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  1. YuShan

    Feeling guilty when birding far from home

    OK, not relevant for me right now because Covid-19 keeps me very local at the moment, but generally speaking.... I often feel guilty when I travel a long distance, and especially when I need to use an (international) flight for a birding/ nature trip. I travel to admire birds and nature in...
  2. YuShan

    What was your 19th Corvid on your life list?

    Lockdown boredom... :-O So I looked up what was my Corvid #19. It was a Thick-billed Raven in Ethiopia on 2 Oct 2014 What was yours?
  3. YuShan

    Raptor Thailand

    I would appreciate help with ID of this raptor that I saw in Sri Phang Nga National Park. It was perched high in a tree along a river. I was thinking this might be a dark-morph Changeable Hawk-eagle but I'm not at all confident of this ID.
  4. YuShan

    Nightjars Thailand

    I would appreciate help with the ID of two nightjars that I encountered in Thailand, beginning of February this year. The first bird I found roosting in a tree in Bangkok, Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park. I thought it might be an Indian Nightjar based on plumage and also it's small size. The second...
  5. YuShan

    Thailand: Blyth's of Amur Paradise Flycatcher?

    This (unfortunately not very good) picture of a white-morph Paradise Flycatcher was taken on 25 Feb 2019 in Sri Phang Nga National Park in southern Thailand. Both Blyth's and Amur Paradise Flycatcher occur there, but at the time I wasn't aware of the recent split due to using an old field guide...
  6. YuShan

    Would you count a bird on a camera trap as genuine tick?

    OK, this is a purely hypothetical question. But I'm wondering. Suppose you catch some rare bird on a cameratrap that you have installed yourself, resulting in a photograph or video footage of this bird, while you haven't actually seen the bird with your own eyes. Would you then count this as a...
  7. YuShan

    California birds ID

    In the last 5 months I have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Of course I brought my binoculars. I don't live in the USA so my experience with American birds is somewhat limited. I need help with the ID of some of the birds that I have seen (see attachments). 1) This hawk was...
  8. YuShan

    Backpack birding Colombia?

    Hi birders! Let me explain first. Almost all my birding is low budget "backpack birding", i.e. only using cheap public transport and/or walking (no vehicle or other forms of private transportation). I also never stay at expensive ecolodges (except when they let me camp there for a few...
  9. YuShan

    Small fieldguide for Ecuador?

    I'm currently thinking about a backpack trip to Ecuador and looking for a useful fieldguide. I already have the massive "The Birds of Ecuador" from Ridgely & Greenfield but that one weighs 1.6kg on my kitchenscale. I'm trying to find something much smaller and lighter that I can carry in the...
  10. YuShan

    "Where to watch birds in Mexico"

    At this moment I'm planning a trip to Mexico and a big part of it will be dedicated to birding. So I'm looking for a book or other resources with detailed information where I should go (I will be going alone without a guide). I mean detailed information where exactly the sites are and how to get...
  11. YuShan

    Mexico field guide recommendation?

    I'm thinking about a birding trip across Mexico (different regions) and trying to find out which field guide(s) I need to buy for this. As I understand from this forum, the Howell & Webb is probably still the best guide, but that it doesn't include pictures of aquatic birds and North American...
  12. YuShan

    Tripod/ head advice for Swarovski ATS 80 HD

    Hello fellow birders! I have decided to finally buy myself a nice spottingscope and I'm exploring the different options. I'm already pretty much sold on the Swarovski ATS-80 HD + 25-50x eyepiece so no questions there. However, I'm not sure yet about tripod and head. Regarding the tripod...
  13. YuShan

    Blue tit and great tit removing poop from bird box

    I have noticed that both a blue tit and a great tit are sometimes roosting in my bird box (not both at the same time). I also noticed that they remove poop! Is this normal behaviour, like keeping their house clean? I'm a bit puzzled by this since they both visit the same box (not at the same...
  14. YuShan

    Blue tit stealing wood chips from my nestbox?

    Last summer I installed a nestbox + cam and I added wood chips in the nextbox to make a nice lining. I was hoping that some bird might choose it as a place to roost in the winter and perhaps make a nest in the spring. Since beginning of November I noticed that a blue tit is regularly visiting...