing tomrrow. I'm booked on; always worth a punt.
  23. Nick Tonge

    Last 3 ticks whats yours?

    I got three life ticks on my holiday (Dorset/Devon) last week: Stilt Sandpiper Dartford Warbler Cirl Bunting Although I also added a new lifer last night after work: White-winged Black Tern (North Yorkshire)
  24. Nick Tonge

    Devon Birding

    Hi all, I'm on holiday in the area so I spent a couple of hours or so at Ashridge Farm today looking for the Black Kite, but to no avail. Loads of Common Buzzards and Ravens around though, giving very close views, making the trip worthwhile (plus plnty of butterflies, lovely weather and great...
  25. Nick Tonge

    Settle & upper Wharfedale

    Hi Rob, I think there's good upland birding all around that area generally. Plus it's not that far from Cumbria, Lancashire, and the west coast for something different. For more detailed info on local sites you might want to try some local groups: Wharfedale Naturalists...