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    Micro Nikkor 40/2.8 G Dx-afs

    Anybody got/had, using one of these, interested in any comments on it please.
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    Twice The X Factor

    Attached are some test images using a Nikon 2xtc mk2 and a mk3. D300 body. 300/2.8 vr1 300/4 AFS. Target, life size blackbird, set at 18m. Images taken at f7.1, f9, and f11, best image selected and shown. 300/2.8 images (VR on) taken using a monpod , this gave better images than using tripod...
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    RRS (Really Right Stuff)

    Anybody know of any UK sellers/distributors of RRS gear please?
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    Firmware Updates For Nikon.

    New firmware updates available for the D300S, D700 and D3 for those it might concern.
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    TCs - 1.4x, 1.7x and 2x (MICRO ADJUSTMENT)

    Has anyone with a modern DSLR which has micro focus adjustment (such as a D300 or D3), carried out any testing with 300,400,500 or 600 lenses, to establish if there is any improvement with TCs after adjustment? regards I4ani
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    Swift Nest Box Sizes.

    Looking for details of typical nest box for swifts, any kind person got details of size/shape/hole size etc please. Would like to build one now and put inplace before next season. Thanks in anticipation, will drop back later. regards I4ani
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    Software Updates

    Two new software updates available from Nikon, for their Transfer NX and View NX regardsI4ani.
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    Firmware Updates

    New firmware updates available for the D3 and D700, visit Nikon site for details.
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    Wireless Remote Release (non Ir)

    Considering getting a wireless remote release ( for use on Nikon camera) for a project, has anyone got/used one that they can recommend?Cheap and reliable. Have found 1.Secureline Twin R3TRN. 2.Phottix cleon, (mixed reviews on this). Thanks
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    A buffer upgrade is available for the D3 from Nikon. If this is of interest to you ,visit your local Nikon site for details, it costs £300 +vat and increases the buffer capacity by about 2x ish the existing capacity. I wonder if the new cameras coming off the assembly line, will have this...
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    Menu Settings- Nikon Cameras

    For info, A guy called Mike Hagen has kindly produced a set of menu settings for the following cameras. D2X,3,70,80,200 and 300. The spead sheets (free to down load) cover the following photographic topics for each camera. 1-Nature/landscape/travel. 2-Portrait/wedding. 3-Pointand Shoot...
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    Book On Warblers

    Hi, Can anyone please recommend a good ident book for Warblers (Europe)? Thanks in anticipation I4ani.
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    D3 Firmware Upgrade.

    New firmware upgrade 1.1 A and B available on Nikon Euro Site for the D3 Regards I4ani
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    Portable Storage Devices

    Hi, Any body got one, or used one, normally I take a laptop to download images to, but would like to/need to cut down on weight, so considering one. Thanks in advance I4ani
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    Extremadura Photo Kit

    Hi, I would like some info/advise please from bird PHOTOGRAPHERS, as to what focal lenses you found most useful (or wish you had taken) for/on a trip to Extremadura. I have read most of the excellent trip reviews for this area and they seem to to have been written by BIRDERS, and a birders...
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    Found (Salthouse, Norfolk)- Item Of Photo Equipment

    Hi All, I have found an item of photo equipment, at Salthouse Marsh,Norfolk, between 24/2/2007 and 3/3/2007 and who ever lost it, is crying in their beer at the price of replacement!!,if indeed they can get one. Please ask around, and PM me with exact details of missing item, and I will arrange...
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    Art Of Flight

    Hi one and all, Not sure if this is the right slot for this question, but can anyone point me in the right direction with regard to bird flight.Yes they flap their wings, but beyond that!! ie what part do the various types/groupes of feathers play?The primaries/secondaries/alula etc etc anybody...
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    RING No. INFO.

    Hi Sorry to be lacking in knowledge of this fine art, but how much info is required to establish the WHO/WHERE/WHEN on a ring/band. We have in our garden a "MINT" and in prime condition male blackbird, (sorry it's not something rarer) but it's a bird and like all, it's special to us.It has a...
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    Flash with a "Better Beamer/flash x tender"?

    I would like to use the above with a SB800 flash unit, to perhaps add some light to birds in flight ( dark areas under wing etc) and also to throw some light at perched birds which maybe in poorly illuminated situations.Any pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.Will drop back later for...
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    Birds Of Prey/raptor Book.

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a book on birds of prey/raptors, in the style of "GULLS", a sort of Falcons to Vultures ??? Thanks in anticipation, will drop back later for any recommendations. regards I4ani.
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    Niger Feeders

    I recently (5 weeks ago), bought one of the above feeders, and last weekend 31/10/2005 put it up on our pergola frame work. I stepped back into the kitchen to admire my work (putting in the screw to hold up the feeder), and "lo and behold " a Goldfinch was perched on one of the feeding legs of...
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    Lowepro Lens Trekker 600aw

    Anyone with "hands on ", sorry "back on" experience of this bag.The Lowepro site gives all the details of size etc, but as far as I can see no details of empty weight. I would not want to carry the equivalent of an additional camera and lens, just for the weight of an "empty" bag.Anybody with...
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    Kingston Cf Cards-2/4 Gb Elite Pro

    Has anyone any experience of these cards please? They seem much cheaper than some of the more established brand names, ( probably all the same if the truth be known ).Thanks in advance for any fed back etc. regards I4ani.
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    Merlin (juv)

    Hello everybody, Looking for some images of a Merlin Juv, for ident purposes, ( not to steal, copy etc), I have looked through the various galleries on BF, but are there any others that you know of please? The bird in question is probably this years young ie not with down on head and is...